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How to unlock the Honkai Star Rail Coffin Dancer achievement

Find out how to unlock the Honkai Star Rail Coffin Dancer achievement and what it has to do with HSR's ever-mysterious Luocha right here.

Honkai Star Rail Coffin Dancer achievement - Luocha touching his coffin

While we encounter quite a few Stellaron hunters on our star-studded mission, we here at PT are achievement hunters. If you’re the same, you may have noticed the Honkai Star Rail Coffin Dancer achievement sitting in your ‘achieved’ menu. But how on earth do you get it? One does not simply dance on a coffin – even for HSR, that sounds a bit odd. So let’s take a look, shall we?

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What is the Honkai Star Rail Coffin Dancer achievement?

Coffin Dancer is a bronze achievement listed under ‘The Memories We Share’ tab, which you can access through the ‘Achieved’ section on the in-game pause menu. It offers a reward of five stellar jade and, naturally, the relief of seeing your achievement progress score go up.

The achievement’s description states that you need to ‘witness Luocha’s hidden side’ – but how in the cosmos are you supposed to do that? And does Honkai Star Rail Luocha’s hidden side really include hopping on top of his old acquaintance’s coffin and busting out some moves?

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How do I unlock the Honkai Star Rail Coffin Dancer achievement?

Unfortunately, we don’t actually know what Luocha’s hidden side is just yet, but we predict that you can unlock the Honkai Star Rail Coffin Dancer achievement through his upcoming companion mission, ‘A Knight Stranger’. The companion mission is available to us when Luocha’s Honkai Star Rail banner goes live on June 28 at 12:00 server time.

We believe this achievement is tied to his companion mission as several of the other achievements in the Memories We Share category are related to the companion missions for other Honkai Star Rail characters. For example, you get ‘Serval’s Faithfull: An Autobiography’ when you complete Honkai Star Rail Serval’s companion mission, ‘Only a Child’.

Of course, we’re itching to complete the Coffin Dancer achievement ourselves, so we’ll be sure to update this guide when we get any more info. For now, we’ll just have to imagine our soft-spoken, long-haired gentleman channelling his inner Kevin Bacon and whipping out some Footloose moves atop that ornate coffin that he’s always dragging around.

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