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The fastest Pokémon

Beat your competition to the first move with the fastest Pokémon available, ranked overall and by the latest Paldea region's choices.

Deoxys, the fastest Pokémon, on a background of Paldea

Now that Scarlet and Violet has had a chance to settle in, competitive battles are sure to be taking over. Let’s look at the fastest Pokémon available in the mainline games. A Pokémon’s speed determines whether it gets to go first in battle, or if you’re about to get pummelled before you get a chance to think. Choosing a ‘mon with a higher speed stat does put you at an advantage, so we’ve drawn up a list of the fastest overall, and the more attainable Pokémon that have a good base stat to work with. 

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The fastest Pokémon in the mainline games

Did you know that Shuckle, Munchlax and Pyukumuku are the slowest Pokémon ever? With a base stat of…5. But let’s not dwell on that – here are the overall fastest Pokémon with the highest speed stats in the entire Pokédex. 

Pokémon Base speed stat
Regieleki 200
Deoxys (Speed Forme) 180
Ninjask 160
Pheromosa 151
Calyrex 150
Deoxys (Attack Forme) 150
Deoxys (Normal Forme) 150
Mega Aerodactyl 150
Electrode 150
Mega Alakazam 150
Zacian – Crowned Sword 148
Accelgor 145
Sceptile 145
Mega Beedrill 145
Zeraora 143
Dragapult 142

The fastest Pokemon: A leaping Zeraora

The fastest catchable Pokémon

Most of the super-fast Pokémon tend to, unfortunately, be mythical or legendary – due to this, they aren’t available in most games. In terms of Pokémon you are likely to find in more regions, or can definitely transfer from Pokémon Home, you want to aim for one of the following:

  • Ninjask 
  • Electrode
  • Accelgor
  • Sceptile
  • Zeraora
  • Dragapult
  • Barraskewda
  • Crobat

These Pokémon all have a base speed stat of between 160 – 130. Don’t forget, you can always feed them some stat-changing items to add even more to their number. 

What are the fastest Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet?

Generation nine has added in some more super quick Pokémon, though they are mostly available towards the end game and after. Our trusty steeds Koraidon and Miraidon have a 135 base speed stack, and Iron Bundle just beats it with 136. Chien Pao and Flutter Mane also boast robust stats. 

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