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Pokémon Go Master Ball – how do I find them?

The Pokémon Go Master Ball is one of the best items in the game, sure to capture any Pokémon. So learn how to grab yourself one with this guide.

Pokemon Go Master Ball: The master ball is visible against a screenshot from Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go has been going for plenty of years now, and the Pokémon Go Master Ball is finally here to help you bag the rarest of the rare. Of course, such a powerful ball is tough to find, and you have to complete some serious challenges to get your hands on one. So, we’re going through everything you need in this guide.

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What is the Pokémon Go Master Ball?

The Pokémon Go Master Ball is instantly recognizable thanks to its iconic design, being a purple Pokéball with an M emblazoned on the front. As longtime fans of the franchise know, it’s an exceedingly rare item that catches any Pokémon with a 100% success rate, making it the ideal candidate for legendary and mythical Pokémon. Regardless of how strong they are, the Master Ball will contain them. You don’t even need to weaken the Pokémon you want to catch; just throw this ball, and they’re yours.

Of course, choosing who to use it on may take some thought, just like when you finally get one in the mainline games. Though admittedly, most tend to use the Master Ball to catch the titular legendary in the mainline games or maybe one of the ones wandering the land.

Pokémon Go Master Ball: Key art shows the {okemon Go Master Ball on a desk

How do I find a Pokémon Go Master Ball?

You can earn the Pokémon Go Master Ball by completing in-game research tasks, though these involve some tough challenges. The first way to earn a Master Ball was the “Let’s Go” special research task, but it’s no longer active, as it ended on June 1, 2023.

The second opportunity trainers had to get a Pokémon Go Master Ball was by completing the Season 12 Adventures Abound timed investigation. However, that ended on November 21, 2023. Most recently, until November 28, 2023, you could purchase the Special Research: Master Ball quest in-game to get a Pokémon Go Master Ball.

Currently, there’s no way to get a Master Ball in Pokémon Go, but as soon as new ways become available, we’ll update this guide with how to get the ultimate pokéball.

Pokemon Go Master Ball: Screenshots show a user using the Pokémon Go Master Ball

How do I use the Pokémon Go Master Ball?

It’s pretty easy to use the Pokémon Go Master Ball, just follow these steps:

  • Encounter the Pokémon you want to catch
  • Select the Poké Ball icon on the bottom right of the screen
  • Scroll across to find and select the Master Ball
  • A text box appears, asking if you want to use the Master Ball
  • If you do, select ‘use’ to throw your single-use Master Ball
  • That Pokémon is now yours, hope it was worth it!

What Pokémon should I use the Pokémon Go Master Ball on?

It’s vital you remember that the Pokémon Go Master Ball is single-use and is very rare. Once you use it, it’s gone forever. So, the one Pokémon you choose to use it on had better be worth it (no wasting it on a Pidgey). One good way to use it is with legendary Pokémon from raids. However, remember that raids reward you with lots of premier balls, and you can usually catch a legendary Pokémon using these with patience. That, or hop in another raid.

Next, it might also seem like a good idea to use a Master Ball on a shiny legendary Pokémon, but we don’t recommend this at all. When you complete a legendary raid and have the luck to find a shiny version of the Pokémon (such as Rayquaza or Giratina, etc.), you have a vastly increased capture rate on your first throw. That’s right, your first encounter with a shiny legendary Pokémon is almost a guaranteed success. Please don’t waste your Master Ball here.

Pokemon Go master Ball: A screenshot from Pokemon Go shows Galarian Zapdos ready for capture

Instead, we recommend saving your Master Ball for the Galarian forms of the Kanto legendary birds. You can encounter Galarian Articuno, Zapdos, or Moltres whenever you use your daily adventure incense. This daily item attracts rare Pokémon for fifteen minutes, and this is the only way you can encounter the Galarian birds. Plus, these three love to run away, it often takes just one throw of a pokéball for them to run away. As such, we implore you to use the Master Ball on the Galarian birds (Zapdos is my personal favorite), especially if you encounter your top pick of the three.

Similarly, when you battle Team Rocket members, you eventually encounter powerful shiny Pokémon, and after you beat enough grunts, you earn the chance to battle the Team Rocket leaders known as Sierra, Arlo, and Cliff. These three use powerful Pokémon, and upon defeat, you get the opportunity to catch one of their shadow Pokémon. If this is a particularly rare Pokémon, or perhaps just one you really want, this is also a good chance to use your Master Ball. Ultimately, though, the choice is yours.

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