April 2022 Archive

Grab some goodies in the Blue Archive Countdown Start event29 April 2022
Save some coins with Nintendo’s Spring Into Action sale today29 April 2022
Fight back in the FFVII: The First Soldier Bahamut Sin event29 April 2022
Glitch Busters: Stuck on You brings frantic fun to Switch28 April 2022
The best city-building games on Switch and mobile28 April 2022
Bugsnax Switch review - going down a treat28 April 2022
US mobile puzzle game spending hit a staggering $5bn in the last year28 April 2022
Celebrate friendship with Shaymin at Pokémon Go Fest 202228 April 2022
Grab some pals as the Rainbow Six Mobile closed alpha is nearly here28 April 2022
Take a stand in Com2uS’ tactical RPG Chromatic Souls: AFK Raid28 April 2022
Delve into Dungeons of Dreadrock on Nintendo Switch soon27 April 2022
Our Bugsnax giveaway is now over27 April 2022
A PUBG New State NieR crossover is coming soon27 April 2022
Our Penguin Tycoon giveaway has now ended27 April 2022
Pokémon Unite introduces a premium subscription - prepare for trouble27 April 2022
Puffpals: Island Skies soars past its Kickstarter goal27 April 2022
Hey! What’s going on? Skeletor returns in the He-Man Roblox crossover27 April 2022
The best music games for Switch and mobile - take notes26 April 2022
Poco reveals a phone with triggers like a game controller26 April 2022
Lock, load, survive with 38% off the Resident Evil Triple Pack26 April 2022
Let out your wild side with Call of Duty: Mobile Wild Dogs26 April 2022
Pokémon Go mega evolutions are going through some changes26 April 2022
Final Fantasy-inspired Chained Echoes release date nears26 April 2022
The House of the Dead: Remake Switch review - dead good or a zom-bore?25 April 2022
Poco X4 Pro 5G review – luxury on a budget25 April 2022
The Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion release date is set for mobile25 April 2022
Ubisoft called in 11 studios for back up with Rainbow Six Mobile25 April 2022
What will you uncover in Tears of Themis Secrets of the Tomb?25 April 2022
Get creative with the enhanced Livik map in PUBG Mobile version 2.025 April 2022
The best Nintendo Switch MMORPGs25 April 2022
WWE SuperCard QR codes25 April 2022
Nintendo Switch Online adds Sonic Spinball + Shining Force II22 April 2022
Celebrate Artem’s birthday in Tears of Themis Days to Re-Live Forever22 April 2022
Can you survive doomsday in the Project: Arrival beta?22 April 2022
The best Warhammer games on Switch and mobile22 April 2022
Sign up for Mythic Legends pre-registration to get some goodies22 April 2022
You better werk it in the Project Makeover Queer Eye collaboration22 April 2022
Fortnite skins - Moon Knight and Wu-Tang Clan drop in21 April 2022
Best Pokémon toys - pick up a Pikachu today21 April 2022
Boot up and log in, PCGamesN is hiring21 April 2022
SGH partners with Tree-Nation for reforestation efforts21 April 2022
Grab some great rewards with Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds pre-registration21 April 2022
Alchemy Stars update reveals the race to the end of the world21 April 2022
Best games like Kirby on Switch20 April 2022
Grab an N. Sane bargain with 33% off the Crash trilogy20 April 2022
Expelliarmus! Harry Potter: Magic Awakened pre-registrations are open20 April 2022
Wild Rift patch 3.1b brings some welcome changes20 April 2022
The best skateboarding games on Switch and mobile19 April 2022
The Last Worker adds Zelda Williams to its cast19 April 2022
Puck-er up - the best hockey games on Switch and mobile19 April 2022
Get a mouthful of the Tetris 99 Kirby Grand Prix event19 April 2022
Get ready to bust a move as the Dislyte release date nears19 April 2022
Do the hula with the Pokémon Go Hawaii sweepstakes19 April 2022
Playdate review: 50 shades of play18 April 2022
The Rec Room NBA partnerships lets you shoot virtual hoops18 April 2022
Japanese players can finally live the farm life in FarmVille 318 April 2022
Anime Artifacts Simulator 2 codes17 April 2022
Two new monsters debut in the Summoners War eighth anniversary update15 April 2022
Enjoy a month-long celebration for Raid: Shadow Legends birthday15 April 2022
Sonic in Roblox? That wasn’t on my 2022 bingo card14 April 2022
Call of Antia tier list - all characters ranked14 April 2022
Nobody Saves the World review - transform-mania14 April 2022
Bash some zombies in the State of Survival Easter Emergency event14 April 2022
20 million of you are thriving in The Walking Dead: Survivors14 April 2022
Cookie Run Project B is making those sweet biscuits 3D14 April 2022
Kirby and the Forgotten Land mouthful mode explained14 April 2022
Cat Cafe Manager review - it’s the cat’s meow13 April 2022
The best Dragon Ball games on Switch and mobile13 April 2022
Our Nobody Saves The World giveaway has now ended13 April 2022
Pull away with 34% off Crash Team Racing13 April 2022
Tormented Souls Switch review - a twisted delight13 April 2022
Get ready with the Tears of Themis Birthday Preparations event13 April 2022
All the Just Dance games on Switch12 April 2022
Tuck in as Bugsnax sets sail for Nintendo Switch very soon12 April 2022
Fortnite Chapter 4 codes - all coordinates12 April 2022
Nintendo buys a huge plot of land with aims to expand HQ12 April 2022
Save the sloths (and a koala) with Boris the Sloth12 April 2022
The future is now with Roblox avatar real-time facial animation12 April 2022
Kirby and the Forgotten Land bosses12 April 2022
Hearthstone Battlegrounds guide, tips, tricks, and cheats12 April 2022
Don’t sleep on the Citizen Sleeper release date11 April 2022
Roblox anime games might be a ticking timebomb11 April 2022
F1 Mobile Racing is getting the chunky new cars11 April 2022
Have a farming great time in Fantasy Town11 April 2022
The best Switch casual games11 April 2022
13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim review – everything, everywhere, everywhen11 April 2022
Project Menacing codes - free stand arrows, reset fruits, and more11 April 2022
A Handheld History celebrates the glorious gadgets we love8 April 2022
Metroid Dread adds Boss Rush mode - what a rush8 April 2022
Ditch the halberd and draw two with the new UNO Valhalla DLC8 April 2022
Kick into gear during the Ace Racer beta test8 April 2022
Celebrate Marvel Future Fight’s seventh anniversary with some goodies8 April 2022
Bunker down with the best post-apocalyptic games7 April 2022
Mario Golf N64 sets course for Nintendo Switch Online7 April 2022
Ahoy mateys, One Piece: Dream Pointer pre-registration opens in China7 April 2022
Squidtastic new Splatoon 3 screenshots appear on the Japanese website7 April 2022
Enter the fray in the DarkBind closed beta7 April 2022
Have a blooming great time in the Pokémon Spring into Spring event7 April 2022
Total War: Medieval 2 mobile review – back in the saddle7 April 2022
Anime Online codes - bucks and boss raid tokens7 April 2022
School’s out until summer - Two Point Campus delayed6 April 2022
Every Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga datacard location6 April 2022
Spin away with 50% off The Ultimate Sonic Bundle6 April 2022
Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition review - Pip supremacy6 April 2022
Lilith celebrates AFK Arena’s third anniversary with new heroes6 April 2022
Shroomie Cookie Run – limited-time shenanigans6 April 2022
Launch into Rocket League Sideswipe Season 36 April 2022
Let’s see what Devisisters has in the oven at the Devnow showcase6 April 2022
All the Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga extras5 April 2022
Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga classes5 April 2022
WASD is this weekend - grab your tickets now!5 April 2022
Marvel Contest of Champions adds Moon Knight, Black Cat, and Scorpion5 April 2022
Nobody Saves the World brings dungeon crawling to Switch4 April 2022
Azumarill squirts it’s way into Pokémon Unite soon4 April 2022
Stone Miner Simulator codes - pets and gold coins4 April 2022
Happy Clinic – an apple a day keeps the doctor tapping away4 April 2022
Who are Jane and John Doe Roblox?4 April 2022
Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Switch review - mesa like it a lot4 April 2022
Get cracking with the Final Fantasy VII: the First Soldier egg hunt4 April 2022
Chrono Cross pre-orders - how to get this classic JRPG4 April 2022
Defeat the shadows in the Pokémon Go All-Hands Rocket Retreat event4 April 2022
Switch MicroSD cards are 41% ahead of a year of big releases4 April 2022
Strengthen your deck with the Summoners War: Lost Centuria update4 April 2022
Klei announces Don’t Starve Together Switch release date 1 April 2022
WASD is nearly here - go and grab your tickets now!1 April 2022
Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga multiplayer1 April 2022
Setting the trend: the fashion-forward world of mobile games1 April 2022
Gouda news! - Mario’s Cheese Rolling tumbling onto Switch1 April 2022
Too many mouthfuls? Try the new Kirby brand indigestion relief!1 April 2022