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Who is Honkai Star Rail’s Boothill?

Coming soon to Hoyoverse’s game is Honkai Star Rail’s Boothill, a five-star physical character with an intriguing design.

Honkai Star Rail Boothill's official splash art on a grey background

Yeehaw, we’ve got a cool new upcoming Star Rail character and he’s a cyborg cowboy from space who wears chaps. Please welcome Honkai Star Rail’s Boothill, and take a look at what we know of his potential kit, his role in the story, and how to build him, if you pardon the phrase.

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Who is Honkai Star Rail’s Boothill?

Anyone who keeps up with leaks has seen Boothill around, but so far, he’s not been seen in the game so far. We know now that he’s a five-star character that’s a mix of Zenless Zone Zero’s Billy and Genshin Impact’s Arlecchino.

Boothill is a cyborg cowboy, with a very optimistic outlook on life, and not much restraint. He’s part of the Galaxy Rangers alongside Honkai Star Rail’s Acheron. The group follows the Hunt and its aeon Lan and travels to different planets to uphold justice. Thanks to Boothill’s drip marketing, we know that he, specifically, dislikes the Interastral Peace Corporation.

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We actually hear him in the story during the 2.1 update – though it’s not confirmed, a mysterious male voice talks about bullets and finding a casket store, which has to be Boothill. Fun fact, a boot hill is the name for cemeteries in the Western United States, so, it fits.

Boothill’s English voice actor is Andrew Russell, known for work on Octopath Traveler II, World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, and Resident Evil Village.

What do we know about Boothill’s build?

Boothill is a follower of the Hunt path and uses the physical element. His splash art features guns and a whip, which likely means they’ll show up in his attack animations. As a Hunt character, he’ll focus on dealing damage, likely to one target at a time.

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