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Ningguang build - Genshin Impact

Our Genshin Impact Ningguang build is here to help you learn all about this four-star geo catalyst user, including her best team comps, artifacts, and more.

Genshin Impact Ningguang with her hand to her chest

Genshin Impact’s Ningguang is a four-star geo catalyst user, best suited to sub-DPS roles. She’s a strong battery in mono-geo teams, but is also very versatile and can slot in just about anywhere. So let’s take a look at her best build, weapons, team comps, and more.

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Here’s everything in our Genshin Impact Ningguang build:

What’s the best Genshin Impact Ningguang build?

Best weapon Memory of Dust
Weapon substitutes
  • Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds
  • Prototype Amber
  • Solar Pearl
Best artifact set Archaic Petra
Artifact substitutes
  • Noblesse Oblige
  • Retracing Bolide
Main stats
  • Sands – attack%
  • Goblet – geo damage%
  • Circlet – crit rate/damage
  • Energy recharge
  • Crit damage/rate
  • Attack%

Ningguang is a four-star geo catalyst wielder character best suited to mono-geo or geo flex teams, however, she can be highly versatile and slot into plenty of teams as a sub-DPS. She deals high single-target damage and has great range, and can fluidly adjust to rotations based on your requirements.

The best weapon for Ningguang is Memory of Dust, and her best artifact set is Archaic Petra. When picking artifacts for Ningguang, we recommend focusing on energy recharge, attack%, and crit.

All of Ningguang’s talents play an important role in her damage output, so you should level all of them. However, while you’re still building her, we recommend that you level her elemental burst first, then her normal attack, then her elemental skill.

Ningguang’s kit focuses on single target damage, and her base attack is very low for an attack-scaling DPS. She relies on a lot of investment in both her and her team in order to shine, and she benefits from multiple constellations.

Ningguang works well when paired up with other geo characters like Genshin Impact’s Zhongli or Genshin Impact’s Albedo, as their geo elemental resonance increases geo damage.

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How to use Ningguang

Ningguang’s normal attacks are pretty lackluster, whereas her charged attacks do some respectable damage, especially when she has gathered Star Jades. As such, you should aim to weave charged attacks into her normal combos.

You can either link four charged attacks in a row, or start with one, two, or three normal attacks leading into a charged attack. Generally, one normal attack, one charged attack, then a dash to animation cancel is her best combo in melee situations, whereas two normal attacks, one charged attack, and a dash is a more reliable, general purpose combo for all other situations.

In terms of her skill and burst, you should generally aim for a loop of skill -> burst -> six seconds -> skill -> six seconds -> burst -> skill -> 12 seconds, then repeat. Also, the easiest way to make the most of her Jade Screen is to dash towards an enemy, turn to face away from them, then use her skill. This is the most consistent way to ensure the screen actually deals damage to an enemy, though feel free to experiment with other methods.

What’s Ningguang’s best weapon?

Memory of Dust is Ningguang’s best in slot weapon, as it synergises well with her crystalise capabilities and boosts her attack. Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds is also a great option, boosting her movement speed and elemental damage bonus – though its skill isn’t as useful if you’re using Ningguang in a quickswap rotation, she she won’t stay on-field long enough to reap the benefits.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, both the forgeable Prototype Amber and the battle pass reward Solar Pearl are viable options, with Prototype Amber increasing her ability to battery her team, and Solar Pearl boosting her personal attack.

Weapon Effect How to obtain
Memory of Dust Base stat: attack
Skill: increases the strength of shields by 20%. Hits that land on enemies increase attack by 4% for eight seconds. Maximum five stacks. This can only occur once every 0.3 seconds. While the equipping character is shielded, their attack increases by 100%
Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds Base stat: crit rate
Skill: increases movement speed by 10%. When in battle, the equipping character gains an 8% elemental damage bonus every four seconds. Max four stacks. Lasts until the character falls or leaves combat
Prototype Amber Base stat: HP
Skill: using an elemental burst regenerates four energy every two seconds for six seconds. Additionally, all party members regenerate 4% HP every seconds for this duration
Forge via blacksmith
Solar Pearl Base stat: crit rate
Skill: normal attacks increase elemental skill and burst damage by 20% for six seconds. Elemental skill or burst hits also increase normal attack damage by 20% for six seconds
Battle pass reward

What are the best artifacts for Ningguang?

The best artifact set for Genshin Impact’s Ningguang is Archaic Petra, as it boosts her geo damage and offers a team-wide buff. Alternatively, Noblesse Oblige is also a strong option for team-wide buffs, but keep in mind that its effects don’t stack, so you should only have one character equipped with Noblesse Oblige on your team at any one time.

Retracing Bolide is another interesting option, with shield-focused skills that boost Ningguang’s personal damage and draw a parallel with the Memory of Dust catalyst.

Artifact set Effect How to obtain
Archaic Petra Two equipped: geo damage bonus +15%
Four equipped: when you obtain an elemental shard via a crystallize reaction, party members gain a 35% damage bonus for that element for ten seconds. Only one bonus can be active at any one time
Domain of Guyun in the Sea of Clouds, Guyun Stone Forest
Noblesse Oblige Two equipped: elemental burst damage +20%
Four equipped: using an elemental burst increases the entire party’s attack by 20% for 12 seconds. This cannot stack
Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern domain in Minlin, Mt. Aozang
Retracing Bolide Two equipped: shield strength +35%
Four equipped: while protected by a shield, gain an additional 40% normal and charged attack damage
Domain of Guyun in the Sea of Clouds, Guyun Stone Forest

Ningguang artifact stat recommendations

The main stats on your Ningguang’s artifacts should always be attack %, geo damage, and crit. When it comes to substats, your top priority should be meeting the energy recharge requirement for your team.

Her energy recharge requirements vary greatly, but generally fall within 100% to 140% depending on your team. To get a more accurate insight into your personal Ningguang energy recharge requirements, use this energy recharge calculator.

Main stats

  • Sands – Attack%
  • Goblet – geo damage%
  • Circlet – either crit rate or crit damage (try to maintain a 1:2 rate to damage ratio)


  • Energy recharge (until requirements are met)
  • Crit damage/crit rate
  • Attack%
  • Extra energy recharge

Genshin Impact Ningguang with a fan in her hand

What are the best Genshin Impact Ningguang team comps?

Ningguang performs best in a mono-geo or mono-geo flex team. While her kit is geared towards a DPS role, she can act as a battery and sub-DPS on an Itto team.

For a Ningguang on-field DPS team, she synergises well with both Zhongli and Albedo in the second geo slot. Generally, a third geo is a good option, with the fourth slot going to a buffer or an off-field support like Bennett or Fischl.

Alternatively, you can pair Ningguang with either Zhongli or Albedo once again, alongside Bennett and Xiangling or Yae Miko and Fischl for strong crystalise teams that offer plenty of damage.

Here are some examples of our favourite Ningguang team comps. Keep in mind that she is quite a flexible unit, and can therefore slot into many teams, so feel free to experiment or swap units around to see what suits you best. If you want to view the individual build guides for the characters listed below, click on their icons.

First character slot Second character slot Third character slot Fourth character slot
Itto Zhongli Ningguang Gorou
Ningguang Zhongli Albedo Fischl
Ningguang Albedo Bennett Fischl
Ningguang Albedo Bennett Xiangling
Ningguang Zhongli Yae Miko Fischl

What are Ningguang’s skills?

Here are all of Genshin Impact Ningguang’s skills and talents.

Active skills:

Skill Effect
Normal attack: Sparkling Scatter Normal: shoot geo damage and generate a Star Jade
Charged: consume a set amount of stamina to shoot a giant gem that deals geo damage. If Ningguang has any Star Jades, she fires them at the same time, dealing additional damage
Plunge: plunge from mid-air, dealing AoE geo damage on impact with the ground
Elemental skill: Jade Screen Create a jade screen that deals geo damage on spawn, and blocks enemy projectiles. Screen endurance scales based on Ningguang’s max HP. Only one jade screen may exist at any one time
Elemental burst: Starshatter Fire homing projectiles at nearby enemies, with additional projectiles also firing from the jade screen, if present

Passive skills:

Skill Effect
Backup Plan  While star jades are present, charged attacks don’t consume stamina
Strategic Reserve  Characters that pass through the jade screen gain a 12% geo damage bonus for ten seconds
Trove of Marvelous Treasures Displays the location of nearby ore veins on the mini-map

What are Ningguang’s constellations?

If you pull more than one copy of Ningguang, you can unlock one of her six constellations. Here are all of her constellations and the buffs they provide.

Constellation Effect
C1: Piercing Fragments Normal attacks deal AoE damage
C2: Shock Effect When a jade screen breaks, its cooldown will reset. This can occur once every six seconds
C3: Majesty be the Array of Stars Increases the level of Starshatter by three
C4: Exquisite be the Jade, Outshining All the Beneath Jade screens increase nearby characters’ elemental resistance by 10%
C5: Invincible be the Jade Screen Increases the level of Jade Screen by three
C6: Grandeur be the Seven Stars Starshatter creates seven star jades

What are Ningguang’s ascension materials?

In order to get Ningguang to max level, you need to use certain materials to ascend her. Here are all of her ascension materials.

Required level Mora Materials
20 20k One prithiva topaz sliver, three glaze lily, three recruit’s insignia
40 40k Three prithiva topaz fragment, two basalt pillar, ten glaze lily, 15 recruit’s insignia
50 60k Six prithiva topaz fragment, four basalt pillar, 20 glaze lily, 12 sergeant’s insignia
60 80k Three prithiva topaz chunk, eight basalt pillar, 30 glaze lily, 18 sergeant’s insignia
70 100k Six prithiva topaz chunk, 12 basalt pillar, 45 glaze lily, 12 lieutenant’s insignia
80 120k Six prithiva topaz gemstone, 20 basalt pillar, 60 glaze lily, 24 lieutenant’s insignia

Here’s where to get each of Ningguang’s ascension materials:

  • Prithiva topaz – drops from normal and weekly bosses
  • Recruit’s/sergeants/lieutenant’s insignias – drops from Fatui skirmishers, cicin mages, and pyro agents
  • Glaze lilies – gather around Liyue Harbor and Qingque Village
  • Basalt pillars – drops from the Geo Hypostasis boss in Guyun Stone Forest

Genshin Impact Ningguang holding a golden glaze lily

What are Ningguang’s talent materials?

You can upgrade each of Ningguang’s attacks to a maximum of level ten. Here are all the materials you need to get one of her attacks to max level.

Talent level Mora Materials
Two 12.5k Six recruit’s insignia, three teachings of prosperity
Three 17.5k Three sergeant’s insignia, two guide to prosperity
Four 25k Four sergeant’s insignia, four guide to prosperity
Five 30k Six sergeant’s insignia, six guide to prosperity
Six 37.5k Nine sergeant’s insignia, nine guide to prosperity
Seven 120k Four lieutenant’s insignia, four philosophies of prosperity, one spirit locket of Boreas
Eight 1260k Six lieutenant’s insignia, six philosophies of prosperity, one spirit locket of Boreas
Nine 450k Nine lieutenant’s insignia, 12 philosophies of prosperity, two spirit locket of Boreas
Ten 700k 12 lieutenant’s insignia, 16 philosophies of prosperity, two spirit locket of Boreas, one crown of insight

Here’s where to get each of Ningguang’s talent materials:

  • Recruit’s/sergeants/lieutenant’s insignias – drops from Fatui skirmishers, cicin mages, and pyro agents
  • Prosperity talent books – rewards from the Taishan Mansion domain on Monday, Thursday, and Sunday
  • Spirit locket of Boreas – drops from the Wolf of the North weekly Boreas boss

Talent priority

It’s important to upgrade all of Ningguang’s talents. But to start off, we recommend prioritizing the following:

  • Elemental burst > normal attack > elemental skill

That’s everything you need to know in order to master Genshin Impact’s Ningguang. If you want to embark on another Hoyo adventure, head over to our Honkai Star Rail tier list, Honkai Star Rail codes, and Honkai Star Rail update guides.