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Cetoddle evolution guide

Cetoddle’s evolution, Cetitan, is a formidable ice-type that’s sure to be a boon to any team it joins, so long as you know how to evolve Cetoddle.

Cetoddle evolution: Cetitan stood behind Cetoddle in front of a light blue background

Cetoddle’s evolution, Cetitan, is undoubtedly one of the most powerful newcomers to the franchise, debuting in Paldea. While Cetoddle is a contender for one of the cutest creatures in the region, Cetitan is a reminder of what these powerful beasts can do, and given they reside in one of the harshest parts of Paldea, you need to know more about it.

Cetoddle and Cetitan are ice Pokémon, meaning they’re a serious threat to dragon Pokémon, ground Pokémon, flying Pokémon, and grass Pokémon. If you decide to brave the Glaseado Mountain, where they reside, you should scrub up on your ice Pokémon weakness knowledge. Maybe bring a fire Pokémon, such as Armarouge (our how to evolve Charcadet guide can help you get one).

Anyway, let’s take a look at Cetoddle’s evolution.

Who is Cetoddle?

Cetoddle is number 974 in the Pokédex, making it part of the generation nine line-up. This creature lives and breathes for the cold, though it originally lived in the ocean a very long time ago. In fact, it seems to be related to Wailmer. Nope, even if I squint I can’t see the family relation on this one.

Where can I catch Cetoddle?

We can tell you how to evolve the gen 9 Pokémon, but you need a Cetoddle for that to be useful, so allow us to tell you where to catch one. Fortunately for you, there are a few places in which you can find Cetoddle in Paldea:

  • West Province (Area Three)
  • North Province (Dalizapa Passage and Glaseado Mountain)
  • Tera Raid Battles

Cetoddle has quite a high base HP stat, so make sure you bring along a rock Pokémon to do some damage. Rockruff’s evolution, Lycanroc, is a fine choice; just remember to keep an eye on Cetoddle’s health to stop it from fainting.

Cetoddle evolution: Cetoddle, an ice stone, and Cetitan in front of a light blue background

How do I evolve Cetoddle?

Now that you have a Cetoddle, it’s time to evolve it into the mighty Cetitan. Like Shellder’s evolution, Gloom’s evolution, Murkrow’s evolution, and Floette’s evolution, you need to give Cetoddle an evolution stone. Given its type, it comes as no surprise that you need an ice stone to evolve Cetoddle. In Paldea, you can find ice stones in Glaseado Mountain and Dalizapa Passage.

Where can I catch Cetitan?

If you want to skip Cetoddle, you can go straight after its evolution. To catch Cetitan, you can find them wandering the land in Glaseado Mountain. You might also stumble across one in Terra Raid Battles. Cetitan is a fierce Pokémon, so prepare yourself with great balls, ultra balls, and a strong team.

While rock and fire types are a solid choice to battle Cetitan, steel Pokémon such as Bisharp’s evolution and Scyther’s evolution are also good choices.

How do I evolve Cetoddle in Pokémon Go?

Cetoddle isn’t in Pokémon Go at the moment. However, should the Paldea native arrive in the mobile game, we suspect it’ll take 50 candies to evolve Cetoddle into Cetitan. If and when Cetoddle arrives, we’ll be sure to update this guide with all the relevant information.

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