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Is there a new Monster Hunter game in 2024?

A new Monster Hunter game is on the way, but you probably shouldn’t expect it in 2024. Let’s take a look at what we know about Wilds.

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We all know that there’s a new Monster Hunter game on the way, it’s more a question of when you can expect it and if Capcom will release it this year. We have some huge Monster Hunter fans at Pocket Tactics, so you can be sure that we’re keeping a close eye on Monster Hunter Wilds, including its platforms, potential release date, and more.

If you’re curious about other upcoming games, perhaps the idea of a new Resident Evil game, new FNAF game, new Tomb Raider game, new Batman game, or new Star Wars game does. Since you’re here, we assume you’re a huge fan of Monster Hunter games, so why not check out our suggestion for similar titles that you might enjoy on Nintendo Switch?

Is there a new Monster Hunter game in 2024?

While there’s a new Monster Hunter game on the way, Capcom states that Monster Hunter Wilds isn’t due to release until 2025. With that in mind, it’s highly unlikely that we’ll see anything new from the franchise this year, except for possible updates in the mobile game, Monster Hunter Now.

Remasters and remakes are very popular at the moment, and one look at Resident Evil in recent years shows that Capcom is all for doing these, so there’s always the possibility that we may get news of a remaster of some sort for Monster Hunter this year. We’ll be sure to keep an eye out and let you know if the likelihood of getting a new MH game this year changes.

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New Monster Hunter game platforms

Here’s the kicker, Monster Hunter Wilds is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, there’s no word of a Switch release. This could change given that we suspect the Nintendo Switch 2 to be on the horizon, with a possible late 2024 to early 2025 release. Therefore, it could well be that Monster Hunter Wilds will come to the Switch’s successor, but Capcom is keeping a lid on that information until Nintendo unveils its new console.

The Monster Hunter franchise isn’t exactly a stranger to Nintendo consoles, with the Switch alone boasting multiple games, such as Wings of Ruin, Rise, and Generations Ultimate. Check out our Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin review and Monster Hunter Rise review to see just how good those games are.

As for a mobile release, it’s highly unlikely that Monster Hunter Wilds is coming to iOS and Android, but you can enjoy some MH action thanks to Monster Hunter Now.

What will the new Monster Hunter game be like?

If Monster Hunter Wilds is anything like previous games (and we’ll be very surprised if it isn’t), the next Monster Hunter game will be a very time-consuming affair – hunts can take up to an hour, and you’re actually quite lucky if they only take half an hour in all honesty. To get the job done, you’re likely to have access to a huge range of weapons, our Monster Hunter Rise weapons guide can give you a pretty good idea of what to expect.

When it comes to combat, Monster Hunter caters well to most play styles, offering small and fast weapons, gear that requires skill to use, and hulking pieces of metal that you can lug around and use as though you’re playing Whack-a-Mole. The world is going to be huge, begging you to explore it in search of exotic monsters, of which there’s bound to be plenty.

Given the nature of its combat and battles, Monster Hunter fits the bill as a hard game, so you should probably expect it to be challenging, even if it’s really a battle of endurance.

New Monster Hunter game release date speculation

We can’t give a precise release date for the next Monster Hunter game, but we can tell you that it currently has a window for 2025. As soon as we have more concrete information on when to expect Monster Hunter Wilds, we’ll be sure to update this guide.

That’s everything we can tell you about the new Monster Hunter game. If you want a grand adventure that you can enjoy right now, take a look at our list of The Witcher games on Switch and mobile. It’s the perfect franchise for those who enjoy slaying monsters. It’s kind of Geralt’s entire deal, to be honest.