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Genshin Impact Gaming build

Here’s everything we know about Genshin Impact’s Gaming and how to build the fiery Wushou dancer into an excellent DPS, with the best weapon and artifacts.

Official art of Genshin Impact's Gaming celebrating a Liyue festivak with dragon dancing and presents

The long-rumored ‘lion dance boy’ is here – he’s Genshin Impact’s Gaming (pronounced gah-ming) and is a Wushou dancer hailing from Liyue. In combat, he’s a little fireball that’s a bit like Sonic mixed with Spider-Man, but on fire. Our Genshin Gaming build can help you to figure out which artifacts and weapons are best for him, and which teammates to pair him with.

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Here’s how to build a great Genshin Impact Gaming.

What is the best Genshin Impact Gaming build?

Best weapon Serpent Spine
Weapon substitutes Redhorn Stonethresher, Mailed Flower
Best artifact set Marechaussee Hunter
Main stats Sands – Attack
Goblet – Pyro damage bonus
Circlet – Crit rate/damage
Sub stats Crit rate, crit damage, attack, energy recharge

Gaming is a four-star pyro user, armed with a claymore, and is a plunge-attack-based DPS. His attacks cause him to lose HP, but his elemental skill can provide some healing to him, so you shouldn’t be in too much of a pinch. However, if you want to focus on reactions, you really need off-field applicators in the party with him as he has no off-field pyro himself. Characters like Xingqiu, Furina, and Raiden work very nicely here.

His best weapon is the Serpent Spine claymore, and his best artifact sets are Marechaussee Hunter and Crimson Witch of Flames, depending on the team you have him in.

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How do I use Gaming?

The best way to use Gaming is to focus on his plunge attacks after using his elemental skill, or elemental burst. This provides a powerful hit and gets a boost as you ascend him and unlock more talents, too. During Gaming’s ultimate, Man Chai – his summon – can end his skill cooldown, allowing you to deal more instances of plunge damage in quick succession.

What are the best weapons for Gaming?

In Gaming’s character demo and stream appearance, we see him using the Blackcliff Slasher claymore. This is a good option for any DPS, but is quite expensive as it is sold in the Starglitter exchange, and cannot be forged. As with a lot of claymore users in Genshin, if you have a Serpent Spine or Itto’s signature weapon – the Redhorn Stonethresher – will work a treat on Gaming.

If you’re going for more reaction-based gameplay, the Mailed Flower claymore from a Sumeru event can boost his stats nicely, or the Ultimate Overlord’s Mega Magic Sword from a Fontaine event. Annoyingly, these weapons had a one-time window for you to get them, so you won’t be able to find them any more.

Weapon Effect How to obtain
Serpent Spine (four-star) Bonus stat: increases crit rate
Skill: Every four seconds Gaming is on the field, he deals 6% more damage but takes 3% more damage, too. This effect can stack up to five times and is not reset if he leaves the field. The stack reduces by one if Gaming takes damage
Battle Pass reward
Redhorn Stonethresher (five-star) Bonus stat: increases crit damage
: Increases Gaming’s defense by 28%. His normal and charged attack damage increases by 40% of his defense
Weapon banner alongside Itto
Blackcliff Slasher (four-star) Bonus stat: increases crit rate
Skill: After defeating an enemy, ATK is increased by 12% for 30s. This effect has a maximum of 3 stacks, and the duration of each stack is independent of the others.
Starglitter Exchange
Mailed Flower (four-star) Bonus stat: increases elemental mastery
Skill: Within eight seconds of Gaming’s elemental skill hitting an opponent, or him triggering an elemental reaction, his attack and elemental mastery increase by 12%, or 48, respectively
Event reward
Ultimate Overlord’s Mega Magic Sword (four-star) Bonus stat: increases energy recharge
Increases Gaming’s attack by 12%. For every Melusine you help (that is, complete their associated quest) in Merusea Village, you can increase your attack by an extra 12%.
The stickers on the claymore show how many Melusine’s you’ve helped
Event reward
Lithic Blade (four-star) Bonus stat: increases attack
Skill: For every character in the party from Liyue, Gaming gains a 7% attack increase and a 3% crit rate increase. This effect stacks up to four times
Weapon banner

What are the best artifacts for Gaming?

Gaming doesn’t specifically scale off anything with his attacks, so a few different substats won’t go amiss. As he’s a main DPS, though, a hefty attack stat and plenty of crit rate are your best bets, along with some pyro damage boosts, too. Specifically, we suggest a two-piece set of Crimson Witch of Flames, or a four-piece of Marechausee Hunter to give him some extra oomph as his HP changes.

Artifact set Effect How to obtain
Marechaussee Hunter Two equipped: normal and charged attack damage increase
Four equipped: when Gaming’s current HP increases or decreases, his crit rate increases by 12% for five seconds. This can stack three times
Denouement of Sin domain
Crimson Witch of Flames Two equipped: increases pyro damage
Four equipped:
 increases overloaded, burning, and burgeon damage by 40%. Vaporize and melt damage increase by 15%. Using an elemental skill increases the two-piece effects by 50% for ten seconds
Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula domain
Vermillion Hereafter Two equipped: increases attack
Four equipped: after using his elemental burst, Gaming gains the Nascent Light effect, increasing his attack by 8% for 16 seconds. When his HP decreases, his attack further increases by 10%. This can occur up to four times and can trigger once every 0.8 seconds. The Nascent Light dispels if Gaming leaves the field
The Lost Valley domain

Artifact stat recommendations

When picking artifacts for our little firecracker, pay attention to the stats. Here are the best options to aim for:

Main stats:

  • Sands: Attack
  • Goblet: Pyro damage bonus
  • Circlet: Crit damage


  • Crit damage/rate
  • Attack
  • Energy recharge
  • Elemental mastery

To find out more about how artifacts work, check out our Genshin Impact artifacts guide.

Genshin Impact's Gaming serving food to the traveler and Paimon

What are the best Gaming team comps?

Gaming works very well with Xianyun, or Cloud Retainer as you may know her, who boosts plunge attacks. Gaming also benefits from Bennett – as a lot of characters do. Pairing him with Furina or Xingqiu to capitalize on damage and elemental reactions works very well, along with keeping an anemo user in the party to swirl those elements around.

If you have Gaming equipped with a set of Crimson Witch of Flames, and perhaps a Mailed Flower claymore, you can pair him with a dendro unit and capitalize on burning and burgeon reactions – we recommend Nahida, Yaoyao, or the dendro traveler for this.

First character slot Second character slot Third character slot Fourth character slot
Gaming Xianyun Bennett Furina
Gaming  Ayato Bennett Flexible healer/shielder
Gaming Chevreuse Bennett Fischl
Gaming Furina Nahida Kokomi

What are Gaming’s abilities?

Here is Gaming’s full kit, showing what his combat abilities are, and what he can do off the field as well.

Active skills:

Skill Effect
Normal attack: Stellar Rend Normal: Gaming performs up to four consecutive strikes
Charged: Draining stamina over time, Gaming performs continuous spinning attacks, ending with a powerful slash
Plunging: Gaming plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, damaging opponents in an AoE
Elemental skill: Bestial Ascent Gaming pounces forward using the Wushou arts, leaping into the air after coming into contact with an enemy or a surface. After he uses this skill to rise into the air, if he immediately uses a plunge attack, he uses the powerful Charmed Cloudstrider instead –
Plunging attack: Charmed Cloudstrider: The damage from Gaming’s plunge attacks converts to pyro damage that cannot be overridden. Upon landing, Gaming consumes some HP. His HP cannot drop below 10% in this way
Elemental burst: Suanni’s Gilded Dance Gaming enters the Wushou stance, briefly applying pyro to himself and recovering some HP. He also summons Suanni Man Chai, his dog companion. Man Chai smashes into targets dealing pyro damage in an AoE. After hitting a target, Man Chai rolls away and then moves to Gaming. When it meets Gaming, Man Chai leaves the field and resets the cooldown of Gaming’s elemental skill.
While the Wushou stance is active, Gaming’s interruption resistance increases, and if he lands a Charmed Cloudstrider attack while having over 50% HP he can resummon Man Chai

Passive skills:

Skill Effect
Dance of Amity (unlocked at ascension one) After Charmed Cloudstrider hits an opponent, Gaming gains 1.5% of his max HP once every 0.2 seconds for 0.8 seconds
Air of Prosperity (unlocked at ascension four) When Gaming’s health is less than 50%, he receives a 20% incoming healing bonus.
When his health is more than 50%, he gains an attack bonus of 20% for Charmed Cloudstrider
The Striding Beast (unlocked automatically) Increases the movement speed of your party during the day by 10%

What are Gaming’s constellations?

As you (hopefully) grab more than one copy of Gaming, you can unlock his constellations. Each one gives a handy boost to him, but his C2 is especially good.

Constellation Effect
C1: Bringer of Blessing When the Suanni Man Chai from Suanni’s Gilded Dance meets back up with Gaming, it heals 15% of his HP
C2: Plum Blossoms Underfoot When Gaming receives healing and it overflows, his attack increases by 20% for five seconds
C3: Awakening Spirit Increases the level of Bestial Ascent by three. Maximum level is 15
C4: Soar Across Mountains When Bestial Ascent’s plunge attack hits an opponent, it restores two energy to Gaming. This can trigger once every 0.2 seconds
C5: Evil-Daunting Roar Increases the level of Suanni’s Gilded Dance by three. Maximum level is 15
C6: To Tame All Beasts Bestial Ascent’s plunge attack crit rate increases by 20%, and crit damage by 40%, and the attack radius increases

What are Gaming’s ascension materials?

Gaming requires a smorgasbord of items from Fontaine, Liyue, and all across Teyvat.

Required level Mora Material
20 20,000 One agnidus agate sliver, three starconches, three slime condensate
40 40,000 Three agnidus agate fragments, ten starconches, 15 slime condensate, two emperor’s resolution
50 60,000 Six agnidus agate fragments, 20 starconches, 12 slime secretions, four emperor’s resolution
60 80,000 Three agnidus agate chunks, 30 starconches, 18 slime secretions, eight emperor’s resolution
70 100,000 Six agnidus agate chunks, 45 starconches, 12 slime concentrate, 12 emperor’s resolution
80 120,000 Six agnidus agate gemstones, 60 starconches, 24 slime concentrate, 20 emperor’s resolution

Here’s where to find all the items you need to ascend Gaming:

  • Agnidus agate – obtain from normal and weekly bosses – especially the pyro hypostasis and pyro regisvine – or craft via alchemy
  • Starconches – these shells appear on Liyue’s beaches, especially around the Guyun Stone Forest
  • Emperor’s resolution – this item drops from the Emperor of Fire and Iron boss, located in an under-sea cave in Fontaine
  • Slime condensate, secretions, and concentrate – obtain from slime enemies all across Teyvat

What are Gaming’s talent materials?

If you want to get Gaming’s talents up, you’ll need a stack of talent books, enemy materials, and weekly boss drops.

Talent level Mora Materials
Two 12,500 Six slime condensate, teachings of prosperity
Three 17,500 Three slime secretions, two guides to prosperity
Four 25,000 Four slime secretions, four guides to prosperity
Five 30,000 Six slime secretions, six guides to prosperity
Six 37,500 Nine slime secretions, nine guides to prosperity
Seven 120,000 Four slime concentrate, four philosophies of prosperity, lightless mass
Eight 260,000 Six slime concentrate, six philosophies of prosperity, one lightless mass
Nine 450,000 Nine slime concentrate, 12 philosophies of prosperity, two lightless masses
Ten 700,000 12 slime concentrate, 16 philosophies of prosperity, two lightless masses, one crown of insight

To find all these bits and pieces, head to these locations and hunt these enemies:

  • Slime condensate, secretions, and concentrate – obtain from slime enemies all across Teyvat
  • Prosperity talent books – farm these in the Tiashan Mansion domain in Liyue on Monday, Thursday, and Sunday
  • Lightless masses – you can get these as a reward for the weekly All-Devouring Narwhal boss in Fontaine’s ocean.  If you don’t get the right drop, you can transform them at an alchemy station

Talent priority:

Upgrading Gaming’s burst is your priority, then his skill, and then his normal attack.

  •  Elemental burst > elemental skill > normal attack

We’re excited to meet Gaming, who we’re sure will be another solid Liyue four-star alongside the likes of Genshin Impact’s Chongyun, Genshin Impact’s Xiangling, and Genshin Impact’s Yanfei.