Getting Medieval on Your Arch: Bridge Constructor Medieval On the Way

Military strategists call this the Temple of Doom maneuver

Military strategists call this the Temple of Doom maneuver

Here’s something that I never would have considered putting on the front page of Pocket Tactics if it weren’t for one thing: Owen loves Bridge Constructor. Apparently, Owen missed his calling as a civil engineer.

Whereas Bridge Constructor had you building modern spans, the sequel is titled Bridge Constructor Medieval and I’ll give you three guesses as to which time period you’re playing in this time. Like the original, none of this is taken too seriously and part of the fun is watching your creations collapse into piles of wood and stone. The change to the medieval time frame (you did figure that out, right?) means you’ll have barbarians launching catapults at your bridges while you’re building them, and instead of cars and trucks, you’ll have to make bridges that protect your troops as they cross, and collapse when enemy troops make the same journey.

The game features a campaign with an overarching storyline, new bridge types and new materials to build your bridges. If you’re curious, you won’t have to wait long. Bridge Constructor Medieval will be released for iOS and Android on May 1st. More screens after the break.

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Take On Me: Interactive Comic Book SXPD Coming to iPad

Apparently the bad guys are children. As a parent, I was already aware of this.

Apparently the bad guys are children. As a grumpy old person, I was already aware of this. GET OFF MY LAWN!

Racing games are usually not something we cover here at Pocket Tactics, but this one looks just so damn amazing we couldn’t resist. It’s called SXPD and it gives you a motorcycle and guns in something that looks a lot like Sin City. The story revolves around an all-female police force in a lawless future. Marv would approve, I think.

Included is an original comic book that opens up into 6 chapters that you then get to interact with, and….okay, I’m not doing this any justice. Just go look at the videos and you’ll see why SXPD made the news today.

Oh, and if you’re living in the Great White North, SXPD for iPad is already available for $1. No clue when it will release worldwide.

And now those trailers I’ve been talking about:

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Review: Yomi

I'm not proud of liking Argagarg. He's the sort of annoying character who always blocks, except exactly when you try to throw him.

In my head, K.O. always occurs in the voice of the announcer from Tekken, which is badly synced to Bruce Lee’s lips.

Yomi is a mobile game which simulates a card game which simulates a (non-existent) fighting game from designer Dave Sirlin’s Fantasy Strike universe. With the dexterity element stripped away, fighting games generally come down to snap predictions about the choices your opponent will make; it’s always possible to counter their choices if you guess correctly (which is why they’re often compared to rock-paper-scissors). Sirlin has popularized the term “yomi” among English-speaking audiences as a way of describing the reading of the opponent necessary to play such games well. This same skill is at the heart of games with simultaneous action selection, recently seen in Frozen Synapse, so the card game involves choosing your card at the same time as your opponent. There’s a fair amount of bookkeeping involved in the many ways the game embroiders this simple mechanic, though, and having the computer take care of all of that is one of the two great blessings of this version, the other being the availability of opponents, even on other platforms.

Sirlin is a polarizing designer. Like Keith Burgun, he has unusually strong and well-articulated views about the qualities of games he enjoys. Some regard his games as borrowing overly heavily from others, while others see him as possessing an ability to fix the serious problems with existing games and produce a far more refined, more rigorously playtested experience with a dramatically different character. While not dismissing any of these as irrelevant, our focus here will remain Yomi.

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What a Rush: 1849 Begins on May 8

Before these people get too excited about ham, should we tell them what Mr. Wu's pigs have been eating?

Before these people get too excited about ham, should we tell them what Mr. Wu’s pigs have been eating?

Remember back when Owen was lamenting the lack of decent sims on mobile devices? Well, since then not much has changed. In fact, things may have gotten worse. Hopefully that all changes on May 8 with the release of gold-rush sim/city-builder 1849.

SomaSim has released the game for early access on all platforms, including iPad and Android tablets. Unfortunately, only folks in the magical lands of Australia and New Zealand get early release on tablets. The rest of us have to settle for the PC/Mac version or wait for May 8 when it goes live worldwide.

SomaSim also released a new batch of screenshots, and the more I look at this game the more I’m reminded of the old city-builders from Impressions. If you’ve played Caesar or Pharoah, you know what a huge compliment that is.

New screenshots and a trailer after the break.

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Duck Season, Warbit Season: Warbits Coming in 2014

This looks remarkably like something I drew on the cover of my Trapper Keeper in 8th grade

The story behind Warbits is basically the same tale as A Taste of Armageddon, where wars are fought by computers rather than by sending people into actual battle. Of course, in that Kirk-tastic episode, the fake wars were followed by civilians being marched into disintegration stations. I’m guessing that players of Warbits will not be expected to comply in likewise fashion, but that is just a guess.

Risky Lab is a 2-man shop that have been working on Warbits for 2 years now and, today, we have a new trailer in which we get a glimpse of some actual gameplay. Are you paying attention, Disruptor Beam? Warbits is a turn-based strategy game that offers a single-player campaign as well as online play for up to 4 players either as teams or in a free-for-all.

No ETA on release, but they do know that it will cost $3 on iOS Universal when it does. Trailer after the break.

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Out Tonight: Hearthstone (it’s out now) and a bunch of other games that aren’t Hearthstone…'s here.

Finally…it’s here.

When I started writing this post, Hearthstone was still only available in Canada, New Zealand and Australia. That’s not the case anymore.

Hearthstone is now available for iPad worldwide, and can be downloaded, as we speak, for free. (Not sure why we’re surprised. Owen predicted this weeks ago.)

It’s quite possible that no iOS game has been as anticipated or hyped before it’s release as Hearthstone, but there’s good reason for both. First, when a major studio like Blizzard starts making original games with the iPad in mind, it gives the platform some much needed gravitas, and, more importantly, Hearthstone is just that good. Best of all, it’s free (and that’s a real free…you don’t need to spend any money unless you want to), so you should probably go and check it out.

News like this tends to overshadow the other releases, but we have some other good ones coming tonight as well.

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One Giant Leo for Mankind: Leo’s Fortune Coming Next Week

The old suicide squeeze play

The old suicide squeeze play

It’s good to know that tribbles have something to do during periods of downtime. In fact, watching the trailer for Leo’s Fortune, it looks like tribbles are actually pretty kick-ass, and are closer to ninjas than they are to space rabbits. Now, some of you might be thinking that Leo’s not a tribble, and you might be right. Of course, the only other thing he could be is Oscar the Grouch’s decapitated, yet still functioning (and strangely mustachioed), head. I’ll stick to my tribble theory.

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Go Into the Light: The Shadow Sun Gets Pooch Update, Android Coming

Apparently, Thoros of Myr works for the city guard.

Apparently, Thoros of Myr works for the city guard.

The Shadow Sun is a rarity. It’s a roleplaying game for iOS that is actually really good. Sure we have the Baldur’s Gate series and the Spiderweb games, but Shadow Sun is a third-person, open world RPG that actually works on mobile devices. An update for Shadow Sun was just released which doesn’t add anything to the world or story. It doesn’t change character skills or leveling. No, this update gives you a dog.

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