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Normal Pokémon weakness, resistance, and strength

Learning Normal Pokémon weaknesses makes it a lot easier to fight and go against these seemingly highly resistant creatures in your battles.

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The normal Pokémon weakness isn’t as obvious as others; even after all these years, some trainers still can not adjust their teams to decimate normal-types. To be fair, a lot of these creatures are quite forgettable, though some do make themselves known. Still, you need to know what the normal-type weakness is and maybe learn their strengths and resistances, too.

Our list of the best normal Pokémon points out the more memorable ‘mon in this category, so look there if you’re determined to have a normal-type on your team. We also have electric Pokémon, poison Pokémon, bug Pokémon, water Pokémon, dark Pokémon, grass Pokémon, fire Pokémon, and ice Pokémon guides to help you fill out the other spots on your team.

Here’s what you need to know about the normal Pokémon weakness:

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What are the normal Pokémon weaknesses?

The only normal Pokémon weakness is fighting-types, so maybe give that some thought before you throw them in the ring with Lucario and Machamp.

Best Normal Pokémon counters

As the only weakness normal Pokémon have is against fighting-types, you want to consider the likes of Hitmonlee, Lucario, Hitmonchan, Primeape, and the following:

Each of our above picks are fighting Pokémon, meaning they can decimate any normal-type they encounter. Better still, normal Pokémon aren’t super effective against any type, so there’s a lesser chance that they can do much damage to your Pokémon. However, it’s still wise to consider potential secondary-types that a normal creature may have. Pidgeot is a prime example, as while it’s a normal-type, it also falls under the flying category, which is super effective against fighting Pokémon.

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What are the normal Pokémon resistances?

Normal Pokémon have no resistances but are immune to ghost-type attacks. However, this goes both ways, as any normal move goes straight through the otherworldly Pokémon. So, while there is only one official normal Pokémon weakness, don’t bring one without a dark-type move to any haunted Pokémon house – you’ll both be there all day, causing no damage if you don’t.

What are the normal Pokémon strengths?

Normal Pokémon aren’t super-effective against any type, and that might just be the saddest thing I’ve ever heard. Seriously, not a single one. Oof, that’s gotta suck for Raticate, Persian, Furret, and Stantler. We don’t wanna say basic, but…

Well, there you have it. You finally know what the normal Pokémon weakness is. To learn how to best the other types, make sure you check out our dark Pokémon weakness, ghost Pokémon weakness, flying Pokémon weakness, ghost Pokémon weakness, steel Pokémon weakness, psychic Pokémon weakness, ice Pokémon weakness, and electric Pokémon weakness guides.