Genshin Impact Sayu – leaks, banner, and skills

Everything you need to know about Genshin Impact’s Sayu

A girl in a tanuki hoodie

As the list of upcoming Genshin Impact characters grows, it can be difficult to keep up. This time, we’re here to fill you in on one of the cutest rumoured characters, Sayu. This adorable child with a tanuki hoodie appears to be a claymore-wielding anemo character with a whole lot of attitude.

Unfortunately, we don’t believe Genshin Impact’s Sayu will arrive with update 1.6. However, if we’re lucky, she may land as soon as update 1.7. Rumours suggest Sayu is a four-star character, and her elemental burst involves throwing a large panda daruma that heals surrounding allies. It’s worth noting that this information is subject to change, but we’ll make sure this page is kept up to date.

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What does Genshin Impact’s Sayu look like?

Sayu appears to be a young child who wears a tanuki hoodie with a long tail. You can check out her style below thanks to the official Genshin Impact Twitter page.

What is Sayu’s release date?

Sadly, we don’t know when Sayu will make her way to Teyvat. However, we’re hoping to see her in Genshin Impact update 1.7 or 1.8.

What can we expect from Sayu’s banner?

Much like her release date, we’re unsure when Sayu’s banner will make an appearance. To find out more about the currently available characters, check out our next Genshin Impact banner guide.

What else should I know about Sayu?

We don’t know too much about Sayu’s backstory at the moment. However, we will update this page frequently with fresh information.

To find out who the best characters are, take a gander at our Genshin Impact tier list for more information.

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