Honkai Star Rail Topaz release date speculation, build, and lore

Let’s dig into who the newly introduced Honkai Star Rail Topaz is, and what we know about her build, story, release date, and companion.

Honkai Star Rail Topaz in an icy area

Surprise drip marketing reveals Honkai Star Rail Topaz and Numby – don’t forget about Numby – as new units coming to Star Rail soon. Details are currently thin on the ground, so let’s jump into what we know about Topaz, seemingly a debt collector for the Interastral Peace Corporation, armed with a warp trotter by her side.

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Who are Honkai Star Rail’s Topaz and Numby?

Topaz is a blonde, tall female character coming to Honkai Star Rail – but there’s something interesting about her introduction. There’s a Honkai Star Rail warp trotter with her. This is Numby, her sidekick! Move over, Svarog, we’ve got a new favorite friend.

The duo is currently sailing around the universe on behalf of the IPC, as Topaz is the senior manager of the Strategic Investment Department and also leads the Special Debts Picket team.

Presently they are traversing the cosmos together, chasing down various debts and liabilities that negatively influence the IPC’s commercial ventures. At a young age, though, she joined as a member of the ‘Ten Stonehearts’ – however, we don’t know what this is just yet.

You may recognize Topaz already – she’s on a light cone currently in the game named Trend of the Universal Market.

Honkai Star Rail topaz in a dark room looking at a hologram

Honkai Star Rail Topaz release date speculation

Working from Genshin Impact’s tried and true schedule, the drip marketing reveals new characters that are coming soon. Usually, the reveals come out just before the release of a new patch, and the characters arrive in the following patch. This places Topaz as releasing in the 1.4 update, the same as Honkai Star Rail’s Jingliu.

What do we know about Honkai Star Rail Topaz’s build?

For now, Topaz’s kit is a little bit of a mystery. We know she is a five-star, fire-using character who follows the path of The Hunt, and it’s likely that her piggy friend Numby will feature in her attacks. Other than that, we can’t say for sure what tricks she has in battle.

Who is Honkai Star Rail Topaz’s voice actor?

Hoyoverse revealed Sam Slade as Topaz’s English voice actor, known for voices in Dislyte, Epic Seven, and Punishing: Grey Raven.

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