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The best iPad games 2024

Dive into your favourite worlds, anytime, any place with the best iPad games - whether you're riding dragons in Monster Hunter, or exploring in Genshin Impact.

With our list of the best iPad games, we’ll show you some of our top picks for the platform. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing farm escape, an action-packed open-world RPG, or a trash-eating adventure, there’s plenty of variety here. So next time you’re bored on the bus, or curled up in bed with a cup of coffee, grab your trusty iPad and dive into one of these fresh, exciting worlds.

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Here are the best iPad games:

The best iPad games Stardew Valley; screenshot showing player outside their farm

Stardew Valley

Escape to your own little countryside getaway, any time, any place, with Stardew Valley on the iPad. This modern classic sees you inherit a rundown farm from your beloved grandpa, after which point you’re free to customize, explore, and engage in community events to your heart’s content.

If you want some help launching your new home away from home, check out our Stardew Valley farm layout guide, and our Stardew Valley characters list.

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Sonic Dream Team

A brand new Sonic game that seems to draw some inspiration from the two Sonic Adventure games. Oh my. The story sees Sonic and friends adventuring in the world of dreams, and while the story is nothing compared to the games of 2000s-era Sonic, the gameplay is, as they say, on point. While recent Sonic games focus more on speed and feature more linear level design, Dream Team has a much larger focus on exploration.

Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Rouge, and Cream are all playable and have unique skills and abilities. When exploring as Sonic, you might find somewhere that you could reach if you could fly with Tailes, or climb with Knuckles – and fortunately, you can switch between any of the characters at any point. While it is a little on the shorter side compared to some of the recent Sonic games (except Forces), the experience is a delightful one while it lasts, with a strong emphasis on replayability when you go back looking for collectibles.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Arcade Edition

The big new life sim from Disney Dreamlight Valley is available to play on Apple Arcade, in a form that lacks the microtransactions you’ll find in the console and PC versions (which is a welcome absence). This game is the answer to the question “What would Animal Crossing be like if it featured Disney characters?” and it’s just as good as it sounds.

The game sees your avatar moving to the titular Dreamlight Valley to start a new life. The world is broken down into different biomes which are populated by different Disney characters – aside from obvious choices like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and their friends, you’ll also find people from Toy Story, Wall-E, Lion King, Frozen, and countless other movies. With new content added periodically through updates, it’s very much an evolving experience and one you won’t want to miss.

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Rayman Mini

A mini Rayman game that sees Rayman shrunk down to a miniature version of himself. No bigger than an ant, Rayman has to navigate through 48 levels in order to get himself back to full size. As the Rayman series in in the midst of a bit of a dry spell, this is a good way to tide fans over. Who knows? If enough people play Rayman Mini, you might find that Ubisoft recognizes the interest in the franchise and brings it back to its full size too…

Of course, we don’t want to suggest that this game is only for Rayman fans. If you enjoy a good platformer, then you’re going to have a lot of fun with this. It has the same fantastic art style that you see in Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends, though the gameplay is a little different, with this being an auto-runner. Don’t be put off by this though – it presents an enjoyable twist to the classic formula that should appeal to old fans and newcomers alike.

Raid: Shadow Legends

A game that you’ve probably seen recommended a thousand times before. Raid: Shadow Legends sees you putting together a team of champions and then using them to tear through increasingly tough dungeons, or even the teams assembled by other players.

There are so many champions to unlock (drawn from legends and mythology, alongside things like real-life wrestlers), and honing and refining your team to make it as powerful and efficient as possible is endlessly addictive.

Play Raid: Shadow Legends for free.

Genshin Impact

Mihoyo’s massively popular open world is full of magic, adventure, and wonder, and fits perfectly with the iPad due to its flexibility and ability to switch between touch-screen and controller support. In fact, it might be even more enjoyable on iPad, with more screen space to witness the colorful world of Teyvat.

Start your adventure off on the right foot with the help of our Genshin Impact codes, Genshin Impact tier list, and Genshin Impact events guides. If you start by downloading it on your PC, you can pick up right where you left off if you also get it on your iPad later on.

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Honkai Star Rail

If you loved Genshin Impact, then we definitely recommend giving Honkai Star Rail a spin too. It borrows many elements from Genshin, including aspects like exploration and assembling the ideal team from a selection of many characters, but it still manages to provide a distinctly unique experience that centers around turn-based gameplay.

The story is also very different from that of Genshin, in that it sees you playing as a character named The Trailblazer who travels between different worlds in a quest to combat the problems caused by Stellaron, the Cancer of All Worlds. Along the way, you’ll encounter a large variety of locations, characters, and challenges. It’s an excellent new release from Hoyoverse.

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Best iPad games Monster Hunter Stories+ promo images showing a rider on a rathalos

Monster Hunter Stories+

Experience the joys of the original 3DS title, either free through Apple Arcade, or as a paid app. Telling its own unique tale, independent of those from the main MH series, Monster Hunter Stories sees you take the role of a young rider, hatching and befriending your own monster besties.

Check out our Monster Hunter Stories+ review to learn more about this adorable adventure. Or, if you’re looking for something to play on your iPhone instead, be sure to check out our Monster Hunter Now review.

Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition

This uniquely styled little survival gem feels like it’s pulled straight out of a Tim Burton illustration. A portable version of the hit PC game, Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition has you testing your wits against the elements and seasons, hunting for food, building bases, and avoiding being turned into boar food.

With a consort of odd characters, each with their own abilities, it’s a great little challenge and a great addition to any iPad library. For more like this one, check out our list of the best survival games.

Hero Wars

If you’re looking for something to engage with on your iPad, Hero Wars is a game that doesn’t let go. Level up your warrior as you battle across the land, complete puzzling minigames, and team up with friends to take on epic quests.

It’s an RPG without all the complications and makes for a perfect grinding game to keep you engaged for multiple hours at at time. There’s also a surprising variety of gameplay here, if plain old RPG battles aren’t enough to keep you satisfied.

Play Hero Wars for free.

In-game tower defense gameplay the iPad game, Rush Royale,

Rush Royale: Tower Defense TD

Rush Royale is a game that’s well-suited for iPad play. It provides a unique twist on the tower defense formula, where you place your units on a grid, positioning them as strategically as possible, to prevent the onslaught from enemy hordes. The bigger screen of the iPad helps to give you a much better vantage point of all the action as it unfolds, helping you to avoid easy mistakes.

The real nuance of the game stems from its broad selection of different units, which encompass reapers, vampires, alchemists, sentries, and many others. You can choose if you want to build up the strength of the more common units, or work harder to unlock the rarer, more powerful ones. Each of them has their own unique powers and abilities and these open the doors to a world of different strategies. It’s a game you’ll easily pour a lot of hours into.

Best iPad games; Among Us imposter killing a crewmate

Among Us

These iconic little space beans need little introduction, but in case you missed its explosive popularity last year, Among Us sees multiple players traverse a space base, trying to work out which one of them is the impostor.

With short, snappy matches and simple gameplay, it’s the perfect match for the iPad as you dive in and out of games on the go. Take a look at our Among Us character, Among Us pets, and Among Us imposter guides for more space-themed havoc.

Best iPad games Bastion screenshot


A pretty little action role-playing romp, Bastion (no, not the charming robot from Overwatch) features gorgeous, hand-painted graphics, isometric gameplay, stunning sound design, and immersive narration.

Find yourself transported to a vivid, story-rich world, wherever you are. It’s also the first game from now iconic studio Supergiant Games, with Bastion providing the groundwork for future titles like Hades and Pyre.

Best iPad games Donut County; a Raccoon sat on the toilet

Donut County

Cute, colorful, and wildly bizarre, Donut County has you taking the form of an ever-growing hole, in search of trash. Yep, you read that right.

Raccoons have taken over in this fun, physics-based puzzle game, and their sole aim is to steal trash (and anything else) with remote-controlled holes. Where there’s trash, there’s treasure – and there’s plenty of both here. Plus, those raccoons are adorable.

And that’s our top picks for the best iPad games. If you’re looking for more Apple-based fun, check out our list of the best iPhone games.