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The best Resident Evil monsters

There are some obvious picks for the best Resident Evil monsters, like Nemesis and Lady Dimitrescu, but there are some surprising ones too.

Resident Evil Monsters Lady D and Nemesis in front of the Spencer Mansion

Resident Evil’s monsters are some of the most iconic in the horror genre. Some are more terrifying than others, and a few are the last beings you want to run into in a dark alley, but who are the best? Well, there are a few grotesque and gruesome contenders, and we just can’t wait to share them with you.

However, before we dive into the horrors lurking within this guide, you might want to read our Resident Evil Claire, Resident Evil Chris, Resident Evil Jill, and Resident Evil Leon guides to learn more about those who have to deal with them.

Here are the best Resident Evil monsters:

The Resident Evil monster licker hanging from the ceiling

Resident Evil Licker

Resident Evil Lickers are one of the most grotesque Resident Evil monsters out there, having made their debut in the series in Resident Evil 2 (which many consider to be one of the best games in the franchise). Their name comes from that freakishly long tongue, yet honestly, that might be the least frightening part of this thing’s anatomy.

Lickers look as though they’ve been either flayed or turned inside out, adorned with sharp claws, nasty teeth, and speed that makes Usain Bolt jealous. There’s just no way you can have a discussion about the best Resident Evil monster and not mention the Lickers.

Resident Evil monster Tyrant - Mr X breaking in an elevator

Resident Evil Tyrant

Resident Evil Tyrants go back to the first Resident Evil game in 1996 when Jill and Chris must defeat one in the labs hidden deep within the Spencer mansion. They are the first declared bioweapon from Umbrella. As such, they’re a bit of a flagship product for the ethically corrupt pharmaceutical company.

Then, as if they don’t already have a strong legacy, you have to bring Resident Evil 2’s Mr X into the mix. The most famous of the Tyrants, Mr X, hunts down poor Claire and Leon as they try to navigate their way through the hell hole that is the RCPD. At least for Claire, she’s done with this stalker as soon as she leaves the station, but Leon, not so much. He follows the rookie cop into the sewers and beyond. A hulking mass of a terrifying being, he continues to haunt us even after all these years.

The Resident Evil Monster Nemesis on fire

Resident Evil Nemesis

Resident Evil’s Nemesis needs no introduction. This bioweapon is one of the most fearsome monsters in the entire Resident Evil series – just ask Jill and Resident Evil 3’s Carlos. As the bioweapon that wreaks havoc on Raccoon City as he tracks down Jill in Resident Evil 3, he holds a place in the hearts of many long-time Resi fans, especially as the 2020 remake spruced him up in the most horrifying ways. He even appears in the Resident Evil movies, though we try not to think about that, they certainly don’t do this monster justice.

Though he doesn’t appear as a main villain in other RE titles, he leaves a lasting legacy, and the fact that he’s part of the Dead by Daylight Resident Evil crossover shows just how important he is in the history of the survival horror genre. Be warned, he’s one of the more formidable Dead by Daylight killers, so good luck if you have to survive the night against him.

Resident Evil dogs - a dog attacking someone in the street

Resident Evil dogs

Dogs. They’re cute, right? Wrong! In the world of Resident Evil they’re annoying, unsightly, ungodly, and the bane of my existence. They appear all throughout the series with slightly different appearances, but they’re fundamentally all the same. The Resident Evil dogs aren’t necessarily hard to deal with, but they’re so iconic and practically synonymous with the survival horror franchise, having been part of the original zombie lineup in 1996.

The worst thing that usually happens with these mutts is that they cause you to use one too many bullets as you try to deal with them. On occasion, you may be able to run from your problems, but if you have the spare ammo, more often than not, it’s better to put them down. They can overwhelm you quite easily or distract you long enough for a bigger and badder enemy to end your fight for survival.

A close up of the Resident Evil monster Eveline

Resident Evil Eveline

One of the most terrifying horror tropes is children, and Resident Evil’s Eveline is a perfect example of this. This child is a bioweapon, the main antagonist from Resident Evil 7, and her wrongdoings have a lasting impact on Resident Evil’s Ethan and his family. The ship on which Eveline is being transported crashes on the outskirts of a bog in Louisiana after she breaks free. The Baker family then takes her and Mia in, allowing Eveline to use her mold and take control of them.

She has to be on this list for the simple fact that she’s a kid who uses control and manipulation to wreak havoc on a poor family. If you play Resident Evil Village, you can see just how much of an impact she’s had, not everything is as it seems with the Winters’ patriarch.

A close up of the face of Resident Evil monster Lady Dimitrescu

Resident Evil Lady Dimitrescu

Mommy, step on me. Come on, every single one of you thought that the first time Resident Evil’s Lady Dimitrescu crossed your path. As a native of Resident Evil Village, she’s the most recent Resident Evil monster to debut on this list. Sure, at first glance, you might not necessarily think monster, but after you kill her daughters, steal her treasures, head to the forbidden tower of her castle, and stab her, you get to see the real Alcina Dimitrescu – then you’ll neither want to call her mommy or have her step on you.

The reason she makes it onto this list is that she’s perhaps the most intriguing of the four lords that reside in Resident Evil Village. That and so much intrigue and lore surround her; it’s baffling that she doesn’t have her own piece of DLC. Not that the Resident Evil Village DLC is bad mind you, it offers a great conclusion to the story of the Winters’ family, but Alcina has so much more to offer. Ah well, at least we get to explore her castle again in the Shadow of Rose expansion.

Unlike every other entry on this list, however, Alcina does demonstrate a caring nature, though this only applies to her three daughters – Bela, Cassandra, and Daniela. When you harm her kids, she becomes even more enraged. She’s still as evil as it gets, but her love for her children is pure.

A look at the Resident Evil monster hunter in its beta form

Resident Evil Hunters

Resident Evil hunters come in three distinct forms, each of which looks absolutely ghastly. Of course, this monster type is extremely deadly, and, as an early series creature, the Resident Evil Hunter holds a special place in my heart. Honestly, it’s nostalgia that has them on this list, as I don’t think they’re in the same league as Lickers, Tyrants, Nemesis, Lady D, or Wesker. They’re as pesky as the dogs, though, and we all remember dealing with these things in the sewers throughout Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3.

A look at the Resident Evil monster known as Wesker

Resident Evil Albert Wesker

Huh, Resident Evil’s Albert Wesker isn’t a monster? Ah, but he is dear reader. Sure, it takes a few games before we see him as a true monster, but he’s always been one. Perhaps that’s why he’s one of my favorite entries on this list, for he’s a monster through his actions in the first game and beyond, turning into a physical one at a later date. He’s the epitome of an evil human before he goes that one step further, turning himself into a bioweapon.

Plus, many fans worldwide eagerly await his return to the videogame series (maybe a Resident Evil 5 remake), and that supports the fact that he has an impressive legacy. Honestly, without Wesker, Resident Evil wouldn’t be what it is today.

With that, you know all of our contenders for the title of best Resident Evil monster. Should you want to bash even more brain munchers, check out our lists of the best Resident Evil games, horror games, and zombie games for Nintendo Switch and mobile.