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The Witcher 3 Triss

In our The Witcher 3 Triss guide, we go into who the sorceress is, what role she plays in Wild Hunt, and how you can enter a romance with her

The Witcher 3's Triss stood in her alternate attire in front of a fountain in Novigrad

Ah The Witcher 3’s Triss Merigold, one of the most beautiful women to walk the lands of The Continent, the fact that she’s one of the most powerful sorceresses of all time is just the cherry on top. Any and all Witcher fans know just how important she is as a character, and not just in Wild Hunt. But, in this guide we focus on Triss, as we discuss her personality, role in the story, and possible romance with Geralt of Rivia – I genuinely don’t know who gets the best end of that deal, what a couple.

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Anyway, onto everything you need to know about The Witcher 3’s Triss Merigold.

The Witcher 3's Triss with an intense look on her face as she casts magic on a man

Who is The Witcher 3’s Triss?

Well, how long have you got? There’s both a long and short answer to this question, but I shall try to find some healthy middleground, as I could gush about Triss Merigold all day. Triss Merigold of Maribor is a legendary sorceress from Temeria, and not just any magic wielder, but a member of The Lodge of Sorceresses (of which she is a founding member), which makes her an especially powerful witch, and a much-wanted target come the events of Wild Hunt.

Not only that, but she holds an especially close friendship with fellow Lodge member, Yennefer of Vengerberg. Of course, that isn’t enough to stop Triss from entering a relationship with Geralt of Rivia at the first opportunity despite the bond between Geralt and Yen, but this is not the place to discuss that.

Besides Yen and Geralt, Triss is close with all manner of people, including Ciri, who the sorceress regards as a little sister. Prior to his demise, Triss served in King Foltest’s royal court as his advisor, meaning she’s well-versed in the world of politics.

Sure, there’s plenty more we could address, but you get the point, right? She’s an extremely important figure in not just The Witcher 3 but all three games in the series.

What is The Witcher 3 Triss’ role in the story?

Triss Merigold doesn’t show up in the game for a fair few hours, and that, of course, comes down to how much time you spend in Velen before making your way to Novigrad, the city in which the sorceress resides. Upon arriving, Geralt discovers that she’s gone into hiding due to the ongoing witch hunts, of which she’s one of the most wanted magic users. In the end, Triss succeeds in her mission to get her fellow mages out of Novigrad.

Depending on Geralt’s interactions with her up until this point, a romance may evolve, resulting in Triss going to Kaer Morhen to help fight off the Wild Hunt. However, should she leave Novigrad on the ship, she still ends up at the Witcher school, thanks to Yennefer.

In the final act of the game, much like in Novigrad, there are a few quests that you can embark on with Triss, especially as she’s responsible for finding fellow Lodge member Philipa Eilhart. Naturally, Triss is also part of the final battle against the hunt, as she and her fellow sorceresses use their magic to wreak havoc on the battlefield.

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The Witcher 3 Triss Merigold romance

Yes, Triss Merigold is one of the two primary romance options that Geralt has in The Witcher 3, the other being Yennefer. Should it be the red-headed sorceress that holds your heart, you can initiate a romance with her in Novigrad, though this does, of course, depend on some choices you make throughout your time there, and it especially depends on what you say to her as she boards the boat at the end of the storyline.

Throughout the time Geralt spends with her in Novigrad, he can choose to be as helpful as possible, or simply make little to no time for the witch. He also has the opportunity to kiss her beneath some beautiful fireworks. Choosing not to certainly isn’t a good idea if you want to romance her.

Ultimately, the final interaction you have with her is what truly dictates how your relationship progresses, as you can opt to ask her not to go, tell her goodbye, or profess your love. Needless to say that the first and third options are what keep her with Geralt.

The Witcher 3 Triss’ personality

Let’s just get the ugly out of the way because as much as it hurts me to say it, Triss Merigold is far from perfect when you take into account her blatant manipulation of Geralt when he suffers from amnesia. However, that manipulation isn’t on display in The Witcher 3. In fact, Triss displays some remorse for her previous actions.

On the whole, Triss Merigold is a kind and caring individual that will fight for what’s right, even if it means putting her own life on the line, much to the dismay of Geralt at times. She’s also fearless, combat-ready, and loyal to a fault to those that she cares about.

The Witcher 3's Triss and Geralt sharing a kiss under the fireworks

Who voices The Witcher 3’s Triss?

Jaimi Barbakoff lends her voice to the character in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and the previous game The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. However, Jules de Jongh voices her in the original title, while Anna Shaffer portrays the character in The Witcher series on Netflix.

The Witcher 3 Triss appearances

Triss Mrigold appears a fair bit throughout The Witcher universe, including:


  • Sword of Destiny (mentioned only)
  • The Last wish (mentioned only)
  • Time of Contempt
  • Blood of Elves
  • Baptism of Fire
  • The Tower of the Swallow
  • Something Ends, Something Begins
  • Season of Storms (mentioned only)


  • The Witcher
  • The Witcher 2: Assassin’s of Kings
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  • The Witcher: Battle Arena
  • Gwent (as a card)

She also appears in the Netflix The Witcher series, though her role isn’t as prominent as it is in the games and books.

There you have it, everything you need to know about The Witcher 3’s Triss. To discover more great worlds similar to this one, check out our picks for the best games like The Witcher 3.

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