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Genshin Impact Fontaine

Genshin Impact's Fontaine is a stunning addition to Teyvat's map, ready for us to explore both on land and underwater, and discover the region's secrets.

Genshin Impact Fontaine - Furina standing outside a big building

Teyvat is always expanding, and the fifth nation we explore as the Traveler is Genshin Impact’s Fontaine. The watery wonderland welcomes you and asks you to dive right into new exploration mechanics, fight a slew of mechanical enemies, and meet the cast waiting for your arrival.

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Let’s dive into Genshin Impact’s Fontaine region!

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What is Genshin Impact’s Fontaine?

Fontaine is one of the Seven Nations of Teyvat. The people of Fontaine worship the hydro archon, also known as the God of Justice. Genshin Impact’s Dainsleif states that the God of Justice “lives for the spectacle of the courtroom”, and Genshin Impact’s Yanfei describes Fontaine’s legal system as notoriously complicated.

Fontaine prides itself as the central hub of culture and art. Both rock ‘n’ roll music and the Kamera originate from Fontaine, showing its forward thinking and advancement in the arts. Francis, a traveling merchant from Fontaine describes it as a ‘place of true beauty and elegance’. It’s also the home of The Steambird newspaper, a publication where Genshin Impact’s Mona works as a columnist, along with reporter Genshin Impact’s Charlotte.

An interesting fact about Fontaine is that all oceanids originally come from there, including Rhodeia of Loch which dwells in the waters just outside Qingce Village. The Spring Fairy of Springvale is also a Lochfolk from Fontaine. Lore implies that the Lochfolk left Fontaine due to the ideals of the new hydro Archon.

Traveler taking a dip in Genshin Impact Fontaine's lake

The main city features tall and modern white buildings that contrast with the under-city sewer system. Women wear long, fancy dresses, dogs wear top hats, and there are even robots walking around. As for outside the city, there are multiple waterways with aquabus transport links between mountains and across bodies of water.

Get your diving apparatus ready because underwater exploration is here in Fontaine. Simply swim into the water and dive, then float along underwater without the threat of drowning. Under the waves, you find plenty of creatures, teleport waypoints, and some domains to test your mettle in.

How do I get to Fontaine in Genshin Impact?

Getting to Fontaine is rather easy. A new teleport waypoint opens up automatically in Sumeru’s desert, in the top right corner. From here you can head down to a Waverider station, summon it, and sail over to Fontaine’s port. Here, you can grab an aquabus right to the main city.

Two characters from Genshin Impact Fontaine region with pneuma and ousia visions

What is ousia and pneuma power in Fontaine?

A new type of power appears in Fontaine – the arkhe system of pneuma and ousia power. You may notice that certain enemies and puzzles in the overworld have either a gold or purple coloring to them. This signifies whether they are aligned with either ousia or pneuma powers – ousia is purple and pneuma is gold.

Characters aligning with ousia power have rounded edges to their Fontaine visions, whereas pneuma users have pointier designs. Lynette, Neuvillette, Clorinde, Wriothesley, and Navia have been spotted with the rounded ousia visions, whereas Charlotte, Lyney, and Freminet sport the pneuma option.

This doesn’t change anything in terms of their combat abilities overall, as it only affects battles against Fontaine enemies aligned to one specific power. If ousia and pneuma powers collide, it creates an annihilation reaction. What this does in reality, is any characters with an ousia (purple) power deal extra damage to pneuma (gold) enemies, and characters with a pneuma power deal extra damage to ousia enemies.

The arkhe system only applies to Fontaine characters and the Traveler. Essentially, it provides an extra attack of the ousia and pneuma type alongside the character’s usual attacks. It does need to recharge, and the visions glow when it’s ready again.

Who are the Genshin Impact Fontaine characters?

This section will round up all the Fontaine characters and what they do.

  • Lyney and Lynetteavailable now, are a magician and assistant duo. Lyney is a five-star pyro bow user and Lynette is a four-star anemo sword user.
  • Freminet is Lyney and Lynette’s younger brother who is an accomplished diver. He uses cryo and a claymore.
  • The dark and handsome Wriothesley is Genshin’s first-ever cryo catalyst user, debuting in the 4.1 update alongside…
  • Chief Justice Neuvillette. He’s an incredibly strong hydro user, and another five-star husbando. You may recognize the name – he’s quoted in Nahida’s detailed Hoyolab post prior to her release.
  • Furina, the hydro archon of Fontaine. Genshin Impact Focalors (Furina’s archon name) uses the hydro element and a sword, but her real talent lies in the three ocean critters she unleashes that attack everything in sight.
  • Charlotte, who we met in the 3.7 update’s TCG event, is our second cryo catalyst user, who uses her camera during her animations and can provide some team healing.
  • Navia is an incredibly strong geo unit, using a claymore, with a gunbrella. She can pack a real punch and gets extra damage from the crystallize reaction.
  • Chevreuse is an overcharged-support, adding significant buffs to both electro and pyro teammates. She uses a musket during her moves, like Navia, and is fun to play.
  • Sigewinne currently has no information floating around at all, other than what she looks like, and that she has a hydro vision.
  • Clorinde, referred to as Captain R in a lot of leaks, is an electro unit that uses a sword.
  • The Harbinger Arlecchino, though not from Fontaine, appears in the video and its storyline.

And that’s it for our Genshin Impact Fontaine guide. Personally, we love exploring the city and its lush countryside. If you need a break from exploring Teyvat, be sure to check out our list of the best games like Genshin Impact to find something new to play.