The Best iOS & Android Games of 2019

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2019 may be over, but it won't be forgotten. This article was originally designed to log and track all of the more exciting mobile games coming along in the 2019 calendar year. Now that we're in 2020, we're going to take one last look at what games have been our favourites, but also what games we've been expecting that never showed up. We'll be putting together another separate guide for 2020 which will go live later in the month. In the meantime...

The Best iOS & Android Games of 2019

Missing Mobile Games from 2019

Company of Heroes (WW2 Tactical RTS)

We don't deserve Feral Interactive, quite frankly. In a sea of games fighting and struggling against the whims of mobile gamers and business models, here's a company that decided to just get really good at porting things to iOS, and at the same time decided to get really chummy with companies like SEGA. This is the company that's brought us Rome: Total War and Tropico to tablets and phones... and now they're bringing us that most sacred of strategy games, Company of Heroes.

This game was supposed to release before the end of 2019, but Feral let everyone know last minute that it was going to slip into 2020. We'd be surprised if this isn't out by the end of January though, as it seemed almost ready.

Phantom Doctrine (Turn-based Strategy)


Another one a few of us here are really looking forward to. Phantom Doctrine was an attempt to make an XCOM-like game set during the Cold War. You run an international spy agency and you must train up your agents, develop their cover and embed them in locations, as well as engaging in other acts of espionage and intrigue. There's a 'base/strategic' part, and then a turn-based tactical part. What stops this from just being a token nod towards Bond-style espionage is that most turn-based tactical battles can start off peacefully, and even end without a shot being fired provided you do your job well enough.

It's pretty good, although it was a bit glitchy when it first launched, but provided how well XCOM fits on tablet and mobile, I have no doubt the mobile version of Phantom Doctrine is going to be right up our alley. We haven't anything else on this project since the initial tweet, so we're not sure when this is going to be released. Hopefully this year.

Tom Clancy's Elite Squad (Collectable RPG/Battler Thing)

Not sure if this is turn-based or real-time thing - there's not much information beyond the E3 2019 trailer. Ubisoft will be offering players the chance to assemble a 5-person squad with characters from across their franchises, where you need to collect and upgrade characters and fight in 5v5 battles against either the AI or other players. There's going to be a single-player story + guild vs. guild warfare. I stand by what I said when we originally reported on this though - I think Ubisoft are missing a trick by not making this an Auto Chess game.

We haven't heard anything more on this game since the E3 announcement, so even though pre-registration is live it's anybody's guess when this is actually going to release.

Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall (As Above)

Behaviour Interactive (them what made Fallout Shelter) had their own announcement as this year's E3. In the same vein as Ubisoft's Elite Squad, BE are working with HBO on Beyond the Wall, another RPG/Strategy/Squad Battler thing. Usually, separate new games sharing the same basic DNA signifies an emerging trend but, again, I think the guys have completely missed the fact that Auto Chess is happening.

Still, all the parts are there to make this a potentially compelling experience - you've got to recruit people into the Night's Watch, go on rangings beyond the Wall and defend said Wall from wildlings. This trying to cash-in on the recently finished television show, there will be some magical based mumbo-jumbo reason to recruit, or collect, famous people from the TV series as well (this game is officially set half a decade before Book 1, so you can imagine there'll be a bit creative license going on here). Pre-registration is live on both iOS & Android, and so far an open beta has rolled out to users in the Phillipines, but we've not heard anything else about it since.

Out of the Park GO! (Sports/Management)

While not the all-father of sports sims that is Football Manager, the OOTP Baseball series holds just a firm a place in baseball fans hearts. The mobile incarnation of OOTP has been a series of games called MLB Manager, the most recent of which we reviewed last year. It seems the developer is starting from scratch for the next iteration, even re-branding it to become OOTP GO! Here's what they have to say about it:

OOTP Go! will be free to play, which includes full access to Perfect Team and the ability to create and play fictional solo leagues. The current MLB rosters are a $4.99 in-app purchase, international leagues will be $1.99 each and historical MLB seasons will be (as usual) $0.99 (plus there will be bundles available for a reduced price).

This is coming to both iOS & Android, but the last thing we heard was that it was due to enter Beta. No idea what the time-frame for this is at the moment.

Impossible Bottles (Rhythm/Action)

impossible bottles

Various robots move about in their bottles and raging about like a bull in a china shop. Each level presents one of these Impossible Bottles for the player to fix by manipulating the environment and repairing the situation, or at the very least soothing its sole occupant. A scientist built these robots as part of a perpetual motion machine for unlimited energy, but they don’t quite work as is. The secret to fixing everything is music, or in gameplay terms: rhythm.

One-touch gameplay and lush, fantastic art: it was slated with a mid-2019 release which obviously hasn't happened, and we've yet to hear anything else about it.

Seen any other games coming out this year you're excited about? Let us know in the comments.



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