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The best steel Pokémon in Pokémon Go

We’ve put together a list of the best steel Pokémon in Pokémon Go so you can pick the perfectly polished metal first-mate for your competitive party.

Custom image for best steel Pokemon in Pokemon Go guide with Empoleon, Regacian background

If you’re trying to find the best steel Pokémon for battling in Pokémon Go, you’re in the right place. We’ve picked out our favorite steel-type attackers for taking on gym battles and raids, so you can add them to your roster. We’ve also got recommendations for moves, just in case you need a bit more battling advice.

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So, let’s get into our list of the best steel Pokémon.

Art of steel Pokémon Dialga


  • Fast move: Dragon breath
  • Charged move: Iron head 

The first of many steel Pokémon cover stars, Dialga still puts up an impressive fight for the top spot on this list. With dragon coverage, thanks to its dragon moves, and the ability to fight those pesky fairies with iron head, there’s little to get in the way of your sweeping opponents with the legendary controller of time.

To better understand the dragon side of Dialga, check out our dragon Pokémon weakness guide.

Art of steel Pokémon Melmetal


  • Fast move: Thunder shock
  • Charged move: Rock slide

Melmetal is the physical equivalent of mercury in flux, and I don’t mean like a tarot reading, I mean it’s a monster made out of squishy liquid metal. Still, the gigantic gooey mess that is Melmetal still packs a mighty punch as one of the most potent leading attackers on this list, and there’s good scope for taking down frightening fire-types with access to rock slide.

Art of steel Pokémon Registeel


  • Fast move: Lock on
  • Charged move: Flash cannon

As one of the few pure steel types on this list, Registeel might not have as much utility as other picks, but if you’re taking on a rock, ice, or fairy Pokémon, it’s a solid pick for bringing the pain to your opponent. Registeel can also make quick work of flying and water type Pokémon with access to Flash Cannon, so there’s no reason not to include this legendary ‘mon in your team.

Art of steel Pokémon Metagross


  • Fast move: Bullet punch
  • Charged move: Meteor mash

The third generation of Pokémon gave us not one, but two classic steel Pokémon, thanks to the pseudo-legendary Metagross. With staggering stats, a steel/psychic dual-typing that has a good amount of coverage, and thanks to the addition of mega evolution to Pokémon Go, a mega form that stands out as the best steel-type attacker in the game, this metal head is not to be missed. 

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Art of steel Pokémon Cobalion


  • Fast move: Metal claw
  • Charged move: Sacred sword 

Cobalion is the ultimate check to most of the other steel types on this list, except those with dual psychic typing, due to its own dual fighting type. With exclusive access to sacred sword among other steel types, bulky health stats, and few super-effective weaknesses, this sword of justice is a solid option for the great league, if not the higher echelons. 

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Art of steel Pokémon Empoleon


  • Fast move: Metal claw
  • Charged move: Hydro cannon/flash cannon 

Steel doesn’t like fire, not one bit, so how can you counter this? Easy, with a dual-type water and steel Pokémon like Empoleon, the grown-up version of one of my favorite starters, Piplup. You’d think it would be Blastoise who would be master of the cannons, what with there being one on his back, but it’s Empoleon who has access to both flash cannon and hydro cannon, which I think you’ll agree is some serious firepower. 

To master the waves Empoleon can create, swim across to our water Pokémon weakness guide.

Art of steel Pokémon Heatran


  • Fast move: Fire spin
  • Charged move: Iron head 

If you know anything about thermodynamics, you know that heat and steel can come together for devastating effect. Never is this more true than with Heatran, one of the few steel-type steel counters thanks to its half fire-typing. Also, it’s the only legendary shiny from Pokémon Go I personally own, so I can’t not include it, even if its pink eyes suggest that a sneaky Magmar might have been dropping farts on my poor Heatran’s pillow. 

If you want to survive the heat, take a look at our fire Pokémon weakness guide.

Art of steel Pokémon Zamazenta and Zacian

Zacian and Zamazenta (Crowned Sword and Crowned Shield)

  • Fast move: Metal claw
  • Charged move: Iron head

We’re sticking this pair of legendaries together as they both have access to similar steel-type movepools in their crowned sword and crowned shield forms. With Zacian’s sky-high attacking stat and Zamazenta’s impressive all-around bulk, either of these options is sure to frustrate opponents and pulverize any ice, rock, or fairy Pokémon.

Art of steel Pokémon Magnezone


  • Fast move: Charge beam
  • Charged move: Mirror shot 

While the fourth generation of Pokémon isn’t that memorable for steel types, Magnezone bucks that trend. It’s a fantastic design, expanding on the concept of the Magnemite further and offering something more powerful in battle than Magenton. Sure, it’s not quite as powerful as some other steel and electric types, but it’s special attack stat really hammers down on water and flying types. 

To have a spark of hope against Magnezone, take a look at our electric Pokémon weakness guide.

Art of steel Pokémon Jirachi


  • Fast move: Confusion
  • Charged move: Doom desire 

As the only steel-type mythical Pokémon, Jirachi is a bit of a niche, but one well worth adding to your roster. With unique access to its powerful main series move, doom desire, psychic and fairy move coverage with confusion and dazzling gleam, and no single stat under 200 (which is impressive, if you don’t know), there’s more than enough reason to pick this tiny steel-type.

Custom image of Aegislash on a Zacian background for best steel Pokemon in Pokemon Go guide


  • Fast move: Fury cutter
  • Charged move: Shadow ball

Aegislash didn’t even exist when Niantic launched Pokémon Go all those years back, it’s now an incredibly potent steel-type option thanks to its secondary ghost typing and a wicked pool of potential moves. Funnily enough, our preferred Aegislash build doesn’t include a steel-type move but relies on high defense stats and few weaknesses to keep the sword and shield Pokémon alive while taking on a raid boss or a gym battle.

There you have it, our picks for the best steel Pokémon in Pokémon Go. For some help on how to make the most out of these beasts, check out our steel Pokémon weakness guide. If all this talk of main series games has you hankering for a trip back to Kanto, Hoenn, Johto, or any of the other classic regions, why not browse through our list of the best Pokémon games to decide on a destination?