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Dragon Pokémon weakness, resistance, and strength

Knowing the dragon Pokémon weakness is crucial if you want to best these ferocious beasts should you meet them on the battlefield.

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Do you know what the dragon Pokémon weakness is? You don’t? Well, golly gee, you sure are at the right place to learn all about these fire-breathing beasts. To make the most out of Pokémon such as Garchomp, Dragonite, Rayquaza, and Salamence, you need to understand what the dragon-type weakness is. This also happens to be great information to know should you find yourself in a battle against a dragon-type.

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Anyway, onto what you need to know about dragon Pokémon weakness.

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What are dragon Pokémon weaknesses?

  • Dragon Pokémon

Dragons are exceedingly weak against the dragon-type. This means that you can kick some serious butt should you get the first hit, but equally, they can demolish any dragon you have just as easily. It comes down to which beast moves faster.

Dragon Pokémon counters

Every Dragon Pokémon fits the bill as a counter for dragon-type creatures. However, they’re all susceptible to damage from one another, so we suggest you put your quickest dragon forward. This gives you a good shot at striking first, and that will make the difference in who wins and who loses.

However, you also have the likes of Charizard, a fire and flying Pokémon who’s capable of learning dragon-type moves, making it super-effective in a match with dragons.

Another option is to consider the second type of a Dragon. For instance, Garchamp is also a ground Pokémon, meaning it’s susceptible to attacks from ice Pokémon.

What are dragon Pokémon resistances?

Dragon-types are resistant to Grass, water, electric, and fire-types, so should you need a ‘mon to take one for the team and have a pretty good chance of winning, consider a dragon against those four types.

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What are dragon Pokémon strengths?

  • Dragon Pokémon

The only type that dragons are super-effective against are their own kind, so should a Dragonite come across a Garchomp, the match is bound to finish quickly, and who wins is likely to come down to who throws the first punch.

As such, we suggest you take a look at the speed stat for your chosen dragon. At the moment, Dragonite is the fastest dragon-type with a speed stat of 142. Well, going on ordinary forms it is, but if you consider mega evolutions, too, then it’s Mega Sceptile with a stat of 145

Well, there you have it. You finally know what the dragon Pokémon weakness is. To discover the secret of how to beat other types, make sure you read our ghost Pokémon weakness, psychic Pokémon weakness, steel Pokémon weakness, poison Pokémon weakness, normal Pokémon weakness, electric Pokémon weakness, and dark Pokémon weakness guides.