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Fighting Pokémon weakness, resistance, and strength

Use our fighting Pokémon weakness guide to land few low-blows on Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, and any other combat specialists in your way.

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Our fighting Pokémon weakness guide is here to help you take on the martial arts experts of the Pokémon. Whether you’re trying to muster the strength to manhandle a Machamp or go hands-on with a Hawlucha, you need to get your hear around the fighting Pokémon weaknesses and how you can exploit them to your benefit. We’ve got all the details below.

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So, let’s ring for round one and get into our fighting Pokémon weakness guide.

What are fighting Pokémon weaknesses?

Until gen six, there were just two fighting Pokémon weaknesses in psychic- and flying types, but these days there are also fairy Pokémon to deal with. Psychic and fairy moves are the biggest threat, especially as fighting Pokémon often have low special defense, but you should do your best to avoid all three of these dangerous typings. Put simply, fighting types are not a fan of bird Pokémon.

If you love a fighting type, like the monkey Pokémon Mankey, keep these in mind. That is, of course, unless you know how to evolve Primeape. With Annihilape, you can obliterate psychic types with some ghostly attacks.

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Fighting Pokémon counters

In terms of specific Pokémon, we recommend that you use the following ‘mon to knock out the fighting-type creatures:

All three of those Pokémon are strong against fighting Pokémon, with an array of moves available that can decimate the opposition. However, should you be after a different ‘mon to do the job, you should consider whether or not their secondary type is potentially weak to fighting-type moves.

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What are fighting Pokémon resistances?

Fighting Pokémon are resistant to dark-, rock-, and bug-type attacks, making them perfect for taking into a forest on a pitch-black night. The bug-type resistance isn’t too helpful, with Pokémon distinctly lacking in potent bugs, but the option to switch in a fighting Pokémon when faced with a rock or dark Pokémon might help turn the tide of a battle.

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What are fighting Pokémon strengths?

The fighting type is easily one of the most offensive in Pokémon, with five different types hit for super-effective damage by fighting moves. If you face an opponent who specializes in any of these typings or has a couple of dual-type Pokémon with these types, a fighting-type move is sure to do some impressive HP damage.

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