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The best mechanic games in 2024

These mechanic games can give you a good look at the ins and outs of working with cars and bikes, without the need to get your hands dirty.

Mechanic games: a blue car in front of a picture of a street

Hey, you. Are you after mechanic games? What’s that? You weren’t? Well, we don’t believe that, so prepare yourself for the best videogames out there for those who enjoy working with cars, bikes, trucks, and even tractors. These titles are the perfect way to live out your mechanical dreams without the need to get your hands dirty because, trust us when we say, those oil stains are stubborn.

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Here are the best mechanic games on Nintendo Switch and mobile:

Mechanic games - a construction site

Construction Simulator 3 – Switch

Okay, let’s start with something that you can argue isn’t strictly a mechanic game. Still, in Construction Simulator 3, you get to use big vehicles to tackle roadworks and refurbishments with huge machines that usually take mechanical knowledge to handle, so, in my mind, it qualifies this game for this list.

Construction Simulator 3 features a 10km squared map with three different districts, each with different jobs and challenges for you to overcome, of which there are more than 70 available. You get to construct bridges, fix roads, dig trenches, and get an all-around feel for the world of construction. To get the job done, you have access to all manner of vehicles, including machines from Caterpillar, BOMAG, and HAMM AG, to name a few.

As crazy as this sounds, for me, this game is quite relaxing in a similar manner to PowerWash Simulator; the only difference is that instead of cleaning things, you build them. Sure, I don’t recommend being as laid back as I am in the real world with this kind of thing, but when it comes to Construction Simulator 3, you can vibe along with the big machines and maybe learn a thing or two about how they work.

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Mechanic games CMSR, a before and after pic of a red car

Car Mechanic Simulator Racing – Switch and mobile

If you ever dream about owning a workshop, Car Mechanic Simulator Racing can make it a reality, well, in a virtual sense. To repair various vehicles, you need to build and develop your 25 unique skills, which can help you streamline your jobs, make you a more effective mechanic, and ultimately bring in more cash to help you expand your business.

Beyond simple jobs such as oil changes, you can expect to deal with windows, spoilers, aesthetic damage, and more. Some people may even hire you to give their car a fresh lick of paint. As for the vehicles you can expect to see in CMSR, there are 42 overall, including sports cars, muscle cars, utility vehicles, trucks, classics, and more. To repair them, you have access to more than 1,100 car parts, meaning CMSR has the most components for you to use on this entire list.

All that sounds great, right? Of course it does, though it sounds like it’s just Car Mechanic Simulator, so where does racing come into it? You have access to a track on which you can race the vehicles you fix up for yourself. You can even compete with other players if you have a competitive streak and like to make people eat your dust.

Mechanic games - a half built bike in Motorcylce Mechanic Simulator 2021

Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator 2021 – Switch

Though Ultimate Games released the game on Nintendo Switch in 2023, Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator 2021 is from, as you can guess, 2021. Still, it’s the perfect mechanic game for those who love motorbikes. To start out, you get to pick a garage and make it your own through various furnish options, and then you can start to take on some jobs for cash while you repair and build your own bikes on the side.

Featuring more than 400 parts, there’s much you can do to improve the bikes that come through your garage. There’s also a huge library of extra parts you can use to give the bikes a more unique look. Of course, it’s unlikely that you love motorcycles and don’t want to ride one, which is why MMS 2021 allows you to test out the bikes you fix on various tracks.

While Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator 2021 isn’t going to give you an in with the Hell’s Angels, it’s still enjoyable for those who live life in the fast lane. If this is the game that appeals to you the most on this list, you might want to check out our bike games guide; here, you can find many videogames tailored to bike and motorcycle enthusiasts.

Mechanic games: Forza Restore cars screenshot of a custom car

Forza Customs Restore Cars – mobile

If you’re a huge fan of Xbox’s Forza and fond of puzzle games, Forza Customs Restore Cars is the mechanic game for you. In this match-three puzzler, you get to customize and design cars; you can go as modern or retro as you like. Better still, there are many different types of vehicles on offer, including classic and sports cars, meaning you can create your dream vehicle.

You can fully customize each car you get, which gives each machine a unique feel, as you can choose from paint jobs, wraps, accessories, and car components. Furthermore, Hutch Games tends to add frequent updates, constantly adding new cars and parts to the game.

Hundreds of ways to customize your cars sounds great, sure, but how do you get access to everything you need? Well, that’s where the puzzles come in. As is the norm with this type of match-three puzzler, you can unlock new cars and parts if you successfully complete various levels. If you’re purely after a mechanic game, Forza Customs Restore Cars probably isn’t for you, but if you enjoy a good mobile puzzle game as well, this is a good fit.

Mechanic games: a screenshot of an orange truck in a garage

Truck Mechanic Simulator – Switch

You’re sensing a theme, aren’t you? For each type of vehicle, there’s a mechanics simulator game, and let’s face it, if there’s one type of machine people love besides motorcycles and cars, it’s trucks. With that in mind, here’s Truck Mechanic Simulator, a game that, as you can definitely guess at this point, tasks you with opening your own workshop to repair trucks.

However, in this game, it’s not just your skills that you need to improve, as your equipment also needs some fine-tuning to stay on top of the bigger jobs. As you grow and expand your workshop, your reputation grows, bringing you some interesting jobs, of which you can pick and choose what ones you want to do – gone are the days when you need to take any job people offer you. The game promises an unlimited number of orders and special tasks, so be as picky as you like.

As for what parts you have at your disposal, Truck Mechanic Simulator has 70, which is substantially less than what you find in other games on this list. But when you combine that with the 50 potential defects, there are still hundreds of possibilities when it comes to repairs.

If you happen to be a true truck enthusiast, we have great news for you; there are many truck games out there, and we have a list of the best ones you can play on Nintendo Switch and mobile. Some even allow you to go on those long journeys that the trucker trade is famous for.

Mechanic games - a screenshot from my first summer car

My First Summer Car: Mechanic – mobile

Why buy your first car when you can build it? In My First Summer Car: Mechanic, you get to use more than 70 parts to create the car of your dreams in a garage that’s conveniently full of all the tools you need. However, unlike in other games where you just repair the engine, you need to assemble it here. Yeah, I know, it’s beginning to sound like it’s a better idea to just buy your first car.

But don’t sweat yet, for you can get some useful hints on what to use and where to put it should you get stuck. When you finish your car and your ego grows, you can take on jobs from other people and make a virtual career out of repairing cars. Doing so means you can get all the cash you need to kit out your vehicles.

To top it off, you also get to drive the cars just like with other mechanic games. However, prepare yourself; it’s not a track you get to a speed around, but everyday roads full of pedestrians and other drivers. Mind you, this is a game, and that means all bets are off when on the roads. I say embrace those games like GTA and disobey every traffic lore, maybe start a street race or two.

Mechanic games - Mech Mechanic Simulator key art showing a mech in a workshop

Mech Mechanic Simulator – Switch

We’ve talked a lot about cars, motorbikes, and trucks. So, let’s take a look at how you can be a different sort of mechanic. Mech Mechanic Simulator is exactly what it says on the tin: a game in which you work on and fix robots.

As with a lot of the other games on this list, you do get to open and run your very own workshop, though this does come with its own challenges. Beyond the skills you need to fix the mechs, or, sometimes, even dismantle those beyond repair and scrap them for parts, you need to manage your expenses. Yes, there’s a monetary element to this game, as you need to get raw materials and equipment to get the job done.

Beyond that, you need to build a strong reputation to bring in more high-caliber clientele, which, in turn, gives you access to even more advanced machinery. Some of your customers have outlandish standards, but you have to make them happy anyway, you reputation depends on it.

As for the work you can do on the mechs themselves, Mech Mechanic Simulator allows you to not only give them paint jobs, repairs, changes, diagnoses, and updates, but it also asks you to change the entire function of a mech on some occasions – some are for war, others everyday use, a few in construction, and the odd one is even used in sports.

And that caps off our list of the best mechanic games on Switch and mobile. If the business side of some of these games makes you want to be an entrepreneur, check out our business simulation games list to see if you have what it takes. Alternatively, if the racing aspects appeal to you, burn some rubber with our racing games guide. If mechanics and cars aren’t for you (well done on getting through this guide), maybe our best FPS games article has something more your speed.