Raise the main-sale: Black Friday deals are in effect

Spend Black Friday with this guy, or with us? You decide.

Spend Black Friday with this guy, or with us? You decide.

If you’ve been conscious at any point since late August, you might have heard something about Black Friday. Apparently, it’s when crazy people head out to stores at ungodly hours for the sole purpose of finding another reason to become a misanthrope.

I know, Pocket Tactics readers aren’t in that bunch. Nope, they’re doing their shopping online and relaxing with an electronic diversion and a cold drink. We’re here for you. The App Store has Black Friday just like everyone else, so we’re going to bring you all the deals we’ve uncovered.

Sit back, relax, and peruse the list of games on sale this weekend. We begin with Playdek right after the break.

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Jolly, candy-like button: Coding Monkeys dropping One Button Travel tomorrow

This was the most spoiler-free image I could find.

This was the most spoiler-free image I could find.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day here in the US, meaning that everyone will be too busy watching football and eating turkey to be bothered to download new games. This means two things for Pocket Tactics readers: we won’t be posting at all tomorrow, but I will get a list of Black Friday sales posted before the weekend. Secondly, there’s not a lot going on with the App Store tonight, so no Out Tonight post today. If you’re not in the US and could care less about all this, don’t worry, The Coding Monkeys have your back. Tomorrow will see the release of their latest game, One Button Travel.

One Button Travel is an odd mix of interactive fiction and puzzle game. I’ve been playing around with it for a little bit, and it feels very Simogo-like so far. The story involves time travel and…other stuff. I don’t want to spoil anything, but there are some heavy issues dealt with: immigration, bureaucracy, isolation, and more. The game consists of over 55,000 words, so it’s going to take a bit of work to make your way through everything. The best part about it is that it oozes the polish that we’ve come to expect from The Coding Monkeys.

One Button Travel will hit the App Store tomorrow for iOS Universal and will cost $3. Check out the trailer and gameplay video after the break. The gameplay trailer does show some minor spoilers, so beware if you want to play One Button Travel completely spoiler-free.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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No need for the Tox Uthat: Real time strategy game Devouring Stars moving from PC to iOS

They really outdid themselves this year on the 4th of July.

They really outdid themselves this year on the 4th of July.

Devouring Stars is a sci-fi, real-time strategy game which means you’re probably thinking it runs along the lines of StarCraft. Well, purge your neocortex because Devouring Stars is nothing like StarCraft. In fact, it’s not like any RTS that I’ve ever seen. It’s been available for PC/Mac since July, and is making its way to iOS on December 10.

Devouring Stars puts you in the shoes of tribe of aliens who are each as large as an entire galaxy and are being hunted across the universe by four similar tribes. Unlike other RTS games, there are no buildings or tech trees in Devouring Stars. Instead, your entities merge into each other, creating different beings each with unique abilities and powers. Along the way you’ll devour star fields, create nebulae, deal with black holes and do a whole bunch of things on Neil deGrasse Tyson’s bucket list.

The game has a lengthy single player campaign as well as randomly generated scenarios for unlimited replayability. Releasing on Dec. 10, it will be available for iOS Universal with no word on how much it will cost us.

If, like me, you’re reading this and it makes little sense, head past the break and watch the trailer.

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Better late than Neverwinter: Pathfinder Adventure Card Game delayed until early 2016

You'll never guess what the jokes revolve around when this card gets played.

You’ll never guess what my kids’ jokes revolve around when this card gets played.

One of the most anticipated games on my list is the digital version of Paizo‘s RPG-lite card game, Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. We’ve seen it at two successive Gen Con’s now, and the feeling was that it was going to be released at some point in 2015. As developer Nathan Davis spelled out in a lengthy post today, that’s not the case. Instead, we can expect to see PACG some time in early 2016.

“What’s the deal?” I hear you cry out in anguish. First of all, calm down, it’s just a game. Secondly, stuff happens and in this case, it’s mostly good stuff. Sure, we won’t get the game for a bit, but the reason is that they just keep adding and changing more and more stuff to the point where scope creep has taken physical form and moved into a cubicle just down from Nathan’s.

While the card game has been available for a few years now, as they’ve been adding cards they realize that some of them don’t work in a digital version very well. Instead of forcing them, they’ve been tweaking the rules and effects of some of the cards. Also, whereas the cardboard version has several copies of certain cards, they’re using the extra time to mix it up a bit. For example, instead of 1,237,798* copies of Chain Mail that come in the physical version, here they’re adding several different versions of Chain Mail, each with slightly different properties and new art, to change it up. That’s not all, though, they’ve also created brand new cards that you won’t find in the cardboard version.

From the update, it sounds like there’s a lot more to tell. After months (and months) of near silence on PACG, we’re just happy that they’re saying anything. As usual, we’ll let you know if any more beans are spilled.

Oh, and before you berate me in the comments about my geographical ineptitude, I’m aware that Neverwinter doesn’t exist in Pathfinder. I was simply too happy with the pun lazy to change it.



Road to somewhere: Uwe Rosenberg’s Glass Road arriving in November, trailer released

Is it just me, or do a lot of Uwe’s designs look the same? [Image by André E]

2015 had been shaping up to be a rather down year on the App Store if you were a board game fan. November has changed all that. Apart from the massive update to Ticket to Ride that landed last week, we’ve also seen two games from esteemed designer Martin Wallace hit the App Store, Brass and Steam. I haven’t even mentioned the release of Uwe Rosenberg‘s two-player game, Le Havre: The Inland Port which arrived a couple weeks ago as well. Apparently Uwe didn’t want Martin to get all the good press this November. We just learned that another Uwe Rosenberg game is set to launch before the end of November, Glass Road.

Glass Road, and I’m quoting here, commemorates the 700-year-old tradition of glass-making in the Bavarian Forest. And you thought farming was a strange theme for a board game. Glass Road is a 1-4 player game, but conventional wisdom claims that it’s best as a two-player experience. In the game you’ll play cards that act as Specialists and allow you to take actions such as constructing new buildings or gaining resources, typical eurogame stuff. The rub is that specialists are played simultaneously, and if you play the same one as another player then that card only gives you one action. If you manage to play a card that’s unplayed by the others, you get the card’s full two actions.

Glass Road will be available for iOS Universal and Android and should be out before the end of November, unless those pesky Apple reviewers get in the way. At this point, it’s all looking like we should have it by early next week. The game will have solo play vs. AI as well as pass-and-play and online multiplayer.

Oh, and we forgot to mention that we also have a brand new trailer for the game. Check it out after the break.

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San what?: Acclaimed card game San Juan returns to the App Store

I'd like to direct.

I’d like to direct.

Whenever there’s a new version of iOS introduced [that would be every year around October, you dolt -ed.] there are always some casualties that end up broken and pulled from the App Store. One of those that didn’t make it through the iOS 9 release was San Juan, a card game based on Puerto Rico from designer Andreas Seyfarth. We’re happy to say that it’s back in the App Store, and its iOS 9 troubles seem to have been ironed out.

San Juan doesn’t get a lot of press, but it’s one of the better card game ports on the App Store. The game includes the role selection of its big brother, but plays much quicker and without the fear of annoying that Puerto Rico fanatic sitting to your right. Unlike Puerto Rico, you don’t score points from shipping goods, but instead from constructing buildings that you’ll find in the 110 card deck. The game has AI to play solo games as well as pass-and-play and online options for multiplayer.

You can pick up San Juan for both iOS Universal and Android devices and it will cost you $5. Have no idea what we’re talking about? Watch the trailer after the break.

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Clash of Kings: Telltale confirms a second season for their Game of Thrones adventure series

Now all we need is the maiden fair.

Now all we need is the maiden fair.

It was just last week that Telltale Games finally wrapped up all six episodes of their adventure series based on HBO’s Game of Thrones. For those of us who wanted the ability to binge play through the entire season, it was a good day. Over the weekend, however, Telltale announced that they’re busy at work on a second season of Game of Thrones which makes me wonder, do I start now or wait until the end of season 2? What is there’s a season 3? At this pace, I may never start the damn things.

Telltale sat down with The Hollywood Reporter who broke the story last Friday, confirming that a second season is in the works and it will continue the story of House Forrester from the first series. Don’t click that link to Hollywood Reporter unless you’ve played the first season of GoT. It’s spoilerific. Other than that, details are spotty. It will definitely be an episodic based game, like all their adventure series, and development is underway. No release windows or anything exciting like that, though.

If you want to check out the first season of Game of Thrones, you can nab it for iOS Universal or Android. The first episode is free, with the remaining five episodes running for $5/each. There’s also an option to grab the entire season for $20.

We have nothing to show you for season 2, but after the break you can see the release trailer for The Ice Dragon, the final episode of season one that landed just last week.

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Review: Reiner Knizia’s Dice Monsters

The Beatrice twins are great fun at wampa parties on Hoth.

The Beatrice twins are great fun at wampa parties on Hoth.

This review of Reiner Knizia’s Dice Monsters will largely focus on the criticism that the game feels random. That’s not very insightful. After all, the title of the game has the word “dice” right in it. But that visceral negative reaction, that a game “feels random”, is actually sort of puzzling. Most of the games I enjoy have substantial randomness to manage, and games which give players lots of choices can still evoke that reaction. Fortunately, I was trained as a philosopher [you don’t say? Read on… -ed.], so I’m always attracted to an opportunity to gaze deeply into my navel and extract a clearer meaning for something my gut has told me on several occasions is naturally fuzzy. Perhaps this will help: if you read on, we’ll mostly be talking about responsibility, that beloved topic of mom speeches and after-school specials. 

If that doesn’t get you to jump past the break, I’m not sure what else I can do.

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