The best horse Pokémon

We’ve put together a list of the best horse Pokémon across the entire roster, so you can saddle up and head out on a fresh monster-taming adventure

Custom image of two blacked out horse Pokemon on a anime background

Game Freak’s series of monster-taming games have consistently given us incredible interpretations of some of our favourite animals, and the same can certainly be said of all the horse Pokémon across the 900+ roster. From blazing manes and muddy hooves to the wistful whinnying of a ghost in the stables, there’s a little something for all budding Pokémon equestrians out there.

So, we’ve put together this list of the best horse Pokémon, making it easier for you to find the fine filly you want to adventure across a new land with. For the purpose of making this list more interesting we’ll also be including horse-type animals, you know, your deer, zebras, that kind of thing. Otherwise, I can’t talk about my personal favourite, and, well, that just won’t do.

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With that out of the way, let’s saddle up and buckle down for our list of the best horse Pokémon

Horse Pokémon

Both the normal and galarian version of Ponyta and Rapidash for horse Pokemon list

Ponyta / Rapidash

The OG horse Pokémon Ponyta and Rapidash are instantly recognisable to those who grew up playing Pokémon Red and Blue, and they even got a fancy new makeover for gen eight with the perfect pink Galarian Ponyta and Rapidash. Despite never really making much of a mark on the meta through almost every season of competitive Pokémon, Rapidash still stands tall as one of the simplistic but creative designs that made the first generation of catching ‘em all so iconic.

Custom image of Mudbray and Mudsdale for horse Pokemon list

Mudbray / Mudsdale

It took a while for another non-legendary horse to arrive, but when it did it came with some serious firepower. Mudsdale may as well be a legendary given its power. Mudsdale is one of the best earthquake setters across the entire roster of Pokémon, not just fellow hoof-havers, with a 125 attack stat and stab-boost that is sure to knock any electric or fire-types for six. You might not expect it when you first encounter a sweet little Mudbray, but this thing is a beast, and picking one up in the wild area of Pokémon Sword and Shield can help kickstart your adventure.

Custom image of Keldeo for horse Pokemon list


Our first legendary horse, or unicorn if you ask some due to the big ol’ horn on its head, is Keldeo. As the de facto leader of the Swords of Justice, Keldeo is a threat to any team, thanks to a diverse movepool, speed and special attack stats that make it something of a potential sweeper, and a water/fighting hybrid typing that opens up a myriad of super effective possibilities.

Custom image of Zebstrika for horse Pokemon list

Blitzle / Zebstrika

It’s the first almost-horse Pokémon on our list, yes it’s Blitzle and Zebstrika, the Zebra Pokémon. While hardly electrifying the Pokémon world with either its design, stats, or movepool, Zebstrika makes the case for a future Pokémon safari game, and that’s something we’d love to see. Can you picture it? A wide savannah complete with Girfafarig, Donphan, and yes, of course, Zebstrika.

Custom image of Stantler and Wyrdeer for horse Pokemon list

Stantler / Wyrdeer

For years, Stantler was possibly one of the most boring Pokémon across the entire roster, with it being a normal type with no moves or abilities to write home about. Then Pokémon Legends Arceus arrived, along with Wydreer, the new normal/psychic hybrid that functions as your way of getting across Hisui on land. Sure, we haven’t seen Wydeer in a competitive environment yet, with PLA not using any online battle features, but from its iconic status as a mystical deer of the mountains of old Sinnoh (and it’s close enough to a horse Pokémon, right?).

Custom image of Glastrier and Spectrier for horse Pokemon list

Glastrier / Spectrier

Gen eight seemingly took one look at Keldeo and said, “do you know what’s better than one legendary horse Pokémon? Two legendary horse Pokémon!” And they’re not wrong. Arriving alongside the final DLC package for Pokémon Sword and Shield, Glastrier and Spectrier add a touch of nobility to the Isle of Armor, as well as a serious shake-up to the competitive meta. This is especially true of Glastrie, the ice-type, who leaves any dragon-type users trembling in its wake. Spectrier, unfortunately, is a bit of a glass cannon when it comes to battling, but it still has a pretty spooky mane, and we have to respect that.

There you have it, our picks for the best horse Pokémon. While you’re here, get your phone up to date with the latest apps with our Hulu download, Zoom download, and Disney Plus download guides.