Honkai Star Rail Sparkle release date

Here’s everything we know about Honkai Star Rail’s Sparkle, including release date and build speculation, lore, voice actors, and more.

Honkai Star Rail Sparkle standing in a city setting, looking toward the camera

As we get ready to leave the Xianzhou Luofu behind and dive into our next destination, we’re going to meet Honkai Star Rail’s Sparkle – now a confirmed character thanks to her drip marketing from Hoyoverse. She’s a five-star quantum unit who follows the path of the Harmony. We’re excited to learn more about her, but here’s what we know so far.

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Honkai Star Rail Sparkle release date

Sparkle releases in the second half of Honkai Star Rail’s 2.0 update, in late February. She runs alongside Jing Yuan as he gets his first rerun banner.

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What do we know about Sparkle’s build?

Sparkle is a five-star unit, following the path of Harmony, who deals quantum damage. Harmony path members provide buffs to allies, meaning they can improve your damage, speed, and more. She will be the first harmony character that also uses quantum.

It appears that Sparkle is all about skill points, and giving damage boosts to your team. As you can see below, both her skill and ultimate pertain to giving your allies buffs in battle, and refilling skill points.

What are Sparkle’s abilities?

We haven’t seen too much of Sparkle’s kit just yet, but the 2.0 preview livestream gave us some information about what she can do.

  • Skill – Dreamdiver
    • Sparkle applies a buff to a chosen teammate allowing them to deal more damage when using skill points. Her skill also allows allies to advance their actions forward by a certain amount
  • Ultimate – The Hero With a Thousand Faces
    • After Sparkle uses her ultimate, she can restore multiple skill points to the team instantly
  • Talent – Red Herring
    • When Sparkle is in the team, the maximum skill point count increases

Who is Honkai Star Rail’s Sparkle?

While we don’t know much about the mysterious Sparkle, we do know that she’s a member of the Masked Fools – an intergalactic organization that follows Aha of the Elation. She’s described as “inscrutable and unscrupulous”.

She’s known for her theatrics and plays roles enthusiastically while effortlessly blending into different masks. This tells us she may not appear as she truly is, and that she may attempt to trick the Trailblazer in the story. That’s just my own hunch, though.

By the way, anyone who keeps up with leaks may have previously seen Sparkle in leaks under the name Hanabi – maybe it is a situation like Honkai Star Rail’s Guinaifen, or perhaps this was an old name that developers changed. Alternatively, it could be one of her many masks…

Who are Sparkle’s voice actors?

Sparkle’s voice actors are Zhao Shuang in Chinese, known for her work in Link Click and other animated shows. In English, her voice comes from Lizzie Freeman, who voices Genshin Impact’s Yanfei.

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