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Honkai Star Rail Sparkle build

Here’s everything we know about Honkai Star Rail’s Sparkle, including which light cones are best, and which artifact you need to improve Sparkle's skills.

Honkai Star Rail Sparkle's splash art on a purple background

Penacony introduces us to many new faces, including Honkai Star Rail’s Sparkle, an eager follower of the Elation and key member of the Masked Fools. She’s a five-star quantum unit who follows the path of the Harmony, and regenerates tons of skill points for your team – making her a valuable unit.

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Here’s how to build the best Honkai Star Rail Sparkle out there.

What’s the best Honkai Star Rail Sparkle build?

Best light cone Earthly Escapade
Light cone alternatives But the Battle Isn’t Over, Past and Future
Best relic set Messenger Traversing Hackerspace
Best planar ornament set Broken Keel
Main stats -Body: crit damage
-Feet: speed
-Planar sphere: quantum damage increase
-Link rope: energy regeneration
Sub-stats Crit damage, crit rate, speed

Sparkle is a five-star unit, following the path of Harmony, who deals quantum damage. Harmony path members provide buffs to allies, meaning they can improve your damage, speed, and more. She will be the first harmony character that also uses quantum.

Sparkle is all about skill points, and giving damage boosts to your team. As you can see below, both her skill and ultimate pertain to giving your allies buffs in battle, and refilling skill points. Her best light cone is Earthly Escapade, and the best sets you can equip her with in terms of relics are Messenger Traversing Hackerspace and Broken Keel.

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How do I use Sparkle in Honkai Star Rail?

Sparkle is an excellent support unit for skill point-heavy DPS teams, such as Imbibitor Lunae and Qingque. She can also provide a good quantum damage boost with one of her talents, too, so make sure to build your team accordingly. Using her ultimate regenerates skill points, and adds more to the count than the usual five.

What are the best light cones for Sparkle?

Sparkle’s best light cone is her signature, Earthly Escapade. This provides a hefty boost to crit damage and crit rate across the team. You can also use But the Battle Isn’t Over, Bronya’s signature weapon, that also generates more skill points for the team.

Light Cone Effect How to obtain
Earthly Escapade (five-star) This cone increases Sparkle’s crit damage by 32%. When starting a battle, she gets a Mask, which lasts for three turns. While she wears a mask, all teammate’s crit rate increases by 10%, and their crit damage by 28%.
Every skill point that Sparkle recovers gains one stack of Radiant Flame. When she has four stacks, she gains another Mask for four turns
Light Cone warp (alongside Sparkle)
But the Battle Isn’t Over (five-star) Increases Sparkle’s energy regeneration rate by 10% and generates one skill point when she uses her ultimate on an ally. This can trigger after every two uses of her ultimate. When she uses her skill, the next ally to take action deals 30% more damage for one turn Standard banner
Dance! Dance! Dance! (four-star) When Sparkle uses her ultimate, all allies’ actions are advanced forward by 16% All banners
Past and Future (four-star) When Sparkle uses her skill, the next ally taking action deals 16% increased damage for one turn All banners
Planetary Rendezvous (four-star) When Sparkle enters battle, if a party member deals quantum damage, their damage increases by 12% All banners

What are the best relics for Sparkle?

The best set for Sparkle is Messenger Traversing Hackerspace, and really, nothing else compares. While farming for that set, you can equip her with other two-piece effects like Genius of Brilliant Stars’ quantum damage boost, or an attack boost. If you’re going for a mono-quantum team, we recommend Penacony, Land of Dreams as a set of planar ornaments. Otherwise, Broken Keel is your best bet.

If Sparkle has around 160 speed, using a four-piece of Eagle of Twilight Line (not a two-piece – the wind bonus won’t do any good here) will advance her actions forward, meaning you can use her skill points quicker, should you need it.

Relic Effect How to obtain
Messenger Traversing Hackerspace Two equipped: Increases Sparkle’s speed
Four equipped: When Sparkle uses her ultimate on an ally, the speed of all allies increases by 12% for one turn. This cannot stack
Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Elixir Seekers (in the Alchemy Commission)
Eagle of Twilight Line Two equipped: not recommended
Four equipped: After Sparkle uses her ultimate move, her action advances forward by 25%
Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Gelid Wind (on the Herta Space Station)

Planar ornaments:

Relic Effect How to obtain
Broken Keel Two equipped: This set increases Sparkle’s effect resistance by 10%. When this reaches 30% or higher, all allies get a 10% crit damage increase Immersion Devices World 7 of the Simulated Universe
Penacony Land of Dreams Increases Sparkle’s energy regeneration rate by 5%. This also increases damage for allies with the same elemental type as Sparkle – a key for mono-quantum teams Immersion Devices World 8 of the Simulated Universe

Relic stat recommendations

When picking specific relics for Sparkle, here are the sub-stats you should look out for.

Main stats:

  • Body: Crit damage
  • Feet: Speed
  • Planar sphere: Quantum damage increase
  • Link rope: Energy regeneration


  • Speed
  • Crit damage
  • Crit rate
  • HP

Official artwork of Honkai Star Rail Sparkle showing her holding a red coin purse

What are the best Sparkle team comps?

Sparkle is a support character and one that can specifically boost Qingque and Imbibitor Lunae massively, due to her skill point regeneration. You can, of course, use her with any DPS you like to make sure they have plenty of skill points available.

As you ascend her, you also unlock a passive talent that grants a hefty quantum damage boost, so mono quantum is an excellent choice of team for her. Here, you can use Seele and Qingque as your main DPS, and then Silver Wolf, Fu Xuan, and Lynx alongside Sparkle as supports.

If you want to make any DPS an incredibly cracked unit, you can use Ruan Mei, Sparkle, and Fu Xuan or Bronya alongside them for a truly powerful punch.

First character slot Second character slot Third character slot Fourth character slot
Sparkle Imbibitor Lunae Yukong iconYukong Flexible healer
Sparkle Qingque Fu Xuan iconFu Xuan Silver Wolf
Sparkle Honkai Star Rail Seele iconSeele Fu Xuan iconFu Xuan Silver Wolf
Sparkle Ruan Mei iconRuan Mei Fu Xuan iconFu Xuan Flexible DPS

What are Sparkle’s abilities?

Let’s take a look at what Sparkle does as part of our teams. Her main deal is that she refills your skill points, but she can also add some debuffs to enemies while adding attack boosts to your party.

Active skills:

Skill Effect
Basic attack: Monodrama Sparkle deals quantum damage equal to 50% of her attack to a single target
Skill: Dreamdiver Sparkle increases the crit damage of an ally by 12% of her own crit damage value, plus 27%, for one turn. This also advances the same ally’s action forward by 50%. If you use this skill on Sparkle herself, the action advance doesn’t take effect
Ultimate: Hero With a Thousand Faces Using this recovers four skill points for your team, and gives all team members the Cipher state. This means that all stacks of Sparkle’s damage-boosting effect, provided by her talent, increase by a further 6% for two turns

Passive skill:

Skill Effect
Red Herring When Sparkle is on field, she increases the maximum amount of skill points available by two.
When you use a skill point, all allies’ damage increases by 3.0%. This lasts for two turns and can stack up to three times


Technique Effect
Unreliable Narrator This gives all allies the Misdirect state for 20 seconds. During this, they won’t be detected by enemies, and entering battle in this state recovers three skill points


Trace Effect
Almanac Using Sparkle’s basic attack regenerates ten energy
Artificial Flower The crit damage boost Sparkle provides with her skill, Dreamdiver, extends until the target’s next turn
Nocturne Sparkle increases all teammate’s attack stats by 15%. If there are one, two, or three quantum users in the party, then their attack increases by a further 5/15/30% accordingly

What are Sparkle’s eidolons?

If you’re pulling for more than one copy of Sparkle, or you happen to win your 50/50 back-to-back, then here are the extra skills you can unlock with her eidolons.

Eidolon Effect
Level one: Suspension of Disbelief Sparkle’s Cipher effect, appearing during her ultimate, lasts for an extra turn. Allies with the Cipher effect’s attack increases by 40%
Level two: Purely Fictitious Each stack of Sparkle’s talent’s effect allows teammates to ignore 8% of a target’s defense
Level three: Pipedream The level of Sparkle’s skill, Dreamdiver, increases by two up to a maximum of 15. Her basic attack, Monodrama, increases by one, up to a maximum of ten
Level four: Life is a Gamble Sparkle’s ultimate recovers an extra skill point, and her talent increases the maximum amount of skill points by a further point
Level five: Parallax Truth The level of Sparkle’s ultimate, Hero With a Thousand Faces, increases by two up to a maximum of 15. Her basic attack, Red Herring, increases by two, up to a maximum of 15
Level six: Narrative Polysemy The crit damage boost that Sparkle provides increases equal to 30% of her own crit damage. If she uses her skill, the boost effect applies to all allies with the Cipher state When Sparkle uses her ultimate, any ally who benefits from her crit damage boost spreads that to any allies with the Cipher state

Honkai Star Rail Sparkle against a dark city backdrop

What are Sparkle’s ascension materials?

To get Sparkle ascended up to level 80, you’re going to need a few items. These are found in the new Penacony area, dropped by overworld enemies, and farmed from the stagnant shadow: Shape of Roast – you know, the robotic dinosaur chef.

Required level Credits Materials
20 4k Five tatters of thought
30 8k Ten tatters of thought
40 16k Three dream flamers and six fragments of impression
50 40k Seven dream flamers and nine fragments of impression
60 80k 20 dream flamers and six shards of desires
70 160k 35 dream flamers and nine shards of desires

What are Sparkle’s trace materials?

Here’s the list of items Sparkle needs to upgrade all of her talents, and where to find them.

  • 41 tatters of thought, 56 fragments of impression, 56 shards of desires
    • Obtain from synthesis, memory zone enemies, and simulated universe enemies
  • 15 firmament notes, 72 celestial sections, and 139 heavenly melodies
    • Obtain from the Bud of Harmony crimson calyx in Penacony’s Reverie Hotel
  • 12 past evils of the borehole planet disaster
    • Obtain from the Borehole Planet’s Old Crater echo of war on the Herta Space Station Seclusion Zone
  • 11 tracks of destiny
    • Obtain from events, simulated universe rewards, the embers exchange, and nameless honor
  • Three million credits

Skill trace priority: 

  • Talent > ultimate > skill > basic attack

Major trace priority:

  • Artificial Flower > Nocturne > Almanac

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