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Pokémon Unite Dragonite build and best moveset

Stomp, hit, and soar your way to the top by using the best moveset, items, match-ups, and more, with the help of our handy Pokémon Unite Dragonite build guide

Pokémon Unite Dragonite soaring over the arena

Pokémon Unite‘s Dragonite is an iconic and much-loved flying dragon-type, soaring above its opponents. As a powerful, ranged all-rounder, this adorable but deadly critter is making a big impact on Pokémon’s hit 5v5 MOBA. Though it may seem sweet, this versatile monster is full of fiery rage, and is prepared to stomp on the opposition to get to its goal.

Wondering how to tame this adorable beast? Well, you’re in the right place. With our Pokémon Unite Dragonite build, we’ll go through the best moveset, items, playstyle, and more, so you’ll be soaring above the competition in no time. We also take a look at Pokémon Unite Dragonite’s price, and the best champs to team it up with.

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Now, let’s get into the good stuff.

Pokémon Unite Dragonite release date

Dragonite joined the battle on December 20, alongside the Pokémon Unite Holiday Festivities event – meaning you can grab it right now.

Pokémon Unite Dragonite flying over its name

Pokémon Unite Dragonite price

You can grab the Pokémon Unite Dragonite licence from the Unite Battle Committee shop for 10,000 Aeos coins or 575 Aeos gems.

What’s the best Pokémon Unite Dragonite build?

Dragonite is a highly versatile all-rounder, with great range that spans half of the map, high mobility, and low cooldowns for its moves. However, it takes a while to upgrade it to its full potential. Dragonite starts as Dratini, then evolves to Dragonair at level five, and finally into Dragonite at level eight, which is quite late compared to champs like Tsareena who reach their top evolution at level six. Therefore, aim to farm in the jungle or team up with friends in the bottom lane, as it’s best to avoid engaging in one-on-one fights until you get to level eight – but when you do, feel free to be as aggressive as you like.

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What is Pokémon Unite Dragonite’s best moveset?

The best Pokémon Unite Dragonite moveset depends on how you want to play it. Dragonite is a surprisingly flexible monster, and can be built as a brawler if you plan on getting in the heat of the battle, a melee jungler if you want to farm and offer good ganks, or a ranged damage dealer if you prefer to hang back.

Pokémon Unite Dragonite passive ability

While Marvel Scale is a little underwhelming, Multiscale is an amazing passive, that’s well worth the wait. Along with the offensive power spike Dragonite gets at level eight, Multiscale also gives it some great defence and survivability, which allows it to engage in some hard-hitting, one-on-one flights and team fights. Also, note that Dragonite’s Extreme Speed move resets Multiscale’s cooldown.

Move name Attack type Description
Marvel Scale (Dratini and Dragonair) Passive Increases Dratini/Dragonair’s defence when it’s afflicted by a status condition
Multiscale (Dragonite) Passive Reduces the damage Dragonite receives for a short time. Goes on cooldown after being triggered

Pokémon Unite Dragonite abilities for early game

You gain access to Dragonite’s first ability at level one, then the next at level three. Twister is great for slowing enemies early game, allowing you and a teammate to close the gap and get the kill, whereas Dragon Breath offers some decent range, as well as boosting your next normal attack.

Remember, it’s best to hang back and only engage when you have backup in this phase of the game, and farming should be your top priority – so Dragon Breath is a good pick as a first move.

Move name Attack type Cooldown  Description
Twister Range Eight seconds Dragonite creates a twister, then releases it in the designated direction, dealing damage to any opposing Pokémon and decreasing their movement speed on hit
Dragon Breath Range Eight seconds Dragonite exhales a mighty gust in the designated direction, dealing damage and boosting Dragonite’s next basic attack on hit

Pokemon Unite Dragonite hyper beam

Pokémon Unite Dragonite abilities for mid-game

This is where Dragonite’s kit gets interesting. If you’re looking for more of a brawler build, focusing on diving into battle and soaking up damage, or a ranged build, where you keep your distance and deal good burst damage, it’s best to pick Dragon Dance. With its low cooldown, massive buffs, and mobilities, it turns your Dragonite into a fast-moving, hard-hitting beast.

On the other hand, Extreme Speed is good in the jungle, allowing you to isolate and eliminate targets with ease. It offers a handy cooldown reset on Dragonite’s passive ability, Multiscale. Of course, you won’t feel the benefit of this until you hit level eight, but the constant damage reduction is a lovely bonus.

Move name Attack type Cooldown Description
Dragon Dance Dash Five seconds Dragonite dashes in the designated direction, performing a mystical dance and buffing its damage dealt, movement speed, and basic attack speed for a short time. During this time, when its basic attacks hit an opposing Pokémon, Dragon Dance’s cooldown is reduced. Each time the move is used, Dragonite’s damage dealt is increased, up to three times
Extreme Speed Dash Nine seconds Dragonite leaps at an opposing Pokémon and throws it, dealing damage and shoving them. It also decreases the movement speed of the opposing Pokémon for a short time, and resets Multiscale’s cooldown

Outrage is definitely the winner in this category, unless you’re looking for a ranged build, in which case you should choose Hyper Beam. The secret to Outrage is getting in as many normal attacks as possible after popping it, as each hit will reduce your moves’ cooldown by one second, making you a true tantrum-throwing, dragon-stomping machine.

Hyper Beam isn’t without its merits though, and if facing a team that counters your Dragonite, it lets you hang back while still dealing some tasty burst damage. Plus, if you combo it with Dragon Dance, you can still use the nifty trick of hailing down a bunch of normal attacks to reduce your cooldowns.

Move name Attack type Cooldown Description
Hyper Beam Range Eight seconds Dragonite aims at an enemy Pokémon, charging power and unleashing a beam of light in a straight line. In addition to its base damage, the beam deals additional damage to the opposing Pokémon based on a percentage of their max HP, and leaves it unable to act for a short time
Outrage Area Eight seconds Dragonite starts a rampage, stomping the ground and dealing damage to the opposing Pokémon in the AoE. It also triggers the additional effect of the most recently used boosted basic attack. During the rampage, all of Dragonite’s basic attacks become special melee boosted attacks with increased attack speed. When the rampage ends, Dragonite is left unable to act for a short time

Pokémon Unite Dragonite Unite Move

Dragonite’s Unite move, Draco Impact, has brilliant range and deals some delicious damage. Due to its two-second wind-up and targeting, it can take a little practice, but whacking your move sensitivity up to high and taking Dragonite for a couple of test runs will have you mastering it in no time.

Draco Impact has a lot of potential, not only for finishing off enemies, but also for swooping in and stealing objectives. Be sure to make good use of it!

Move name Attack type Cooldown Description
Draco Impact Ranged Percentage based Dragonite flies high into the air, then crashes down with several comets on a designated area, dealing damage to enemy Pokémon and throwing them. The farther Dragonite flies, the more the Unite Move gauge is consumed. While the Unite Move is in use, Dragonite is immune to hindrances

Pokémon Unite Dragonite Outrage

Pokémon Unite Dragonite best held items

Dragonite can hold up to three items, and it’s worth choosing them based on how you want to play. If you’re planning on a brawler build, be sure to pick survival items like the Buddy Barrier and Focus Band. In the jungle, it’s always a good idea to take a Scope Lens. Ranged builds should focus on increasing damage, which makes items like the Muscle Band very useful.

Item Description
Buddy Barrier When Dragonite uses its Unite Move, itself and the nearby ally Pokémon with the lowest HP are each granted a shield equal to (20/30/40)% of their max HP
Focus Band When Dragonite drops to low HP, each second for three seconds it recovers (8/11/14)% of the HP it has lost
Scope Lens Increases damage dealt by basic attack critical hits. The higher Dragonite’s Attack, the more the damage increases.
Muscle Band When basic attacks hit, the damage is increased by 1%/2%/3% of the opposing Pokémon’s remaining HP
Razor Claw After Dragonite uses a move, its next basic attack deals a minimum of (10/15/20) damage. The higher the Dragonite’s attack, the more this damage increases
Weakness Policy Increases Dragonite’s attack for a short time by a minimum of (2/2.5/3)% when it receives damage. This increase grows larger the more times damage is received

Pokémon Unite Dragonite battle items

You can only equip one battle item, so pick them wisely. Here are our top choices, and why we think they are the best for Dragonite.

Item Description
Eject Button Move quickly in the specified direction. Combining this with Dragonite’s dash move makes for some great getaways and engagements, allowing you to reposition yourself at the shake of a tail
X-Attack Increases Dragonite’s basic attack damage by 1.2x, and move damage by 1.05-1.15x for eight seconds. Perfect for aggressive playstyles, allowing you to dish out even more damage

Pokémon Unite Dragonite about to score a goal

Who works well with Pokémon Unite Dragonite?

The following Pokémon are great for increasing Dragonite’s survivability:

Whereas these Pokémon are very helpful in providing Dragonite with AoE crowd control, allow it to seal the deal with its high damage.

And that’s all we’ve got on Pokémon Unite’s Dragonite. If you’re looking for more MOBA fun outside of the Poké-world, head over to our list of the best mobile MOBAs and find something new to play.