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Honkai Star Rail Gallagher build

Honkai Star Rail’s Gallagher is just one of many characters in Penacony. Here’s what we know about his build, team comps, and more.

honkai star rail gallagher's official light cone art showing him holding a flame

Trailblazers touched down in Penacony and met a whole new cast of characters including Honkai Star Rail’s Gallagher – a member of the Bloodhound Family and part-time bartender. He’s a four-star character following the Abundance and can heal your team while also dishing out some fiery damage while using neon pink Wolverine-like claws. How cool is that?

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Here’s how to build the best bartender out there in the form of Honkai Star Rail’s Gallagher.

What’s the best Honkai Star Rail Gallagher build?

Best light cone What Is Real?
Light cone substitutes Night of Fright, Post-Op Conversation
Best relic set Watchmaker, Master of Dream Machinations
Fleet of the Ageless
Main stats Body – Outgoing healing
Feet – Speed
Link rope – Energy regeneration
Planar sphere – Attack
Sub stats Break effect, attack

Gallagher is an interesting character being that he’s a fire user, who follows the path of the Abundance, making him a healer and debuffer.

Gallagher’s best build in Honkai Star Rail is as a healer with a high break effect stat. The best light cone for him is What Is Real?, and the best relic sets are Watchmaker, Master of Dream Machinations and Passerby of Wandering Cloud.

He can debuff enemies so they take more break effect damage, while also dealing quite a bit of fire damage considering he’s an Abundance follower. Gallagher can restore your teammate’s HP with his skill, talent, and traces.

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What are the best light cones for Gallagher?

Gallagher, as a healer, can benefit from any healing-centric light cones. However, his passive Novel Concoction scales off his break effect to add more outgoing healing, so we recommend the light cone What Is Real? to boost this stat for him. Plus, it has his face on it, so it looks the part.

Light cone Effect How to obtain
What Is Real? (four-star) This increases Gallagher’s break effect by 48%. After using his basic attack, he restores 4.0% of his own maximum HP, plus 800 Gacha
Night of Fright (five-star) Increases Gallagher’s energy regeneration rate by 12%. When an ally uses their ultimate move, he restores HP for that ally equal to 10% of their maximum HP stat. When healing party members, he also increases their attack by 2.4%. This can stack five times and lasts for two turns Light cone banner (alongside Huohuo)
Post-Op Conversation (four-star) This increases Gallagher’s energy regeneration rate by 8%, and his outgoing healing by 12% when he uses his ultimate Gacha
Shared Feeling (four-star) Increases Gallagher’s outgoing healing by 10%. When he uses his skill, he regenerates two energy for all team members Gacha
Perfect Timing (four-star) Increases Gallagher’s effect resistance by 16%, and his outgoing healing by 33% of his total effect resistance. You can gain a 15% increase in this way Gacha

What are the best relics for Gallagher?

Remember that primarily, Gallagher is a healer, so focus on that more than any fire-boosting relics. Speed is helpful to make sure he moves first, so you can heal up when you need to, but attack and break effect are also important to ensure he can do some damage, and make his passive – Novel Concoction – worthwhile.

The best relic sets to equip him with are a two-piece set of Passerby of Wandering Cloud, and either Messenger Traversing Hackerspace or a break effect boosting two-piece, depending on how your stats turn out.

Relic Effect How to obtain
Passerby of Wandering Cloud Two equipped: Increases Gallagher’s outgoing healing by 10%
Four equipped: When starting a battle, Gallagher regenerates one skill point
Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Drifting on Jarilo-VI
Messenger Traversing Hackerspace Two equipped: Increases Gallagher’s speed by 6%
Four equipped:
When Gallagher uses his ultimate on an ally, all teammate’s speed increases by 12% for one turn
Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Elixir Seekers on the Xianzhou Luofu
Watchmaker, Master of Dream Machinations Two equipped: Increases Gallagher’s break effect by 16%
Four equipped: When Gallagher uses his ultimate on an ally, the break effect of all teammates increases by 30% for two turns
Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Dreamdive in Penacony’s Reverie Hotel
Thief of Shooting Meteor Two equipped: Increases Gallagher’s break effect by 16%
Four equipped: When Gallagher inflicts a weakness break on an enemy, he regenerates three energy
Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Jabbing Punch on Jarilo-VI

Planar ornaments

Relic Effect How to obtain
Fleet of the Ageless Increases Gallagher’s maximum HP by 12%. When his speed reaches 120 or higher, all teammate’s attack increases by 8% World 3 of the Simulated Universe
Broken Keel Increases Gallagher’s effect resistance by 10%. When his effect resistance is 30% or higher, all teammate’s crit damage increases by 10% World 7 of the Simulated Universe
Talia: Kingdom of Banditry Increases Gallagher’s break effect by 16%. When his speed reaches 145 or higher, his break effect increases by a further 20% World 4 of the Simulated Universe

Relic stat recommendations

When picking relics, it’s important to keep both main and sub-stats in mind. Here are the best ones to aim for.

Main stats:

  • Body: Outgoing healing
  • Feet: Speed
  • Planar sphere: HP
  • Link rope: Energy regeneration


  • Speed
  • Break effect
  • HP

Honkai Star Rail Gallagher mixing a drink in a pub setting

What are the best Gallagher team comps?

As a healer, Gallagher will fit nicely into a lot of teams. Given that he’s also a debuffer, units like Dr. Ratio that take advantage of debuffed enemies will benefit from him on their team.

First character slot Second character slot Third character slot Fourth character slot
Gallagher Dr. Ratio Ruan Mei iconRuan Mei HSR Welt iconWelt
Gallagher Acheron Tingyun Flexible sub-DPS
Gallagher Topaz Guinaifen Himeko

What are Gallagher’s skills?

Our resident bartender can cover a lot of bases as a member of your team. Gallagher can deal some fire damage, which does pack a punch with his enhanced basic attack, but his main priority is a lot of healing for your team.

Active skills:

Skill Effect
Basic attack: Corkage Fee Gallagher deals fire damage to one target equal to 90% of his attack stat
: Nectar Blitz
Gallagher deals fire damage equal to 225% of his attack stat to a single target while reducing the target’s attack by 14%. This lasts for two turns
Skill: Special Brew
Heals a target ally for 1,200 HP
Ultimate: Champagne Ettiquette This AoE attack inflicts Besotted on all enemies for two turns and deals fire damage equal to 130% of Gallagher’s attack to all enemies. His next basic attack becomes enhanced to the Nectar Blitz state


Skill Effect
Tipsy Tussle The Besotted state causes enemies to take 10.5% more break damage from Gallagher. Each time you attack an enemy with the Besotted state, the attacking party member’s HP restores by 500


Technique Effect
Artisan Elixir Gallagher immediately attacks the target enemy, which enters battle. As you enter a fight, Gallagher inflicts the Besotted state on enemies, lasting for two turns, while dealing fire damage equal to 50% of his attack stat to all enemies


Trace Effect
Organic Yeast When using his ultimate (Champagne Ettiquette), Gallagher’s action advances forward by 100%
Novel Concoction This increases Gallagher’s outgoing healing equal to 50% of his break effect, up to a maximum increase of 75%
Bottoms Up When using Nectar Blitz to attack enemies with the Besotted state, Gallagher’s HP restoring effects apply to all other allies for this instance

What are Gallagher’s eidolons?

If you get more than one Gallager on the banners, you can unlock some extra skills for him. Here are each of his eidolons and what they do:

Eidolon  Effect
Level one: Salty Dog When Gallagher enters a battle, he regenerates 20 energy and increases his effect resistance by 50%
Level two: Lion’s Tail When Gallagher uses his skill, he removes a debuff from a target ally. This also increases their effect resistance by 30% for two turns
Level three: Corpse Reviver  Increases Gallagher’s skill level by two, up to a maximum of level 15.
Also increases his basic attack level by one, up to a maximum of level ten
Level four: Last Word Extends the duration of the Besotted state created by his ultimate by one turn
Level five: Death in the Afternoon Increases the level of Gallagher’s ultimate by two, up to a maximum of level 15.
Also increases his talent by two levels up to a maximum of 15
Level six: Blood and Sand Gallagher’s break effect and weakness break efficiency both increase by 20%

What are Gallagher’s ascension materials?

As a four-star unit, Gallagher requires a bit less money and fewer items than his five-star companions. Here’s what you need to ascend him to level 70.

Required level Credits Materials
20 3,200 Four dream collection components
30 6,400 Eight dream collection components
40 12,800 Two raging hearts, five dream flow valves
50 32,000 Five raging hearts, eight dream flow valves
60 64,000  15 raging hearts, five dream making engines
70 128,000 28 raging hearts, seven dream making engines

What are Gallagher’s trace materials?

You’ll also want to upgrade Gallagher’s traces in order to get the best healing out of him. Here are all the materials and items you need to do that, and where to find them all in the game:

  • 28 dream collection components, 42 dream flow valves, and 42 dream making engines
    • Obtain from Penacony enemies and purchase from the Embers Exchange store
  • 12 alien tree seeds, 54 nourishing honey, and 105 myriad fruit
    • Obtain from the Bud of Abundance calyx and purchase in the Embers Exchange
  • 12 past evils of the borehole planet disaster
    • Obtain from the Starcrusher Swarm King boss on the Herta Space Station
  • 5 tracks of destiny
    • Obtain from events, as rewards in the Simulated Universe, from the Embers exchange, and Nameless Honor (battlepass) rewards
  • 2,400,000 credits

Skill trace priority:

  • Talent > skill > basic attack > ultimate

We can’t wait to sail to the new area, and we’re already preparing for upcoming characters like Honkai Star Rail’s Misha and Honkai Star Rail’s Black Swan while continuing to build our essential supports like Honkai Star Rail’s Gepard.