These are the best Android games of 2019 (According to Google)

By Joe Robinson 04 Dec 2019 0

Yesterday we highlighted Apple’s 2019 retrospective on what they considered to be the best games of 2019, as well as a look at their ‘Most Downloaded’ charts across free and paid. We were looking on the Play Store last night and spotted that Google have also done their own version, so let’s take a look at what they have to say about the best games on android this year…

Best Android Game 2019

Let’s start with the big one. Perhaps disappointingly, Google have crowned Call of Duty: Mobile as their best game of 2019. Considering we’ve had a lot of games come out this year, I would have thought Google could do better than this, but I do agree that it’s the best mobile shooter to have come out this year. Not that the bar is high there, but to give credit where credit’s due Activision have done a pretty good job porting their flagship shooter to mobile.

call of duty mobile tips

It plays well (even better now we can officially use controllers again) and the micro-transactions aren't actually as bad as they could be (given this is Activision). If you’re a COD fan, this is actually a pretty good way of getting that fix on the go. Doesn’t necessarily make it game of the year, though.

Best User’s Choice Android Game 2019

Now this is more like it - real people having a say, we’re bound to get something interesting. It’s…Call of Duty: Mobile again. Ok then.

Not going to lie, a bit disappointing, but it could be Google are just looking at downloads. If you look at the nominees for this category, they’re all basically the Usual Suspects of current free-to-play mobile games. Harry Potter Wizards Unite, Mario Kart Tour, AFK Arena… you get the idea.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Released

There’s a Best Competitive category, but there’s nothing in there worth shouting out about (Brawl Stars is at the top) apart from some random Free-to-Play Tennis game, but only because I wasn't expecting that to be on such a list.

Best Indie Android Games 2019

This seems to be the category where games we’d be interested in reside, with the top spot going to Chuchel. It’s not one we’ve looked at here but I have heard good things about it on the grapevine so nice to see some recognition.

Other featured games include Stardew Valley, Grimvalor and Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery.


Best Android Casual Game is another category we’ll skip a full break-down. It’s not as bad as you might think, but it does feature games like Mario Kart Tour and Toy Story Drop!, with the top spot going to Fishing Life.

Best Innovative Android Games 2019

This is another potentially interesting category, although we’re not familiar with top most game - a free-to-play rogue-like dungeon crawler called Archero. The other games in this category do show how creative developers have been this year though:

  • AutoChess - which I think is a brilliant format for mobile, so long as a decent ‘short’ version can be created.
  • Minit - Devolver Digital’s innovative puzzle game where your avatar only has 60 seconds to live.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades and Assassin’s Creed Rebellion are also featured, which have some interesting aspects to them as well (although perhaps ‘innovative’ is a bit of a stretch).

There you have it - the best games on Google Play/Android, according to Google. What do you Android readers think about this? What games would you want to highlight? Answers on a postcard!



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