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Honkai Star Rail Screwllum

Spotted on a light cone and in the Simulated Universe is Honkai Star Rail’s Screwllum - let’s take a look at his element, build, and speculative release date.

A first look at Honkai Star rail Screwllum wearing a hat, suit, and tie

The world of Honkai Star Rail is shaping up to be very interesting, with plenty of new and innovative character designs cropping up. One such character is Honkai Star Rail’s Screwllum, a humanoid robot member of the Genius Society, with a refined skillset under his belt. So far, Hoyoverse is yet to confirm much about the mysterious mecha man, so let’s see what we do know about Screwllum.

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So, what do we know about Honkai Star Rail’s Screwllum?

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Who is Honkai Star Rail’s Screwllum?

Honkai Star Rail’s Screwllum is, quite obviously when you look at him, a mechanical man. He’s known as Mechanical Aristocrat Screwllum I and is the 76th member of the Genius Society, where he works with Honkai Star Rail’s Herta. Oh, he’s also the ruler of his own planet – Planet Screwllum – where he lives. Perhaps one day the Astral Express will take a trip here, too.

As a member of the Genius Society, Screwllum works alongside Herta and Ruan Mei in creating the Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe. He wrote the algorithm that it runs on and earned a place for his portrait in Herta’s office. Speaking of in-game appearances, when sending characters on an assignment to retrieve ancient parts, you may notice that the assignment is set by Screwllum.

Screwllum’s good deeds spread across the galaxy. He led a resistance against a fellow Genius Society member Rubert after Rubert sought to end organic life with a war. Screwllum won and made peace with mechanical lifeforms, even after Rubert’s heinous actions.

Screwllum’s hacking skills are commendable, and he’s on par with Honkai Star Rail’s Silver Wolf – who he’s had run-ins with before. Silver Wolf at one point cracked his code, proving herself to be almost as skilled. Screwllum did easily wrestle control back from her, though.

Honkai Star Rail's Screwllum tipping his hat in Herta's office, next to a painting in an ornate frame

Is Honkai Star Rail’s Screwllum playable?

Hoyoverse is yet to confirm if Screwllum is a playable character, but our senses tell us that a character with such an extravagant and noticeable design will be playable in the future. Let’s hope it’s not too far off, unlike Genshin Impact’s Baizhu who made us wait two years.

Screwllum also appears on a Honkai Star Rail light cone’s design in-game already, called We Will Meet Again. This also hints that he will be playable in the future. Good news, though – we officially met Screwllum in Honkai Star Rail’s 1.1 update, and now he hangs out in the Simulated Universe.

Who is Honkai Star Rail Screwllum’s voice actor?

It appears that all our speculation for Screwllum’s English voice actor is wrong, and it is neither Genshin Impact’s Diluc nor Genshin Impact’s Ayato‘s actors after all. Screwllum’s voice actor is Steven Kelly in English, and his Chinese VA is Zhao Yang of Resident Evil 8 fame.

What are Honkai Star Rail Screwllum’s path and element?

For now, we don’t have any confirmation on Screwllum’s build, rarity, path, or element. We’ll keep our eyes peeled and update right here as soon as Hoyoverse confirms anything. However, given that Screwllum appears on a light cone of the Nihility path, this may be a hint towards the path he is on. This is our own speculation, though!

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