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Poppy Playtime’s tapes might inspire the lore of Project: Playtime

Poppy Playtime tapes aren’t only collectables in the games, but also influence the lore that surrounds its multiplayer spin-off, Project: Playtime.

Poppy Playtime tapes - Mommy Long Legs holding poppy from the ceiling

Last week, Poppy Playtime creator Mob Entertainment held its first-ever developer Q&A, in which various members of the team got to answer multiple questions about what it’s like to work on Poppy Playtime and Project Playtime. Some questions also shine a light on what it’s like to be a developer, while others serve to offer tidbits of information surrounding the popular games, which, as you can imagine, have fans chomping at the bit as they try to decipher if there are any hints present.

Well, while we can’t tell you exactly what to expect from the illusive Poppy Playtime Chapter 3, we can say that it seems pretty clear that the Poppy Playtime tapes do play a role when it comes to the lore that surrounds Project: Project Playtime. When asked if any more tapes or tapes from the past share any lore connection with the multiplayer game, Mob Entertainment producer Sir Chad Hoover says, “there is strong conversations about what the tapes are and how they’re influencing the lore itself for Project: Playtime and we’ll see the next phase of that hopefully very soon.”

From that, it’s clear to see that the tapes do indeed influence the lore in Project: Playtime. Mind you, given the game serves as a prequel to Poppy Playtime, it makes sense that VHS tapes you find in the chapters that are of past events would indeed shape the story of a title taking place before modern-day events.

For those unfamiliar with Poppy Playtime tapes, you can find them throughout Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 and Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 (so long as Poppy Playtime’s Huggy Wuggy and Poppy Playtime’s Mommy Long Legs don’t get you first), and they show you some of history of the Playtime Co. factory. Such clips include someone removing an item from Poppy Playtime’s Poppy in which she appears to have human anatomy, despite being a doll.

If you want to hear what else the team at Mob Entertainment has to say, you can check out the developer Q&A below.

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