Normal Pokémon weakness, resistance, and strength

When you know what the normal Pokémon weakness is, it becomes a lot easier to deal with these seemingly highly resistant creatures.

Normal Pokemon weakness - Furret looking cute in front of a yellow background

What is the normal Pokémon weakness? This is a question that you may or may not ask yourself. It depends on how often you think about these middle-of-the-road creatures. That’s not to say that they’re bad, more that there isn’t a lot to them when it comes to strengths and resistances. Still, it’s only right to tell you what the normal-type weakness is.

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Anyway, onto what you need to know about the normal Pokémon weakness.


What are the normal Pokémon weaknesses?

The only type that normal Pokémon are especially weak to is fighting, so maybe don’t give your ‘mon false hope that they’re the next Mike Tyson.

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What are the normal Pokémon resistances?

Normal Pokémon don’t have any resistances but are immune to ghost-type attacks. However, this goes both ways, as any normal move goes straight through the otherworldly Pokémon.

What are the normal Pokémon strengths?

This is just sad. There isn’t a single type that normal Pokémon are super-effective against. Seriously, not a single one. Oof, that’s gotta suck for Raticate, Persian, Furret, and Stantler. Oh well, just teach them some moves from other types, and you can cause some damage.

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