Zenless Zone Zero Grace build

Zenless Zone Zero's Grace is an intelligent, gun-wielding member of Belobog Heavy Industries. Find out more about this shy beauty here.

zenless zone zero Grace holding a nail gun and wearing goggles

Zenless Zone Zero’s Grace Howard is a kind, soft-spoken member of Belobog Heavy Industries – but don’t let her caring nature fool you, she’s extremely intelligent and talented in her work, and she can certainly hold her own on the battlefield. So let’s take a look at ZZZ’s Grace, including her identity, voice actors, and build.

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Here’s everything you need to know about Zenless Zone Zero’s Grace.

What’s the best Grace build?

Grace is an S-tier character that deals pierce and electric elemental damage. She’s available on the standard banner, and works very well with another pierce agent, and/or another electric agent in the same squad, as it unlocks boosts to her performance.

She performs ranged attacks using a nail gun and grenades, meaning you can evade some attacks by being a little further away. She can also reliably inflict shock on enemies if you choose to build up her anomaly buildup.

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What is Grace’s best W-Engine?

Electric characters benefit from anomaly buildup, as it helps to inflict shock on targets. Therefore, we recommend the Electro-Lip Gloss W-Engine for Grace. If you don’t have one of those, however, there are some other very usable options that add to her electric damage and overall attack.

W Engine Effect
Drill Rig – Red Axis Bonus stat: Increases crit rate
When launching an EX special attack, electric damage from basic attacks increases by 45%, lasting ten seconds. This effect can only be triggered once every 15 seconds
Electro-Lip Gloss Bonus stat: Increases attribute mastery
Effect: Deals 40% more attribute anomaly damage
Demara Battery Mark II Bonus stat: Increases attack
Effect: Electric damage increases by 15%. Grace gains 2.7 energy when a dodge counter hits an enemy. This effect can trigger once every five seconds
[Magnetic Storm] Alpha Bonus stat: Increases attribute mastery
Effect: Anomaly buildup increases by 20%
[Reverb] Mark I Bonus stat: Increases attack
Effect: When an attack hits an enemy, the damage dealt is increased with Grace’s distance from the enemy. The further away, the greater the damage, with a minimum of 5% and a maximum of 15%

What are the best disc drives for Grace?

Again, like her W-Engine, it’s a good idea to add to her attribute mastery with a two or four-piece set of Monsoon Funk. A set of Noisy Pop won’t go amiss either as every character can benefit from increased attack power.

Disc drive set Effect
Noisy Pop Two equipped: Increases attack by 10%
Four equipped: Increases damage dealt by basic attacks by 15%
Monsoon Funk Two equipped: Increases attribute mastery by 20
Four equipped: When inflicting attribute anomaly effects on an enemy, attribute mastery increases by 22, stacking up to three times

What are Grace’s skills?

Here is what Grace can do for you as a member of your squad. She’s a strong unit as an S-tier and throws plenty of grenades at enemies to deal plenty of electric damage.

Grace’s attacks:

Skill Effect
Basic attack – High-Pressure Spike Press the basic attack button to activate.
Grace unleashes four strikes, dealing physical damage. Grace’s basic attack combo won’t be interrupted when she launches a special, EX special, dash attack, or dodge counter during her basic attacks
Special attack – Obstruction Removal Press the special attack button to throw a grenade in front of Grace, dealing electric damage. During this skill, Grace’s anti-interrupt level increases
EX special attack – Supercharged Obstruction Removal When Grace has enough energy, you can press the special attack button to activate the EX special.
Grace leaps backward in the air and throws two grenades in front of her, dealing electric damage. Grace is invulnerable while using this skill

Grace’s dodges:

Skill Effect
Dodge – Safety Regulation Press the dodge button to quickly avoid an attack. Grace is invulnerable while using this
Dash attack – Quick Inspection While moving during a dodge, press the basic attack button to activate.
Grace slides forward and shoots the enemy, dealing physical damage
Dodge counter – Violation Penalty Press the basic attack button during a perfect dodge to activate.
Grace throws a grenade at enemies, dealing electric damage. Grace is invulnerable while using this skill

Grace’s chain attacks:

Skill Effect
Chain attack – Collaborative Construction When triggering a chain attack, select Grace to activate.
She throws three grenades into the air and strafes to detonate them, dealing massive electric damage. Grace is invulnerable while using this skill
Ultimate – Demolition Blast – Beware When Grace’s Decibel Rating is at maximum, press the ultimate button to activate.
Grace throws a huge grenade, exploding in the air, and splitting into four smaller grenades, each dealing massive electric damage. When this skill hits, she ignores 10% of the target’s damage resistance. Grace is invulnerable while using this skill

Grace’s core skills:

Skill Effect
Core passive –  Pre-Driven Needle (unlocked at agent level 15) When Grace’s basic attack hits an enemy, the anomaly buildup dealt to the struck target by her special and EX special attacks increases by 15% for three seconds. The duration of Shock triggered by Grace increases by three seconds.
Additional ability – Tech Support Dept. (unlocked at agent level 15) When there are at least two electric agents in your squad, Grace gains the following:
-Grace’s electric damage increases by 30%
When there are at least two pierce agents in your squad:
-The entire squad generates 0.1 energy per second when there are shocked enemies in battle
Reactive assist – Incident Management When the character in combat gets knocked back, press the swap character button to activate.
Grace throws a grenade at the enemy, dealing electric damage. Grace is invulnerable while using this skill
Evasive assist – Rapid Risk Response When the character in combat is about to be attacked, press the swap character button to activate.
Grace dodges the enemy’s attack and triggers Vital View. Grace is invulnerable while using this skill
Assist follow-up – Counter Volt Needle Press the special attack button after an evasive assist to activate.
Grace unleashes a spinning hail of bullet fire against enemies in front, and throws a grenade, dealing electric damage. Grace is invulnerable while using this skill

zenless zone zero Grace standing in a construction site, reading a tablet

What are Grace’s talents?

Talents in Zenless Zone Zero are similar to Genshin’s constellations and Honkai Star Rail’s eidolons. That is to say that if you pull more than one copy of a character, you can unlock one of their talents. Here are Grace’s talents.

Talent Effect
A – Recharge Chamber When the fourth move of Grace’s basic attack hits an enemy, all squad members gain 0.3 energy. Within the same move, this effect can grant a maximum of 2.4 energy to the squad
B – Lightning Piercer When Grace’s grenade she throws during a basic, special, or EX special attack hits an enemy, the target’s electric resistance reduces by 15%, and the electric attribute anomaly resistance reduces by 15%, both for eight seconds
C – Chief Mechanic All skill levels increase by two
D – Burst Capacitor WHemn using her EX special attack, Graec gains six stacks of Charge. When her basic or dash attack hits an enemy, she uses one stack of Charge to increase her energy regeneration rate by 50%
E – “Frosty Cold Iron Witch” All skill levels increase by two
F – Detonation Trigger Right after the second, third, or fourth move in a basic attack, using a special or EX special attack enhances the skill. Graec throws an additional grenade and increases the damage dealt by each grenade by 200%

What are Grace’s skill enhancement materials?

You can upgrade Grace’s skills using shock chips, which come in basic, advanced, and specialized rarities. You can buy these from the 141 store on Sixth Street for dennies – you’ll see the bangboos outside it.

What are Grace’s promotion materials?

Promoting Grace, which enables you to level her up to higher numbers, requires pierce seals. You can get these from the VR training exercise, and craft them into higher rarities for her later levels.

Who is Zenless Zone Zero’s Grace?

Grace Howard is an employee of Belobog Heavy Industries, working alongside Zenless Zone Zero’s Koleda, Zenless Zone Zero’s Ben, and Zenless Zone Zero’s Anton. She’s new to the second beta, so we don’t know much about her yet, though her entry on the official website and HoyoLab give us an idea of what she’s like as a person.

In her character intro, Wrench describes Grace as “the first person I’ve met nice enough to give me a massage”, while Screw says “She’s genuinely caring. Rather than being tightly wound, I prefer her way of tightening screws just right”. Gear claims that “her intelligent mind is alluring and elegant like a well-engaged gearbox”, and Oil states that she’s “very rational”, and precise.

She appears to be very talented and passionate about her work, with her mind always focused on the inner workings of machines and mechanisms. She also seems to be very soft-spoken and somewhat shy, but we’re sure she won’t let that get in her way when the going gets tough.

Who are Grace’s voice actors?

Grace’s CN voice actor is Xiao Gan, who you may recognize as the voice of Yodo Dono and Joffrey Joyve Yang from Honkai Impact 3rd, Irelia from League of Legends, and many more roles. Grace’s JP voice actor is Haruka Shiraishi, who also plays multiple characters including Rupee and Folkwang in Goddess of Victory: Nikke, and Veina from Another Eden.

We don’t know who Grace’s English voice actor is yet, but we’ll update this guide when we find out more.

That’s everything we’ve got on Zenless Zone Zero’s Grace. For more Hoyo fun, check out our Genshin Impact tier list, Genshin Impact codes, and Genshin Impact events guides, or head over to our Honkai Star Rail tier list, Honkai Star Rail codes, and Honkai Star Rail events guides.