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Snorunt evolution guide

Our Snorunt evolution guide can help you extend your Pokédex - snow what are you waiting for? Go bag yourself a Glalie and hunt down a Froslass.

Snorunt evolution: A Snorunt on a blue background holding a hat around itself

Our Snorunt evolution guide explains how the Snow Hat Pokémon has two wildly different evolutions, and you’ll likely want to know exactly how to get both of them in all of the Pokémon games on Switch and mobile. You’ll have a strong team of Glalie and Froslasses in no time.

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Where can I catch Snorunt?

Snorunts tend to be plentiful in the colder regions of most Pokémon games, which makes sense given their chilly disposition. Here are the specific locations where you can find them wandering in the wild.

  • Pokémon Sword and Shield – Route 8, Dappled Grove, East and West Lake Axewell, Watchtower Ruins, North and South Lake Miloch, Rolling Fields, Giant’s Seat, Giant’s Cap, Giant’s Bed, Giant’s Foot, Hammerlocke Hills, Dusty Bowl, Stony Wilderness, Snowslide Slipe, and Tunnel to the Top
  • Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl – Routes 216 and 217, Acuity Lakefront, Glacial Cavern, Icy Cave, and Whiteout Cave
  • Pokemon Legends: Arceus – Avalanche Slopes, Bonechill Wastes, Whiteout Valley, Icebound Falls, Arena’s Approach, Glacier Terrace, Heart’s Crag, and near the Pearl Settlement
  • Pokémon Scarlet and Violet – Dalizapa Passage, Glaseado Mountain, Oni Mountain, Chilling Waterhead, and two-star Tera Raid battles

The two different forms of Snorunt evolution on a blue background

How do I evolve Snorunt?

Evolving Snorunt, for the most part, is easy. To evolve Snorunt into a Glalie, all you need to do is level it up to level 42. Simple! This can happen with both male and female Snorunts.

If you want a Froslass, you need a female Snorunt and a dawn stone – a specific evolutionary item. It doesn’t matter what level your Snorunt is, as long as it’s female, it will evolve into Froslass when using the stone.

Where can I get a dawn stone?

For those of you trying to get a Froslass, and in need of a dawn stone, here’s how to get one. Some games allow you to purchase a stone, whereas most of the time it’s a shiny object you can pick up off the ground.

  • Pokémon Sword and Shield – Giant’s Cap, Ballimere Lake, Old Cemetery, Lake of Outrage, and from the Digging Duo at Bridge Field
  • Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl – Route 225, Mount Coronet, and from Pokémon’s Pickup ability
  • Pokemon Legends: Arceus – Rewards for completing Request 82 and 102, from ore deposits, the trading post, Ginkgo Guild cart, and found in space-time distortions
  • Pokémon Scarlet and Violet – East Province Area Three, West Province Area Three, Porto Marinada auctions, found on Glaseado Mountain, and as a reward for registering 270 Pokemon to the Pokédex

Where can I catch Glalie?

Perhaps evolving a Snorunt is taking a while – well, you can catch a Glalie in the following locations in each Pokémon game on Nintendo Switch.

  • Pokémon Sword and Shield – Routes 9 and 10, Lake of Outrage, Giant’s Cap, Giant’s Seat, Giant’s Bed, Watchtower Ruins, Dusty Bowl, Hammerlocke Hills, Stony Wilderness, Slippery Slope, and Snowslide Slope
  • Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl – Routes 216 and 217, Acuity Lakefront, Glacial Cavern, Icy Cave, and Whiteout Cave
  • Pokemon Legends: Arceus – Avalanche Slops, Bonechill Wastes, Avalugg’s legacy, Snowpoint Temple, Glacier Terrace, Icebound Falls, Heart’s Crag, and Pearl Settlement
  • Pokémon Scarlet and Violet – Glaseado Mountain and five-star Tera Raid battles

Where can I catch Froslass?

Like Glalie, you can bypass the evolution methods and grab a Froslass in the wild, if you’re lucky. Here are the locations where it spawns in the Switch games:

  • Pokémon Sword and Shield – Giant’s Cap, Giant’s Bed, Old Cemetery, Snowslide Slope, Slippery Slope, Tunnel to the Top, and Hammerlocke Hills
  • Pokemon Legends: Arceus – Avalanche Slopes, Bonechill Wastes, Avalugg’s Legacy, Snowpoint Temple, the Pearl Settlement at night, and Ice Column Chamber during the day
  • Pokémon Scarlet and Violet – Dalizapa Passage, Glaseado Mountain, and five-star Tera Raid battles
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Is Snorunt in Pokémon Go?

If you’re out and about in the world, you can find Snorunt around you. You can evolve it into Froslass and Glalie in Pokémon Go, as well. To do this, you need a female Snorunt, 100 candies, and a Sinnoh stone to evolve it into Froslass. To evolve a Glalie, any Snorunt will do, and you need 100 candies. You can then evolve it into a Mega Glalie, costing 200 Mega Energy.

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