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Honkai Star Rail Xueyi build

Honkai Star Rail Xueyi is a four-star quantum Destruction character, and stern and dutiful puppet that we meet aboard the Xianzhou Luofu.

Honkai Star Rail Xueyi mid-battle wearing white sleeves and a green vest

Honkai Star Rail’s Xueyi is one of the many unique characters we meet during our Trailblazing adventure aboard the Xianzhou Luofu. Straight-laced and serious, she’s a puppet who acts as judge for the Ten-Lords Commission, but she might just have a softer side beneath that serious surface. So let’s find out more about HSR’s Xueyi.

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Here’s everything in our Honkai Star Rail Xueyi guide.

What’s the best Honkai Star Rail Xueyi build?

Best light cone On the Fall of an Aeon
Light cone substitutes
  • The Moles Welcome You
  • Under the Blue Sky
  • Nowhere to Run
Best relic set Genius of Brilliant Stars
Best planar ornaments Talia: Kingdom of Banditry
Main stats
  • Body – crit rate/damge or attack%
  • Feet – speed
  • Planar sphere – attack%
  • Link rope – break effect
  • Break effect
  • Crit rate/damage
  • Attack%

The best HSR Xueyi build sees her equipped with the On the Fall of an Aeon light cone, along with a full set of Genius of Brilliant Stars relics. Her best planar ornament set is Talia: Kingdom of Banditry. 

While building Xueyi, we recommend focusing on boosting her break effect, crit, and attack above all else. In terms of skill priorities, we recommend leveling up her skill and talent first, then her ultimate, then her basic attack. As for traces, you should focus on leveling up Clairvoyant Loom (A2) first, then Perspicacious Mainframe (A6), then Intrepid Rollerbearings (A4). 

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How to use Xueyi

Xueyi is a four-star quantum character who treads the path of the Destruction. She deals a lot of toughness damage, even to enemies that aren’t weak to quantum. She interacts with the enemy’s toughness gauge to gain stacks for her powerful follow-up attack, which boosts her damage against quantum-weak foes even further.

As you can tell from her recommended stats and sub-stats, Xueyi predominantly scales off break effect, gaining more damage% for each point of break effect. This is great, but it does mean that she’s not the most flexible character in terms of team comps, and the five-star support Honkai Star Rail’s Ruan Mei is quite important if you want to make the most out of Xueyi’s kit.

It’s not all bad, though – Xueyi is still a relatively strong character who makes use of a generally underutilized stat, and her kit is effective and pretty easy to get your head around.

Her skill is a blast AoE that hits a primary target for a large percentage of her attack, then deals reduced damage to surrounding foes. As such, we generally recommend using her skill to aim for a central target when up against a group of enemies so you can maximize the effect. Her ultimate is a strong single-target attack that deals toughness damage, ignoring the weakness type of the enemy. This is super valuable, especially against enemies that switch weaknesses mid-battle.

Overall, Xueyi is a pretty strong four-star character that can act as a DPS or sub-DPS. She benefits greatly from a buffer like Ruan Mei to maximize the effect of her toughness damage, but can stand up against a wide range of enemies if you’re willing to invest enough into her kit.

What are the best light cones for Xueyi?

The best light cone for Xueyi is On the Fall of an Aeon, especially at superimpose level five. You can easily purchase this from Herta’s store using the currency you earn in the Simulated Universe, and it’s worth saving up for as it dramatically boosts her personal damage.

Her best four-star option is The Moles Welcome you, which gives her a healthy boost to her attack. Aside from that, Under the Blue Sky and Nowhere to Run are both strong options.

Light Cone Effect How to obtain
On the Fall of an Aeon Whenever Xueyi attacks, her attack increases by 8%, up to four times. When she inflicts weakness break, her damage increases by 12% for two turns Purchase from Herta’s Store in the Simulated Universe
The Moles Welcome You When Xueyi uses a basic attack, skill, or ultimate against enemies, she gains one stack of Mischievous. Each stack increases her attack by 12% All banners
Under the Blue Sky Increases Xueyi’s attack by 16%. When she defeats an enemy, her crit rate increases by 12% for three turns All banners
Nowhere to Run Increases Xueyi’s attack by 24%. Whenever she defeats an enemy, she restores HP equal to 12% of her attack All banners

What are the best relics for Xueyi?

The best relic set for Honkai Star Rail’s Xueyi is Genius of Brilliant stars, which boosts her quantum damage and attack. Alternatively, Thief of Shooting Meteor is also a very strong option, boosting her break effect and allowing her to regenerate energy for herself.

While Genius of Brilliant Stars edges ahead in terms of damage output, Thief of Shooting Meteor is a brilliant option if you’re struggling to get a full set with enough break effect sub-stats.

If you’re looking for a set that’s a little easier to obtain while you farm for a stronger set, we recommend Musketeer of Wild Wheat, which gives her a decent boost to her attack.

In terms of planar ornaments, Talia: Kingdom of Banditry is the best set for Xueyi, once again boosting her break effect. If you’re looking for something to tide you over in the meantime, two pieces of Space Sealing Station is a good choice for its hefty attack boost.

Relic set Effect How to obtain
Genius of Brilliant Stars Two equipped: increases quantum damage by 10%
Four equipped: When Xueyi deals damage to a target enemy, it ignores 10% of the enemy’s defense. If the target has quantum weakness, then it ignores an additional 10%
Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Providence on Jarilo-VI
Thief of Shooting Meteor Two equipped: increases break effect by 16%
Four equipped: increases the Xueyi’s break effect by 16%. When she inflicts weakness break on an enemy, she regenerates three energy
Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Jabbing Punch in Jarilo-VI’s Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone
Musketeer of Wild Wheat Two equipped: increases attack by 12%
Four equipped: increases Xueyi’s speed by 6% and her basic attack damage by 10%
Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Drifting in Jarilo-VI’s Corridor of Fading Echoes

Planar ornaments

Relic set Effect How to obtain
Talia: Kingdom of Banditry Two equipped: increases Xueyi’s break effect by 16%. If her speed reaches 145 or higher, her break effect increases an extra 20% Immersion Reward devices in World 4 of the Simulated Universe
Space Sealing Station Two equipped: increases Xueyi’s attack by 12%. When her speed reaches 120 or higher, her attack increases by an extra 12% Immersion Reward devices in World 3 of the Simulated Universe

Stat recommendations

When picking relics for Xueyi, we recommend prioritizing the following stats.

Main stats:

  • Body – crit rate/damge or attack%
  • Feet – speed
  • Planar sphere – attack%
  • Link rope – break effect


  • Break effect
  • Crit rate/damage
  • Attack%

What are the best Xueyi team comps?

Xueyi synergizes well with a few characters in the game, including:

  • Ruan Mei – potentially the best support for Xueyi according to current calculations, offers a hefty boost to her damage, pen, speed, and break efficiency, the latter of which amplifies Xueyi’s toughness damage dramatically and allows Xueyi to gain more karma charges with her ultimate
  • Silver Wolf – can inflict enemies with quantum weakness, allowing Xueyi to trigger her follow-up and quantum break more frequently. Also offers res pen and def shred, amplifying Xueyi’s damage output even further
  • Fu Xuan – one of the top sustainers in the game, with plenty of crit – something that Xueyi generally lacks
  • Bronya – boosts Xueyi’s damage and allows her to attack more frequently, resulting in more toughness damage and stacks, so she can use her follow-up attack more frequently
  • Tingyun – grants a healthy stat boost and energy recharge for Xueyi, helping her inflict more toughness damage and fueling her follow-up

Here are some popular Xueyi team comps:

First character slot Second character slot Third character slot Fourth character slot
Seele iconSeele Xueyi iconXueyi Silver Wolf iconSilver Wolf Fu Xuan iconFu Xuan
Xueyi iconXueyi Ruan Mei iconRuan Mei Silver Wolf iconSilver Wolf Fu Xuan iconFu Xuan
Xueyi iconXueyi Ruan Mei iconRuan Mei Silver Wolf iconSilver Wolf Lynx iconLynx
Xueyi iconXueyi Honkai Star Rail Bronya iconBronya Ruan Mei iconRuan Mei Fu Xuan iconFu Xuan

What are Xueyi’s abilities?

Here are all of Xueyi’s skills and what they do.

Active skills:

Skill Effect
Basic attack: Mara-Sunder Awl Deals 50% of Xueyi’s attack as quantum damage to a single target enemy
Skill: Iniquity Obliteration Deals quantum damage equal to 70% of Xueyi’s attack to a single enemy, and quantum damage equal to 35% of Xueyi’s attack to any adjacent enemies
Ultimate: Divine Castigation Deals quantum damage equal to 150% of Xueyi’s attack to a single target enemy. This attack ignores weakness types and reduces the enemy’s toughness. When the enemy’s weakness is broken, the quantum weakness break effect triggers. In this attack, the more toughness is reduced, the higher the damage will be dealt, up to a max of 36% increase

Passive skill:

Skill Effect
Talent: Karmic Perpetuation  When Xueyi reduces enemy toughness with attacks, Karma stacks. The more toughness is reduced, the more stacks of Karma are added, up to eight stacks. When Xueyi’s allies reduce enemy toughness with attacks, Xueyi gains one stack of Karma. When Karma reaches the max number of stacks, consumes all current Karma stacks and immediately launches a follow-up attack against an enemy target, dealing damage three times, with each time dealing quantum damage equal to 45% of Xueyi’s attack to a single random enemy. This follow-up attack doesn’t add Karma stacks


Technique Effect
Summary Execution When Xueyi uses her technique to attack an enemy to enter battle, she immediately attacks the enemy, dealing 80% of her attack as quantum damage to all enemies


Trace Effect
Clairvoyant Loom Increases damage dealt by 100% of break effect, up to a maximum damage increase of 240%
Intrepid Rollerbearings If the enemy target’s toughness is equal to or higher than 50% of their max toughness, deal 10% more damage when using Xueyi’s ultimate
Perspicacious Mainframe Xueyi will keep a tally of the number of Karma stacks that exceed the max stack limit, up to six stacks in the tally. After Xueyi’s talent is triggered, she gains a corresponding number of tallied Karma stacks

What are Xueyi’s eidolons?

You can unlock Xueyi’s eidolons by pulling duplicates of her, much like Genshin Impact’s constellations. Here are all of Xueyi’s eidolon bonuses:

Eidolon Effect
E1: Dvesha, Inhibited Increases Karmic Perpetuation’s follow-up damage by 40%
E2: Klesha, Breached Karmic Perpetuation’s follow-up attack reduces enemy toughness regardless of weakness types. At the same time, restores Xueyi’s HP by 5% of her max HP. Triggers the quantum break effect when breaking weakness
E3: Duḥkha, Ceased Increases Xueyi’s skill level by two, up to a max of 15, and her basic attack level by one, up to a max of ten
E4: Karma, Severed Increases Xueyi’s break effect by 40% for two turns when using her ultimate
E5: Deva, Enthralled Increases Xueyi’s ultimate level by two, up to a max of 15, and her talent level by two, up to a max of 15
E6: Saṃsāra, Mastered The max stack limit for Karma decreases to six

What are Xueyi’s ascension materials?

You can upgrade Xueyi all the way up to level 80 but, in addition to the EXP logs, you also need a set of materials to ascend her at certain intervals.

Here are all of Honkai Star Rail Xueyi’s ascension materials:

Required level Credits Ascension materials
20 3.2k Five extinguished cores
30 6.4k Ten extinguished cores
40 12.8k Six glimmering cores and three nail of the ape
50 32k Nine glimmering cores and seven nail of the ape
60 64k Six squirming cores and 20 nail of the ape
70 128k Nine squirming cores and 35 nail of the ape

Here’s where to get all of Xueyi’s ascension materials: 

  • Extinguished, glimmering, and squirming cores – drops from fragmentum monsters such as flamespawns on either Jarilo-VI or in the Honkai Star Rail simulated universe, from assignment rewards, or the embers exchange store
  • Nail of the ape – drops from the Shape of Abomination: Stagnant Shadow in the Xianzhou Luofu’s Scalegorge Waterscape

What are Xueyi’s trace materials?

Traces are special buffs and bonuses that you can unlock in order to enhance Xueyi’s skills, but you need to use certain materials in order to upgrade them.

Here are all of Xueyi’s trace materials:

  • 28 extinguished cores, 42 glimmering cores, 42 squirming cores
    • Obtain from fragmentum monsters on Jarilo-VI or in the simulated universe, from assignment rewards, or the embers exchange store
  • 12 shattered blades, 54 lifeless blades, 105 worldbreaker blades
    • Obtain from the crimson calyx in Herta Space Station’s Storage Zone, the ember’s exchange store, or the world shops in Herta Space Station and Jarilo-VI
  • 12 past evils of the borehole planet disaster
    • Obtain from the Starcrusher Swarm King – Skaracabaz boss in the echo of war in Herta Space Station’s Seclusion Zone
  • Five tracks of destiny
  • 2.4 million credits

That’s everything we’ve got on Honkai Star Rail’s Xueyi. While you’re here, be sure to head over to our Geshin Impact tier list and Genshin Impact codes for a different kind of Hoyo fun.