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Genshin Impact birthdays – all birthdays and mail

Never miss another Genshin Impact birthday mail with our handy guide, featuring every playable Genshin character's birthday, mail, gifts, and more.

Diluc wearing a birthday hat surrounded by party apparel and not looking impressed

Genshin Impact birthdays are special, because not only are they an opportunity to celebrate some of your favorite fictional friends, but you also receive a sweet letter from them and their specialty dish if you log in on the day. Yep – despite it being their birthday, they send you a present on their special day, how sweet is that? So, with the help of this guide, we’ll make sure you always know when your best pal’s birthday is, so you’ll know to log in and grab those sweet freebies.

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Genshin Impact birthdays

Every time a Genshin Impact birthday crops up, the character sends you a letter with a special dish and one or more additional gifts to celebrate. You don’t need to own the character to receive the birthday mail, or do anything in-game – you simply need to log in on the character’s birthday to receive your present.

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Note that a character’s birthday mail doesn’t adhere to the server’s normal daily reset timer, so you need to log in between midnight and 23:59 local time on the day of the character’s birthday to ensure you snag it. Currently, this is one of the only ways to receive most characters’ special dishes if you don’t own them, with rare exceptions such as Thoma’s ‘Warmth’, which he also gives you during his hangout event.

After opening Genshin Impact birthday mail, a copy of the letter is saved to your gift inbox, which you can access by clicking the envelope with a heart in the top-right corner of your mailbox. Each year you receive a slightly varying set of gifts from the characters. We’ve included what items they have sent out so far in the table below, so you can get an idea of the kind of treats you’re in for.

Character Birthday date Constellation Gift
Traveler Player’s choice Viator (male) or Viatrix (female) Cake for Traveler (on consumption, you receive one fragile resin and a copy of the cake which can no longer be used)
Wanderer January 3 Peregrinus 2023: one shimi chazuke, three delicious candied ajilenakh nut, three delicious baklava
Thoma January 9 Rubeum Scutum 2022: one delicious butter crab, one delicious mixed yakisoba, one warmth
2023: one delicious sashimi platter, one cream stew, one warmth
Diona January 18 Feles 2021: ten loach pearls, one definitely not bar food
2022: ten luminescent spines, one definitely not bar food
2023: five apples, five sunsettias, one definitely not bar food
Kirara January 22 Arcella TBA
Rosaria January 24 Spinea Corona 2022: ten windwheel asters, one dinner of judgement
2023: two wolfhook juice, one dinner of judgement
Lyney February 2 Felis Fuscus TBA
Lynette February 2 Felis Alba TBA
Alhaitham February 11 Vultur Volans 2023: one ideal circumstance, one teachings of ingenuity, one teachings of admonition, one teachings of praxis
Beidou February 14 Victor Mare 2021: ten violetgrass, two flash-fried filet
2022: ten noctilucous jade, one flash-fried filet
2023: one guide to diligence, one flash-fried filet
Kokomi February 22 Dracaena Somnolenta 2022: one guide to transience, one stunning stratagem
2023: five spectral heart, one stunning stratagem
Bennett February 29 Rota Calamitas 2021: one everflame seed, one Teyvat charred egg
2022: one boreal wolf’s milk tooth, one Teyvat charred egg
2023: ten small lamp grass, one Teyvat charred egg
Qiqi March 3 Pristina Nola 2021: ten whopperflower nectar, one no tomorrow
2022: ten wheat, one no tomorrow
2023: ten violetgrass, one no tomorrow
Yaoyao March 6 Osmanthus 2023: one Qingce household dish, one radish and fish stew, one fried radish balls
Shenhe March 10 Crista Doloris 2022: one heartstring noodles, ten whopperflower nectar
2023: ten qingxin, one heartstring noodles
Jean March 14 Leo Minor 2021: ten philanemo mushrooms, one invigorating pizza
2022: three windwheel aster, two chaos core, one invigorating pizza
2023: ten dandelion seeds, one invigorating pizza
Noelle March 21 Parama Cordis 2021: three satisfying salad, three lighter-than-air pancake
2022: five Adventurer’s Experience, one lighter-than-air pancake
2023: one lighter-than-air pancake, one shawarma wrap, one panipuri
Ayato March 26 Cypressus Custos 2023: two radish, ten crystal core, one quiet elegance
Aloy April 4 Nora Fortis 2022: ten meat, one satiety gel
2023: five chaos circuit, one satiety gel
Dehya April 7 Mantichora 2023: two rice, ten henna berry, one goldflame tajine
Xiao April 17 Alatus Nemeseos  2021: ten crystal cores, one sweet dream
2022: five starconch, one sweet dream
2023: ten crystal core, one sweet dream
Yelan April 20 Umbrabilis Orchis 2023: ten flaming flower stamen, one dew-dipped shrimp
Baizhu April 25 Lagenaria TBA
Diluc April 30 Noctua 2021: one once upon a time in Mondstadt, five apple ciders
2022: ten valberries, one once upon a time in Mondstadt
2023: one once upon a time in Mondstadt, one guide to ingenuity
Candace May 3 Sagitta Scutum 2023: two spice, ten rice, one utmost care
Collei May 8 Leptailurus Cervarius 2023: one yearning, one guide to praxis
Gorou May 18 Canis Bellatoris 2022: ten sango pearls, one victorious legend
2023: one victorious legend, five adventurer’s experience
Yun Jin May 21 Opera Grandis 2022: one cloud-shrouded jade, five grilled tiger fish, two pop’s teas
2023: one guide to diligence, one cloud-shrouded jade
Fischl May 27 Corvus  2021: ten crystal cores, one die heilige sinfonie
2022: ten sakura blooms, one die heilige sinfonie
2023: one die heilige sinfonie, one guide to ballad
Paimon June 1 N/A 2021: five sugar, five flour, ten slime condensate
2022: five sugar, five flour, five sunsettia
2023: five sugar, five flour, five zaytun peach
Itto June 1 Taurus Iracundus  2022: ten lavender melons, one way of the strong
2023: three scarab, three naku weed, three seagrass, one way of the strong
Lisa June 9 Tempus Fugit 2021: ten calla lilies, one mysterious bolognese
2022: one mysterious bolognese, two wolfhook juice
2023: one mysterious bolognese, one delicious rose custard
Venti June 16 Carmen Dei 2021: ten windwheel asters, one buoyant breeze
2022: ten cecilia, one buoyant breeze
2023: ten dandelion seeds, one buoyant breeze
Yoimiya June 21 Carassius Auratus 2022: two sugar, one summer festival fish, two taiyaki
2023: two sugar, one summer festival fish, two delicious sakura mochi
Cyno June 23 Lupus Aureus 2023: ten crystal core, one duel soul
Raiden Shogun June 26 Imperatrix Umbrosa 2022: two tricolor dango, two sakura mochi, two dango milk
2023: two tricolor dango, two onigiri, two berry mizu manjuu
Yae Miko June 27 Divina Vulpes 2022: ten sakura blooms, one fukuuchi udon
2023: one guide to elegance, one fukuuchi udon
Barbara July 5 Crater 2021: ten dandelion seeds, one spicy stew
2022: ten calla lily, one spicy stew
2023: ten fabric, one spicy stew
Kaveh July 9 Paradisaea 2023: ten coffee beans, one ‘the endeavor’
Sara July 14 Flabellum 2022: five kageuchi handguard, five old handguard, one faith eternal
2023: five kageuchi handguard, five old handguard, one faith eternal
Hu Tao July 15 Papilio Charontis  2021: ten violetgrass, one ghostly march
2022: one ghostly march, ten redrot bait
2023: five fowl, one ghostly march, five pine wood
Childe/Tartaglia July 20 Monoceros Caeli 2021: five starsilver, five chilled meat, one prize catch
2022: five sausage, five cheese, one prize catch
2023: one prize catch, one guide to freedom
Heizou July 24 Cervus Minor 2022: ten onikabuto, one the only truth
2023: one the only truth, three teachings of transience
Klee July 27 Trifolium 2021: one juvenile jade, one fish-flavored toast
2022: one guide to freedom, one fish-flavored toast
2023: one fish-flavored toast, ten dandelion seeds
Kuki Shinobu July 27 Tribulatia Demptio 2022: ten naku weed, one omurice waltz
2023: one omurice waltz, three delicious onigiri, three delicious katsu sandwich
Yanfei July 28 Bestia Iustitia 2021: one guide to prosperity, one “my way”
2022: five sanctifying unction, one “my way”
2023: one “my way”, one teachings of gold
Amber August 10 Lepus 2021: ten dandelion seeds, one outrider’s champion steak
2022: ten sweet flowers, one outrider’s champion steak
2023: one champion outrider’s steak, three windwheel aster, three small lamp grass
Mika August 11 Palumbus 2023: one surveyor’s breakfast sandwich, one delicious pile ’em up, one delicious northern smoked chicken
Faruzan August 20 Flosculi Implexi 2023: One guide to admonition, and one traditionally-made charcoal-baked ajilenakh cake
Ningguang August 26 Opus Aequilibrium 2021: one glaze lily, eight Qiankun mora meat
2022: one delicious adeptus’ temptation, one delicious chicken tofu pudding, and one Qiankun mora meat
2023: ten glaze lily, and one Qiankun mora meat
Mona August 31 Astrolabos 2021: three teachings of gold, one der weisheit letzter schluss (life)
2022: one der weisheit letzter schluss (life), and three teachings of resistance
2023: ten rainbow rose, and one der weisheit letzter schluss (life)
Chongyun September 7 Nubis Caesor 2021: ten silk flowers, and one cold noodles with mountain delicacies
2022: ten qingxin, and one cold noodles with mountain delicacies
2023: ten mist flower corolla, and one cold noodles with mountain delicacies
Razor September 9 Lupus Minor 2021: ten ceclilias, one puppy-paw hash brown
2022: ten raw meat, one puppy-paw hash brown
2023: ten wolfhook, one puppy-paw hash brown
Albedo September 13 Princeps Cretaceus  2021: two berry & mint bursts, one woodland dream
2022: one woodland dream, one guide to ballad
2023: five yellow dye, one woodland dream, one delicious fruits of the festival
Freminet September 24 Automaton 2023: ten romaritime flower, one seabird’s sojourn
Ayaka September 28 Grus Nivis 2021: ten sakura blooms, one snow on the hearth
2022: one snow on the hearth, five famed handguard
2023: ten sakura blooms, one snow on the hearth
Xingqiu October 9 Fabulae Textile 2020: three teachings of ballad, one all-delicacy parcels
2021: ten silk flower, one all-delicacy parcels
2022: one all-delicacy parcels, five shimmering nectar
2023: three inspector’s sacrificial knife, one all-delicacy parcels
Xinyan October 16 Fila Ignium 2021: ten cuihua wood, one rockin’ riffin’ chicken
2022: one rockin’ riffin’ chicken, ten flaming flower stamen
Sayu October 19 Nyctereutes Minor  2021: ten unagi meat, one dizziness-be-gone no jutsu version 2.0
2022: one dizziness-be-gone no jutsu version 2.0, ten crystal core
Eula October 25 Aphros Delos 2021: one guide to resistance, one stormcrest pie
2022: one stormcrest pie, ten starsilver
Nahida October 27 Sapientia Oromasdis TBA
Kazuha October 29 Acer Palmatum 2021: one guide to elegance, one all-weather beauty
2022: one all-weather beauty, ten kalpalata lotus
Xiangling November 2 Trulla 2020: ten slime condensate, one Wanmin Restaurant’s boiled fish
2021: five pufferfish, one chili-mince cornbread buns, one Wanmin Restaurant’s boiled fish
2022: one Wanmin Restaurant’s boiled fish, five raw meat, five mushrooms
Keqing November 20 Trulla Cementarii  2020: ten cor lapis, one survival grilled fish
2021: ten qingxin flowers, one survival grilled fish
2022: one survival grilled fish, one guide to prosperity
Wriothesley November 23 Cerberus TBA
Sucrose November 26 Ampulla 2020: one hurricane seed, ten nutritious meal (V.593)
2021: five spectral nucleus, one nutritious meal (V.593)
2022: one nutritious meal (V.593), five luminescent pollen
Kaeya November 30 Pavo Ocellus 2020: five apple cider, one fruity skewer
2021: ten crystal cores, one fruity skewer
2022: one apple cider, one mint jelly, one fruity skewer
Ganyu December 2 Sinae Unicornis  2021: five qingxin, one qingxin seed, one prosperous peace
2022: one prosperous peace, ten glaze lily
Nilou December 3 Lotos Somno 2022: one swirling steps, ten padisarah
Neuvilette December 18 Leviathan Judicator TBA
Layla December 19 Luscinia 2022: one extravagant slumber, three teachings of ingenuity
Dori December 21 Magicae Lucerna 2022: one show me the mora, ten rukkhashava mushrooms
Tighnari December 29 Vulpes Zerda 2022: one forest watcher’s choice, ten crystal core, two spice
Zhongli December 31 Lapis Dei 2020: one philosophies of gold, one slow-cooked bamboo shoot soup
2021: one dream solvent, one slow-cooked bamboo shoot soup
2022: one slow-cooked bamboo shoot soup, nine jueyun chili

Cake for Traveler

Cake for Traveler is a gift you receive every year on your birthday via in-game mail. As mentioned above, hitting ‘use’ on Cake for Traveler gives you two fragile resin, and a copy of the cake that can no longer be used.

Every year on September 28 00:00 (server time) the in-game cake receives a new design update. There was an issue where the wrong cake arrived via mail for some travelers, as mentioned in the mail screenshotted in this Reddit post. Hoyoverse has since corrected this error, and anyone who received the wrong cake should now find the correct one in their inbox.

And that’s it for all the Genshin Impact birthdays so far. We’ll be sure to update this guide as Hoyoverse releases new characters and sends out fresh birthday mail. In the meantime, head over to our list of the best games like Genshin Impact to find your next adventure.