Floette evolution guide

Floette’s evolution is a fine fairy, but actually getting your hands on Florges isn’t as simple as just levelling up Floette, you need a very specific stone.

Floette evolution: Floette and Florges glowing in front of a pink background

I do believe in fairies, I do. Or, at the very least, I believe in Floette’s evolution. Florges is a formidable Pokémon who makes a solid addition to any team. There’s just one small catch: Floette doesn’t have the traditional level-up evolution method. Not to worry, though, for we’re here to tell you how to evolve Floette, and we even dive into where you can find the necessary item.

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Anyway, here’s what you need to know about Floette’s evolution.

Who is Floette’s evolution?

Floette evolves into Florges, a pure fairy-type that happens to be one of the most powerful flower Pokémon across the entire series. This ‘mon makes a solid addition to any team, the fact that this gen 6 Pokémon comes in various pretty colors is a bonus.

How do I evolve Flabébé?

Before you even think about evolving Floette in Florges, you need to actually get one. By far, the most common way is to evolve Flabébé, and luckily for you, it’s not too hard to track down this flower ‘mon.

On Nintendo Switch, this evolution line only appears in Scarlet and Violet, and you can find Flabébé in:

  • South Province – Area One and Area Four
  • East Province – East Paldean Sea
  • West Province – Area One

Once you have a Flabébé, you just need to get it to level 19 for it to evolve into Floette. Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple when you try to get the final evolution.

Floette evolution - Floette and florges with a shiny stone in between them in front of a pink background

How do I evolve Floette?

Once you have a Floette, you can move on to how to evolve it into Florges. If you follow the steps above, you’re all set. However, if you don’t have a Flabébé and would rather catch a Floette, you can find them in the South Province, East Province, and West Province in Scarlet and Violet. Or, more specifically, you can find Floette in:

  • South Province – Area One, Area Four, and Area Six
  • East Province – East Paldean Sea and Area One
  • West Province – Area One
  • North Province – Area One, Area Two, Area Three
  • Area Zero

For now, the gen nine games are the only Switch titles in which you can find this evolution line. Once you have a Floette, you can evolve it into Florges at any level so long as you have a shiny stone at your disposal. Yes, in a similar vein to Murkrow’s evolution and Misdreavus’ evolution, you need a specific evolution stone. Luckily, there are a couple of ways to acquire one in Scarlet and Violet:

  • Pick one up in the wild in Socarrat Trail, South Province Area Six
  • Get one as a reward if you catch 150 different Pokémon
  • Purchase them through the Porto Marinada auction
  • Look for them in the wild throughout Area Zero, Alfornada Cavern, and Dalizapa Passage
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How do I evolve Floette in Pokémon Go?

Firstly, you need to obtain a Flabébé through the usual catching methods, and then evolve it into Floette with 25 Flabébé candy. However, it’s not quite so simple to get Florges in Pokémon Go. Instead of merely using candy, you need to acquire 20 buddy hearts with Floette as well. Once you have the 20 buddy hearts and 100 candy, you can evolve it into Florges. To get buddy hearts, you can battle with that specific Pokémon, give them attention, visit Pokéstops, and perform other tasks with them as your buddy.

With that, you know all about Floette’s evolution. Now check out our dark Pokémon weakness, psychic Pokémon weakness, steel Pokémon weakness, and ghost Pokémon weakness guides to learn how to put the fairy-type to good use. There are many creatures in the Pokédex, so it’s wise to know how to deal with them.