Genshin Impact Yun Jin release date, leaks, and more

Everything you need to know about Genshin Impact’s Yun jjin, from her release date and skills to leaks and ascension materials

Genshin Impact's Yun Jin with a polearm

There’s a lot of speculation around Genshin Impact’s Yun Jin as she is rumoured to be one of the upcoming playable characters joining the roster. She’s known to be a woman of many talents from opera singing to dancing to brewing tea at the Heyu Tea House.

If the rumours are true and Genshin Impact’s Yun Jin becomes playable, then there’s a lot we’re left pondering. From her release date to banner to what her build could potentially be. We do know that developer Mihoyo recently revealed Yun Jin’s character on their official Twitter page and we’ll be sure to keep this guide updated as and when we hear more.

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What is Genshin Impact Yun Jin’s release date?

We don’t have an official release date for Genshin Impact’s Yun Jin just yet. What we do have to offer is a credible leak that could hint at a possible date. According to rumours, Genshin Impact’s Yun Jin should be part of update 2.4 alongside Shenhe. If we use that alongside the fairly reliable release patterns of the game, that means we could be looking at early 2022.

What does Genshin Impact’s Yun Jin look like?

In an official Genshin Impact tweet, we’ve been treated to a first look at the artwork of Yun Jin which further bolsters the rumours that she’s not too far away.

What can I expect from the Genshin Impact Yun Jin banner?

As mentioned above, the rumours point towards Genshin Impact update 2.4 for Yun Jin’s arrival. As such, we don’t have a banner to share for this yet but we’ll update you when we do.

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What is the best Genshin Impact Yun Jin build?

Yun Jin’s elemental burst and skill are currently unknown. In a recent tweet from Genshin Impact though, it was revealed she is a “Geo Polearm” wielder, making her the second polearm character with geo vision.

Previous rumours also hinted at Yun Jin being a new four-star character, but her rarity is yet to be confirmed. There were also suggestions that she might be a Dendro character. While it seems incredibly unlikely now, it would have made Yun Jin the first playable character with dendro vision in the game. We also know that the next region of the seven nations of Teyvat will be Sumeru which is a dendro nation.

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