The best fire Pokémon in Pokémon Go 2023

Looking for a pal that can bring the heat in Pokémon Go? Well, you need to look no further that this list of the best fire Pokémon in Niantic’s title.

Fire Pokemon: Talonflame pasted on an orange PT background

In this guide we dive into the best fire Pokémon you can catch in Pokémon Go. Yes, we know you can probably guess at least a few of the creatures that are on this list, but who knows, maybe one or two entries will surprise you, and if not, congratulations, your taste in Pokémon Go fire Pokémon is red hot.

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Anyway, onto what we consider to be the ten best fire Pokémon that you can get in Pokémon Go.

Fire Pokémon Charizard


Fast attack: Ember
Charge attack: Blast Burn

Don’t worry. We can hear you all saying, ‘well, duh,’ of course, Charizard is on this list. The stage two gen 1 Pokémon is still one of the most popular fire types out there, even after all these years.

We also can’t forget how powerful Charizard is, and no matter what Pokémon game you play, this beast is worthy of a place on your team. Oh, and the fact it can turn into Mega Charizard doesn’t hurt either.

Fire Pokémon Flareon


Fast attack: Fire Spin
Charged attack: Flamethrower

To be honest, most lists like this are bound to feature a connection to Eevee, and given Flareon is a fine fire type, there’s no reason for it not to claim a place on this list.

Besides, just look at this loveable creature, it’s just as mighty as it is cute, and if you check out our Pokémon Go Eevee evolution guide, you could have a team of eeveelutions – how adorable is that?

Fire Pokémon Arcanine


Fast attack: Fire Fang
Charged attack: Flamethrower

This is my favorite Pokémon, no ifs, ands, or buts. I love this ‘mon and have no problem defending my choice here. Not that I have to, many people are bound to agree that Arcanine is a top-tier fire-type Pokémon, and if you don’t, I don’t believe you.

In fact, I declare you to be a liar, liar, pants on fire. Arcanine is from generation one, but that hasn’t stopped it from remaining a fan favorite, and it’s a formidable companion in Pokémon Go.

If you’re struggling to take down this big dog, check out our fire Pokémon weakness guide.

Fire Pokémon Entei


Fast attack: Fire Fang
Charged attack: Overheat

Entei is a favorite when it comes to Pokémon Go legendaries here at Pocket Tactics. In fact, we love the legendary beast trio in general – perhaps that’s because they’re from the superior region of Johto.

In all seriousness, Entei is a formidable fire-type and is honestly one of the best legendaries who embrace the flames.

Fire Pokémon Houndoom


Fast attack: Fire Fang
Charged attack: Flamethrower

Another Pokémon that just happens to be a personal favorite, and also from the Johto region, is Houndoom. This is one ferocious ‘mon, but not only is Houndoom capable of great fire damage, but it can also use some dark attacks, so that’s another direction you can go in with it should you so choose.

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Fire Pokémon Blaziken


Fast attack: Fire Spin
Charged attack: Blast Burn

Blaziken is the final evolution of generation three starter Torcic, and what a fine fire-type it is. Seriously, if you’re in the market for a ‘mon that can bring the heat and embrace its inner karate kid, you need to look no further. You’ve found your new companion.

If you need to find a way to counter Blaziken, make sure you read our fighting Pokémon weakness guide.

Fire Pokémon Typhlosion


Fast attack: Ember
Charged attack: Blast Burn

It might just be that fire-types are cool, but Typhlosion is yet another favorite for the PT crew. This stage-two Pokémon is the final evolution of generation two starter Cyndaquil, and we’re confident in saying that Typhlosion is by far one of the best fire types you can get in Pokémon Go, especially since it has access to some powerful attacks.

As you can see, we love a Johto ‘mon, so here’s our list of the best gen 2 Pokémon.

Fire Pokémon Talonflame


Fast attack: Fire Spin
Charged attack: Fire Blast

Talonflame is both a fire and flying-type, which gives it access to a variety of moves that might serve you well in battle. Combining a fire attack with a flying one does mean Talonflame is capable of dealing damage to the vast majority of ‘mon. However, since it’s a stage-three creature, you need to put some effort in if you want this hot chick.

To find out how to bring Talonflame to the ground, take a look at our flying Pokémon weakness guide.

Fire Pokémon Salazzle


Fast attack: Incinerate
Charged attack: Fire Blast

Salazzle is on here for the simple reason that it’s a poison and fire-type hybrid, which is pretty unique, and it can be quite a devastating combination. Originally, Salazzle is from the Alola region, which means it’s part of generation seven. Is Salazzle the best Pokémon Go fire Pokémon? No, but it might still be a good fit for your team.

If you need an antidote to Salazzle’s poison, our poison Pokémon weakness guide holds the answers.

Fire Pokémon Moltres


Fast attack: Fire Spin
Charged attack: Overheat

Come on, you didn’t seriously think we’d leave the legendary fire bird off this list, did you? Of course, Moltres is here, and to be honest, it’d be a shock if any of the legendary birds didn’t pop up on lists like this for their respective types. Moltres has some incredible moves on offer. Whichever abilities you end up with, this ‘mon is going to put up a strong fight.

There you have it, the best fire Pokémon in Pokémon go. To learn how to put the flames out, read our fire Pokémon weakness guide. For more great ‘mon action, make sure you check out our picks for the best Pokémon games.

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