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Genshin Impact Chongyun build

Our Genshin Impact Chongyun build is here to help you pick the best weapons, artifacts, team comps, and more for this claymore-wielding, popsicle-eating cutie.

Genshin Impact Chongyun: A close up of Chongyun on a light blue background of him looking serious and holding a popsicle.

With help from our Genshin Impact Chongyun guide, you’ll soon master this four-star, claymore-wielding cryo exorcist. Featuring his skills, ascension materials, constellations, best artifacts, best weapons, and more, this Genshin Chongyun build is sure to help you make the most of his unique and powerful kit.

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Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about Genshin Impact’s Chongyun.

What’s the best Genshin Impact Chongyun build?

Best weapon Wolf’s Gravestone
Alternative weapons Sacrificial Greatsword
Best artifact set Noblesse Oblige
Alternative artifact set Emblem of Severed Fate
Main stats
  • Sands – attack%, elemental mastery, or energy recharge
  • Goblet – cryo damage bonus
  • Circlet – crit rate or crit damage (try to maintain a 1:2 ratio)
  • Crit rate/crit damage
  • Attack%
  • Energy recharge

Chongyun’s best weapon is Wolf’s Gravestone, but Sacrificial greatsword is a great alternative. His best artifact set is Noblesse Oblige built with plenty of attack%, cryo damage bonus, and crit.

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How do I use Chongyun?

Chongyun is best suited for a sub-DPS role, and his normal attacks can be converted into cryo damage. We recommend using him in a party with pyro characters to help trigger melt or electro characters for superconduct.

With the right artifacts and weapons equipped, Chongyun’s energy recharge potential is huge, meaning you can have his skill and burst active almost all the time.

What are the best weapons for Chongyun?

Our preferred claymore for Chongyun is Wolf’s Gravestone thanks to its personal and team-wide attack buffs, but as it’s a five-star weapon, it can be hard to acquire. It’s also sought after by other, more powerful characters like Genshin Impact’s Diluc, so you might need to consider an alternative.

If you’re looking for something in the meantime, we recommend aiming for the Sacrificial Greatsword to maximize his skill uptime even more.

Weapon Effect How to obtain
Wolf’s Gravestone Bonus stat: attack
Skill: Increases attack by 20%. On hit, attacks against opponents with less than 30% HP increase all party members’ attack by 40% for 12 seconds. Can only occur once every 30 seconds
Sacrificial Greatsword Bonus stat: energy recharge
Skill: After you deal damage to an opponent with an elemental skill, the skill has a 40% chance to end its own cooldown. Can only occur once every 30 seconds
Luxurious Sea Lord Bonus stat: attack
Skill: Increases elemental burst damage by 12%. When Chongyun’s elemental burst hits opponents, there is a 100% chance of summoning a huge onrush of tuna that deals 100% of Chongyun’s attack as AoE damage. This effect can occur once every 15 seconds
Moonlight Merriment event
Debate Club Bonus stat: attack
Skill: After using Chongyun’s elemental skill, normal attack, or charged attack, generate a small AoE around the enemy that makes Chongyun’s attacks deal 60% additional damage. Effect lasts 15 seconds. Damage can only occur once every three seconds

What are the best artifacts for Chongyun?

Noblesse Oblige is Chongyun’s best artifact set thanks to its handy elemental burst buff and team-wide attack buff. However beware, only use a four-piece set of Noblesse Oblige for Chongyun if no other character has the set equipped, as the effect doesn’t stack.

Emblem of Severed Fate is a great choice for Chongyun’s personal damage as it buffs his burst based on his energy recharge, which can get pretty high. This four-piece set is pretty contested amongst main DPS units, so prioritize giving these artifacts to your other characters first.

You can use a two-piece set of Blizzard Strayer with practically any artifact set that gives an attack% bonus if you’re looking for a cheaper way to build Chongyun.

Artifact set Effect How to obtain
Noblesse Oblige Two equipped: elemental burst damage +20%
Four equipped: increases all party members’ attack by 20% for 12 seconds after using an elemental burst. This effect cannot stack
Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern domain in Minlin, Mt. Aozang, or from the Noblesse Oblige Artifact Strongbox
Emblem of Severed Fate Two equipped: energy recharge +20%
Four equipped: increases elemental burst damage by 25% of energy recharge. A maximum of 75% bonus damage can be obtained in this way
Momiji-Dyed Court domain in Yashiori Island, Inazuma
Blizzard Strayer Two equipped: cryo damage +15%
Four equipped: increases Chongyun’s crit rate by 20% when he attacks an enemy affected by cryo. His crit rate increases by an additional 20% if the enemy is frozen
Peak of Vindagnyr domain on Dragonspine, in Mondstadt
Brave Heart Two equipped: attack +18%
Four equipped: increases damage by 30% against enemies with more than 50% HP
Various domains, bosses, and chests
Resolution of the Sojourner Two equipped: attack +18%
Four equipped: increases charged attack crit rate by 30%
Various domains, bosses, and chests

Artifact stat recommendations

Main stats:

  • Sands – attack%, elemental mastery, or energy recharge
  • Goblet – cryo damage bonus
  • Circlet – crit rate or crit damage (try to maintain a 1:2 ratio)


  • Crit rate/crit damage
  • Attack%
  • Energy recharge

What are the best Chongyun team comps?

Melt and freeze teams are where Chongyun really shines so we recommend pairing him with either another cryo character for increased cryo resonance, or a team with two pyro units for pyro resonance. These teams can both use his best friend Genshin Impact Xingqiu too!

Here’s an example of a strong Chongyun team comp:

First character slot Second character slot Third character slot Fourth character slot
Chongyun Bennett Xingqiu Xiangling

Genshin Impact's Chongyun getting his head pat by Shenhe

What are Chongyun’s abilities?

Chongyun’s role as a sub-DPS relies on his high cryo damage output potential and his AoE effects. Use his skill with hydro characters to freeze opponents and hit them for huge cryo damage with your normal attacks.

Active skills:

Skill Effect
Normal attack: Demonbane  Normal: Performs up to four strikes
Charged: Consumes stamina to deal AoE damage to nearby enemies, ending with a powerful slash
Plunging: Deals AoE damage upon impact with the ground
Elemental skill: Spirit Blade: Chonghua’s Layered Frost Deals AoE cryo damage, and leaves behind a Frost Field that converts all normal and charged attacks for sword, claymore, and polearm wielders to cryo damage
Elemental burst: Spirit Blade: Cloud-parting Star Summons three spirit blades that explode on impact with the ground, dealing AoE cryo damage and launching enemies

Passive skills:

Skill Effect
Steady Breathing The Frost Field created by Chonghun’s Layered Frost also increases sword, claymore, or polearm-wielding characters’ normal attack speed by 8%
Rimechaser Blade  When the Frost Field expires, it summons a spirit blade that strikes nearby enemies with AoE cryo damage, reducing their cryo resistance by 10% for eight seconds
Gallant Journey  Liyue expeditions take 25% less time

What are Chongyun’s constellations?

Leveling up constellations improves your character’s performance in battle, but you need to pull more than one copy of the character to unlock them. Here are all of Chongyun’s constellations.

Constellation Effect
C1: Ice Unleashed The last attack performed in a normal attack combo releases three ice blades, each dealing 50% of Chongyun’s attack as cryo damage
C2: Atmospheric Revolution Elemental skills and elemental bursts used within the Frost Field have their cooldown time decreased by 15%
C3: Cloudburst Increases the level of Spirit Blade: Cloud-parting Star by three
C4: Frozen Skies Chongyun regenerates one energy every time he hits an enemy with the cold or frozen status effect. Can only occur once every two seconds
C5: The True Path Increases the level of Spirit Blade: Chongyun’s Layered Frost by three
C6: Rally of Four Blades Spirit Blade: Cloud-parting Star deals 15% more damage to enemies with a lower percentage of max HP than Chongyun. Also summons an additional spirit blade

What are Chongyun’s ascension materials?

Here are all the materials you need to fully ascend Chongyun:

Level Mora Ascension materials
20+ 20k One shivada jade sliver, three cor lapis, three damaged mask
40+ 40k Three shivada jade fragment, two hoarfrost cores, ten cor lapis, 15 damaged mask
50+ 60k Six shivada jade fragment, four hoarfrost cores, 20 cor lapis, 12 stained mask
60+ 80k Three shivada jade chunk, eight hoarfrost cores, 30 cor lapis, 18 stained mask
70+ 100k Six shivada jade chunk, 12 hoarfrost cores, 45 cor lapis, 12 ominous mask
80+ 120k Six shivada jade gemstone, 20 hoarfrost cores, 60 cor lapis, 24 ominous mask

Here’s where to find all of Chongyun’s ascension materials:

  • Shivada jade – drops from normal and weekly bosses
  • Cor lapis – sold in Liyue and Sumeru, and found all over Liyue
  • Hoarfrost cores – drops from the Cryo Regisvine normal boss in Mondstadt
  • Damaged masks / stained masks / ominous masks – drops from hilichurl enemies

Genshin Impact Chongyun: Chibi Xingqiu dragging Chongyun through the streets of Liyue while he carries a large stack of books.

What are Chongyun’s talent materials? 

Here are all the talent materials you need to ascend one of Chongyun’s talents to level ten:

Level Mora Materials
Two 12,500 Six damaged mask, three teachings of diligence
Three 17,500 Three stained mask, two guide to diligence
Four 25,000 Four stained mask, four guide to diligence
Five 30,000 Six stained mask, six guide to diligence
Six 37,500 Nine stained mask, nine guide to diligence
Seven 120,000 Four ominous mask, four philosophies of diligence, one Dvalin’s sighs
Eight 260,000 Six ominous mask, six philosophies of diligence, one Dvalin’s sighs
Nine 450,000 Nine ominous mask, 12 philosophies of diligence, two Dvalin’s sighs
Ten 700,000 12 ominous mask, 16 philosophies of diligence, two Dvalin’s sighs, one crown of insight

Here’s where to get each of Chongyun’s talent materials:

  • Damaged masks / stained masks / ominous masks – drops from hilichurl enemies
  • Diligence books – rewards from the Taishan Mansion domains on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays
  • Dvalin’s sighs – drops from the Stormterror Dvalin weekly boss in Mondstadt

Talent level priority

When leveling up Chongyun’s talents, we recommend prioritizing the following:

  • Elemental burst > Elemental skill

You can ignore his normal attack unless you’re going all in on Chongyun as a main DPS.

That’s everything for Genshin Impact Chongyun. If you fancy giving a different Hoyoverse title a go, check out our Honkai Star Rail tier list and Honkai Star Rail codes. We also have build guides like this one for Honkai Star Rail’s March 7th, Honkai Star Rail’s Black Swan, and Honkai Star Rail’s Robin.