Honkai Star Rail Gallagher release date speculation

Honkai Star Rail’s Gallagher is just one of many upcoming characters in the game’s next area, Penacony. Here’s what we know about him.

Honkai Star Rail Gallagher in Penacony wearing a waistcoat and tie

At the end of the last Honkai Star Rail stream introducing version 1.6, Hoyoverse decided to spoil us with a sneak peek at the next area and its upcoming characters. Penacony is the next stop on the Trailblazer’s adventure, and one character we’re keen to meet is Honkai Star Rail’s Gallagher. So, what do we know about him so far, and when might we meet him? Read on to find out.

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Honkai Star Rail Gallagher release date speculation

We believe Gallagher will arrive during Honkai Star Rail’s 2.1 update. There’s currently no confirmation as to whether he’s in the first or second half just yet, but we know he releases alongside new five-stars Aventurine or Acheron.

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What do we know about Gallagher’s build?

Gallagher received his official drip marketing recently, which confirms not only his release but his kit type – he follows the Abundance path and is a four-star, who uses the fire element.

Who is Honkai Star Rail’s Gallagher?

The mysterious Gallagher appeared in some official art as an adult man with stubble – this is a big deal for Hoyoverse characters – holding a lighter. He has a badge on his uniform and seems to be wearing clothes similar to Genshin Impact’s Wriothesley.

He’s part of Penacony’s security and a member of the Bloodhound Family. They guard the dreamscape and make sure to oust any who enter the world illegally. Despite this, Gallagher seems fair and laid back as we meet him in the 2.0 update.

We can’t wait to sail to the new area, and we’re already preparing for upcoming characters like Honkai Star Rail’s Misha and Honkai Star Rail’s Black Swan while continuing to build our essential supports like Honkai Star Rail’s Gepard.