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Genshin Impact Chiori build

Genshin Impact’s Chiori, key figure in Fontaine's fashion scene, is a great unit - here's how to build her.

Genshin Impact Chiori's splash art over a yellow Pocket Tactics background

If you’ve been dabbling in a bit of retail therapy in Fontaine, then Genshin Impact’s Chiori may be a name that rings some bells. She owns the fashion-forward Chioriya boutique in the center of the city and has plenty of characters namedropping her and her fashionable ways – playable people and NPCs alike. She’s a playable unit that buffs geo damage, and can do some good numbers on her own as a DPS.

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Here is how to build the best Genshin Impact Chiori out there.

What’s the best Genshin Impact Chiori build?

Best weapon Uraku Misugiri
Weapon substitutes Mistsplitter Reforged, Cinnabar Spindle
Best artifact set Golden Troupe or Husk of Opulent Dreams
Main stats Sands – defense
Goblet – Geo damage bonus
Circlet – crit rate/damage
Sub stats Defense, attack, crit rate, crit damage

Chiori is a five-star sword user with a geo vision and fills the same role as Genshin Impact’s Albedo. The best weapon for Chiori is her signature sword, Uraku Misugiri, and the best artifact sets are Golden Troupe and Husk of Opulent Dreams, depending on which stats you need to boost. Her attacks scale off defense and attack, so make sure to build these accordingly.

Chiori has a deployable automaton that can provide extra damage and can create a second one if other geo constructs are on the field. Therefore, we recommend using her in a mono-geo team, or alongside at least Navia to capitalize on this damage output.

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What are the best weapons for Chiori?

Chiori comes with a new signature weapon, the Uraku Misugiri sword, which boosts her defense. This means that any other defense-based swords will also do the trick, including the very rare Cinnabar Spindle. If you happen to have a Traveler’s Handy Sword knocking around, this can work in clutch as it has a defense stat.

Weapon Effect How to obtain
Uraku Misugiri (five-star) Bonus effect: Increases Chiori’s crit damage
Skill: This sword increases Chiori’s normal attack damage by 16%, and her skill damage by 24%. When a nearby character deals geo damage, these effects increase by 100% for 15 seconds. Chiori’s defense also increases by 20%
Weapon banner (alongside Chiori)
Mistsplitter Reforged (five-star) Bonus effect: Increases crit damage
Skill: Chiori gains a 12% geo damage bonus. This can stack, and at stacks 1/2/3, she gains an extra 8/16/28% damage bonus. You gain stacks by using normal and elemental attacks, using your burst, or having less than 100% energy
Weapon banner (alongside Ayaka)
Wolf Fang Bonus effect: Increases Chiori’s crit rate
Skill: Damage dealt by Chiori’s elemental skill and burst increases by 16%. When her skill or burst hits an opponent, the crit rate of the skills increases by 2%. This lasts for ten seconds and can stack up to four times
Battle Pass reward
Traveler’s Handy Sword (three-star) Bonus effect: Increases defense
Skill: Every elemental orb or particle that Chiori picks up restores 1% of her HP
Found in Mondstadt chests
Cinnabar Spindle (four-star) Bonus effect: Increases Chiori’s defense
Skill: Chiori’s elemental skill damage increases by 40% of her defense stat. This can trigger once every 1.5 seconds and clears 0.1 seconds after her elemental skill deals damage
Event reward

What are the best artifacts for Chiori?

Chiori’s attack damage scales off her defense and attack stats, so these are the key things to look out for when equipping her with artifacts. The best sets you can give her are Golden Troupe and Husk of Opulent Dreams. You can also use a geo damage-boosting set like Archaic Petra and Nighttime Whispers in the Echoing Woods. If you’re struggling for a full set, then any attack-boosting two-piece can tide you over.

Artifact Effect How to obtain
Golden Troupe Two equipped: Increases elemental skill damage
Four equipped: This four-piece set increases Chiori’s elemental skill damage by 25%. If she isn’t on field, this increases by a further 25%. This clears two seconds after she comes back on field
Denouement of Sin Domain (Fontaine)
Husk of Opulent Dreams Two equipped: Increases Chiori’s defense
Four equipped: Chiori gains the Curiosity effect when she is on field and hits an opponent with a geo attack. This gives her one stack and can happen every 0.3 seconds.  When she’s not on the field, she gains a stack every three seconds.
Chiori can have up to four stacks, each of which gives her a 6% boost to her defense and geo damage.
If six seconds pass where she has not gained a stack of Curiosity, she loses one.
Slumbering Court Domain (Inazuma)
Nighttime Whispers in the Echoing Woods Two equipped: Increases Chiori’s attack
Four equipped: When Chiori uses her elemental skill, she gains a 20% geo damage bonus, lasting ten seconds. When she has a shield from a crystallize shard, the damage bonus increases by 150%, however, this only lasts one second after the shield disappears.
Waterfall Wen Domain (Fontaine)
Archaic Petra Two equipped: Geo damage bonus
Four equipped: 
When Chiori picks up an elemental shard from a crystallize reaction, all teammates get a 35% damage bonus of the element picked up. This lasts for ten seconds. Only one element’s bonus can be active at one time
Domain of Guyun (Liyue)

Artifact stat recommendations

When picking artifacts for Chiori, you should prioritize these stats:

Main stats:

  • Sands: Defense or attack
  • Goblet: Geo damage bonus
  • Circlet: Crit rate or crit damage


  • Defense
  • Attack
  • Crit damage/rate

To find out more about how artifacts work, check out our Genshin Impact artifacts guide.

Genshin Impact chiori pinning a dress on a mannequin

What are the best team comps for Chiori?

It appears that Chiori is a good substitute for Albedo in any mono-geo team comp. This could be with either Itto or Navia as a DPS. We’ll test her in other teams as well, but it’s likely that geo-heavy is the best way to go.

Note that Chiori’s elemental skill can swap her out to your next character in line, so make sure your team is in the order that you want, should this happen.

First character slot Second character slot Third character slot Fourth character slot
Zhongli Chiori Itto Gorou
Zhongli Chiori Navia iconNavia Gorou
Zhongli Chiori Navia iconNavia Albedo

What are Chiori’s abilities?

Here are Chiori’s skills and what she can unleash on the battlefield.

Active skills:

Skill Effect
Normal attack: Weaving Blade Normal: Chiori performs a combination of up to four attacks, dealing physical damage
Charged: Consuming some stamina, Chiori performs a heavier attack of two slashes, dealing physical damage
Plunge: Leaping from a high point, Chiori causes a small AoE of physical damage as she hits the ground
Elemental skill: Fluttering Hasode Chiori dashes forward and summons Tamoto, her automaton doll. This attack deals AoE geo damage based on her attack and defense stats. You can hold this attack to aim it at opponents.
When Tamoto is out on the field, it resonates with any geo constructs – that’s Zhongli’s pillars, Albedo’s flower, Ningguang’s shield, and the geo Traveler’s boulder – and summons an extra automaton.
Elemental burst: Hiyoku -Twin Blades Chiori unsheaths two blades from her sides and slices at the enemy, dealing geo damage in an AoE. Damage from this attack scales off her attack and defense stats

Passive skills:

Skill Effect
Tailor-Made (unlocked at ascension one) Depending on your next action, you gain different effects after using Fluttering Hasode. If you press the elemental skill, you trigger the Tapestry effect. If you press normal attack, you trigger the Tailoring effect.
-Automatically switches to your next party member.
-Grants all party members Seize the Moment. When your active character’s normal, charged, or plunge attacks hit an opponent, Tamoto unleashes an attack, dealing 100% of Fluttering Hasode’s damage as geo damage.
-Seize the Moment lasts for eight seconds, and Tamoto’s attack can unleash every two seconds.
-Chiori gains a geo infusion for six seconds
-If Chiori is on field and does not use her elemental skill or normal attack after using Fluttering Hasode, the Tailoring effect triggers by default
The Finishing Touch (unlocked at ascension four) When a party member creates a geo construct (Zhongli’s pillar, Albedo’s flower, Ningguang’s shield, and geo Traveler’s boulder), Chiori gains a 20% geo damage bonus for 20 seconds
Brocaded Collar’s Beauteous Silhouette
(unlocked automatically)
If a party member is wearing a skin or wind glider aside from the default options, all party members gain the Swift Stride effect. This increases their movement speed by 10%.
This does not work in domains or the spiral abyss, and does not stack

What are Chiori’s constellations?

If you’ve got wishes saved, here’s what you can unlock with extra copies of Chiori.

Constellation Effect
C1: Six Paths of Sage Silkcraft The AoE of Tamoto increases by 50%. If there is another geo party member(s) other than Chiori in your team, her skill triggers the following after Chiori’s dash attack:
-Summons a second Tamoto. Only one extra Tamoto can exist at once – this includes any created by a geo construct.
-Triggers Chiori’s passive talent ‘The Finishing Touch’
C2: In Five Colors Dyed For ten seconds after using Chiori’s elemental burst, she gains a simplified automaton – Kinu. This appears next to your active character every three seconds. Kinu attacks nearby enemies and deals AoE geo damage up to 170% of Tamoto’s damage. This is considered as elemental damage. Kinu leaves the field after one attack, or after three seconds
C3: Four Brocade Embellishments Chiori’s elemental skill, Fluttering Hasode, increases by three levels. The maximum level of this skill is 15
C4: A Tailor’s Three Courtesies For eight seconds after triggering Chiori’s passive ‘Tailor Made’ skill when your active character’s normal, charged, or plunging attacks hit an enemy, a Kinu doll appears.
You can summon one Kinu every second and can have up to three at a time
C5: Two Silken Plumules Chiori’s elemental burst, Hiyoku: Twin Blades, increases by three levels. The maximum level of this skill is 15
C6: Sole Principle Pursuit When triggering the follow-up effect of her passive talent, Chiori’s skill cooldown decreases by 12 seconds. Also, the damage dealt by her normal attacks increases by 235% of her defense

A first look at Genshin Impact Chiori featured in the live stream

What are Chiori’s ascension materials?

Below are all the materials you need to ascend Chiori all the way up to level 80.

Required level Mora Materials
20 20,000 One prithiva topaz sliver, three dendrobium, three spectral husk
40 40,000 Three prithiva topaz fragments, ten dendrobium, 15 spectral husks, two artificed spare clockwork components – Coppelia
50 60,000 Six prithiva topaz fragments, 20 dendrobium, 12 spectral husks, four artificed spare clockwork components – Coppelia
60 80,000 Three prithiva topaz chunks, 30 dendrobium, 18 spectral husks, eight artificed spare clockwork components – Coppelia
70 100,000 Six prithiva topaz chunks, 45 dendrobium, 12 spectral nucleus, 12 artificed spare clockwork components – Coppelia
80 120,000 Six prithiva topaz gemstones, 60 dendrobium, 24 spectral nucleus, 20 artificed spare clockwork components – Coppelia

Here is how to get each of the materials you need for Chiori:

  • Prithiva topaz – the geo gems can drop from certain bosses (geo hypostasis, golden wolflord, ruin serpent, Azhdaha, and primo geovishap), or can be rewards for daily commissions
  • Dendrobium – these flowers grow on Kannazuka in Inazuma, especially in the central beach area
  • Spectral heart, husk, and nucleus – all three of these items come from specters, an enemy found all over Inazuma and Enkanomiya
  • Artificed spare clockwork components – Coppelia – these are the blue drops from the Icewind Suite boss in Fontaine. Make sure to choose the Dirge of Coppelia option when entering the fight

What are Chiori’s talent materials?

Upgrading characters’ talents is key to building a good unit, so here’s what you need in order to get Chiori’s talents leveled up to ten. The ‘light’ talent books come from Inazuma’s domain, and the lightless silk strings drop from Fontaine’s weekly boss – the All-Devouring Narwhal.

Talent level Mora Materials
Two 12,500 Six spectral husks, three teachings of light
Three 17,500 Three spectral hearts, two guides to light
Four 25,000 Four spectral heart, four guides to light
Five 30,000 Six spectral heart, six guides to light
Six 37,500 Nine spectral heart, nine guides to light
Seven 120,000 Four spectral nuclei, four philosophies of light, one lightless silk string
Eight 260,000 Six spectral nucleus, six philosophies of light, one lightless silk string
Nine 450,000 Nine spectral nucleus, 12 philosophies of light, two lightless silk strings
Ten 700,000 12 spectral nucleus, 16 philosophies of light, two lightless silk strings, one crown of insight

Here’s where to find each item for Chiori’s talent upgrades:

  • Light talent books – farm these talent books in Inazuma’s Violet Court domain on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday
  • Spectral heart, husk, and nucleus – all three of these items come from specters, an enemy found all over Inazuma and Enkanomiya
  • Lightless silk string – these drop from the All-Devouring Narwhal weekly boss in Fontaine. You can challenge it once a week

Talent priority:

When thinking about upgrading Chiori’s talents, here’s the order you should go in:

  •  Elemental skill > elemental burst > normal attack

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