June 2022 Archive

Fire Emblem Heroes revenue soars past $1bn30 June 2022
Gamedec Switch review - cyberpunk’s answer to Poirot30 June 2022
Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp is finally surfing onto mobile30 June 2022
Even a Nintendo shareholder wants an F-Zero remake30 June 2022
Mario + Rabbids director pre-orders his own games30 June 2022
Pokémon Go’s sixth anniversary is on the horizon30 June 2022
It’s time to say goodbye to Teamfight Tactics’ Poggles30 June 2022
The Ikai giveaway is now closed29 June 2022
Arcaea reaches a crescendo with its ‘momentous finale’29 June 2022
New Cats & Soup update adds fresh content for a hot kitty summer29 June 2022
Modder loads Half-Life 2 in Portal on Switch29 June 2022
Team Eclipse Simulator codes - when are they coming?29 June 2022
Catch ‘em all with 31% off Pokémon Shining Pearl29 June 2022
Pokémon Go Amazon lockers are in the US, can you spot ‘em all?29 June 2022
Redditors aren’t fans of Teamfight Tactic’s baby dragons29 June 2022
Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope pre-orders now bwahvailable28 June 2022
To be or not to be? Actually, it’s 2B as Nier Automata heads to Switch28 June 2022
Every June Nintendo Direct Mini announcement28 June 2022
MCoC Thor: Love and Thunder content adds new champions28 June 2022
R6M players want to lose themselves as Eminem28 June 2022
Temple Run 2 download on iOS, Android, and PC27 June 2022
John Cena pushed for a new 2D Metroid27 June 2022
Take flight in Call of Duty: Mobile to the Skies27 June 2022
Fight for the planet with First Soldier Avalanche skins27 June 2022
Kirby and the Forgotten Land figures and capsules27 June 2022
Kirby and the Forgotten Land copy abilities27 June 2022
Historical heroes clash in Era of Conquest24 June 2022
Honkai Impact welcomes a painting protege with update 5.824 June 2022
No Man’s Sky online content not launching with Switch release24 June 2022
Into the Breach mobile is on the way from Netflix24 June 2022
Get an adorable buddy through the PUBG x GB Teddy Bear collab24 June 2022
TFT’s Xayah is popular among the top 50 players24 June 2022
No Mans Sky lands on Nintendo Switch later this year24 June 2022
Disney Mirrorverse review - a game so great I can’t let it go23 June 2022
Disney Mirrorverse figures23 June 2022
All Disney Mirrorverse classes23 June 2022
Pokémon Go Fest’s economic impact is huge, as is this year’s event22 June 2022
Pokémon Go ultra beasts are heading to Seattle, Berlin, and Sapporo22 June 2022
Plastic Love and Evangelion arrive in Taiko no Tatsujin Pop Tap Beat22 June 2022
Not all new Wild Rift champions are ‘broken’22 June 2022
Crunchyroll is thinking about its fans when creating games22 June 2022
Apex Legends Mobile downloads reaches 21.8m in 30 days22 June 2022
The best Jackbox Party Pack games on Switch22 June 2022
Is Fall Guys on mobile yet?22 June 2022
Ensemble Stars Music cards21 June 2022
Be quick to grab these Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes pre-orders21 June 2022
Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes review – musou much to love21 June 2022
Folklore-inspired Metroidvania Bo is coming to Switch21 June 2022
Seven Mortal Sins X-Tasy tier list and reroll guide21 June 2022
Destiny Girl tier list and reroll guide21 June 2022
Mario Strikers: Battle League’s season one kicks off20 June 2022
Show your love in Tears of Themis Code of Flowers20 June 2022
Alleged CoD: Project Aurora system requirements are in the wild20 June 2022
The best Mario games on Switch20 June 2022
Rainbow Story Global codes - free pearls, pets, and more20 June 2022
Outdoor Brawling codes – free cash, rerolls, and more20 June 2022
Pet Swarm Simulator codes - food and coin boosts20 June 2022
Disney Dreamlight Valley characters19 June 2022
OlliOlli World: Void Riders DLC review - out of this world17 June 2022
GuliKit King Kong Pro 2 review - how pro, can you go?17 June 2022
The best games like Civilization on Switch and mobile17 June 2022
Offroad Unchained review - the endless runner of rally racing17 June 2022
Red Bull’s rally racer Offroad Unchained is now available to download17 June 2022
Defeat Urshifu in max raid battles for some monster rewards17 June 2022
Pokémon Snap zooms onto Nintendo Switch Online soon17 June 2022
Metal Max Xeno Reborn review - bad max?17 June 2022
Square celebrates the FFVII 25th anniversary with a broadcast16 June 2022
Buy two Nintendo Switch games, get one free on Amazon US16 June 2022
Create your own rules and dynasty in Kingdom Maker16 June 2022
Netflix’s mobile games downloads reach 13 million16 June 2022
PUBG: New State custom matches get a temporary player reduction16 June 2022
Enter the Abyss with this Darkest Dungeon Dark Souls Artorias fan art16 June 2022
Lost interviews with Pokémon’s creator have been translated15 June 2022
PUBG: New State codes - skins and weapons15 June 2022
Hero Bundle giveaway15 June 2022
Chimeraland pre-registrations take you to a mythological world15 June 2022
Cloud Gardens review - all cloud, no strife15 June 2022
Grab a bargain with 32% off the AC Rebel Collection15 June 2022
A fully updated version of Ace Attorney Trilogy mobile has arrived15 June 2022
Things are a bit frosty in Apex Legends Mobile Cold Snap15 June 2022
FFVII 25th anniversary skins return to First Soldier15 June 2022
Piping hot tunes! Hear Mario music played with actual pipes14 June 2022
Annapurna reveals COCOON - when is the release date?14 June 2022
Grand Pirates codes - free peli and boosts14 June 2022
Recruit some mech girls in Artery Gear: Fusion14 June 2022
Sonic Origins pre-orders - rediscover these iconic classics14 June 2022
Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak demo teases more massive melee mayhem14 June 2022
Get some sweet treats with our Cookie Run: Kingdom giveaway14 June 2022
Mobile game spending to break $100 billion in five years14 June 2022
Celebrate Marius’ birthday in Tears of Themis Menageries of Lights14 June 2022
Pokémon Violet is beating Scarlet in the popularity race14 June 2022
Diablo Immortal servers list14 June 2022
Ikai Switch review - an interesting scary-tale13 June 2022
Bleach is back, anime icons return to Arena of Valor13 June 2022
The wand-erful Spells and Secrets hits Switch next year13 June 2022
Ribbiting RPG A Frog’s Tale Kickstarter campaign is live13 June 2022
Use the force in the Puzzle & Dragons Star Wars event13 June 2022
How to buy Robux13 June 2022
Wild Rift Game Pass addition sparks hope for console release13 June 2022
Riot Games’ library comes to Game Pass this winter13 June 2022
Diablo Immortal gems - normal, legendary, and more13 June 2022
Silt's creators dive into the depths of game development10 June 2022
Ex Game Freak dev unveils The Plucky Squire10 June 2022
EA, fight the blight and make Dragon Age Switch - please?10 June 2022
Let this Isabelle Animal Crossing smartwatch face brighten your day10 June 2022
Mario Strikers Battle League release date, trailers, and more10 June 2022
Sneak, eat, & lead on AppGallery in these Ubisoft games10 June 2022
Take control with Total War: Medieval 2 update 1.310 June 2022
The best of Switch and mobile at Summer Game Fest 202210 June 2022
Com2uS calls for participants for SWC 202210 June 2022
Monument Valley dev Ustwo unveils Desta: The Memories Between9 June 2022
32 classics are coming to Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium on Switch9 June 2022
Mana from heaven: A day in the life of a Mana debit card user9 June 2022
T3 Arena shoots through one million downloads9 June 2022
Gear up soldiers, Respawn is making some Apex Legends Mobile changes9 June 2022
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 builds8 June 2022
Star Wars: KOTOR II Switch review - Yoda the one I want8 June 2022
The best LEGO gaming sets - from Mario to Minecraft8 June 2022
Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds tier list for classes and familiars8 June 2022
Mario Strikers: Battle League review - golden goals galore8 June 2022
This Eminem x Mario mash-up goes the extra mile8 June 2022
Be sinful with the Grand Cross third anniversary event8 June 2022
Riot’s team “weighed everything” before shifting LoR’s focus to PVP8 June 2022
Nautilus and Pyke debut in Wild Rift patch 3.2b8 June 2022
Enter the Dragonlands as Riot releases TFT set seven7 June 2022
My Heroes: Dungeon Raid codes - have a freebie7 June 2022
Zio and the Magic Scrolls codes - diamonds and rewards7 June 2022
Mario music makes for great lo-fi beats7 June 2022
Apple switches it up with iOS 16 Joy-Con support7 June 2022
Gamesir X3 review - the controller of champions7 June 2022
Tornado Simulator codes - sweep up some cash7 June 2022
True Piece codes - spins and gems7 June 2022
Enjoy your own customised Free Fire experience through Craftland7 June 2022
Piggy: Branched Realities codes - when can we expect them?7 June 2022
What makes Riot’s Wild Rift more enjoyable than LoL?7 June 2022
The MCoC Pride Month celebration includes two new champions7 June 2022
Revived Witch codes - potions, elixir, and cryolite7 June 2022
Anime Clone Tycoon codes - free in-game goodies7 June 2022
The latest Pokémon Go event celebrates upcoming TCG set6 June 2022
Post Void blasts onto Nintendo Switch soon6 June 2022
Aincrad Adventures codes - spins and resets6 June 2022
Dog Adventure codes - when can you expect them?6 June 2022
Help Square Enix develop its new mobile RPG6 June 2022
Diablo Immortal battle pass – all the rewards you can get6 June 2022
Diablo Immortal review - the devil is in the detail and the retail6 June 2022
Heroes of Crown launches pre-registration with huge rewards6 June 2022
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One Piece Bursting Rage codes - stat resets and beli6 June 2022
Sign up for Merge Kuya Island pre-registration and make a paradise6 June 2022
Dragon Orbz codes - freebies and currency6 June 2022
Diablo Immortal Gold - a rich day in hell6 June 2022
Toxic Bleach codes - rerolls and soul points6 June 2022
Pokémon Go hits $6 billion in player spending6 June 2022
Alchemy Stars anniversary event adds new features and story6 June 2022
Roll in riches thanks to the FF7FS Twitter campaigns6 June 2022
Step up your game with Marvel Future Fight Avengers Forever6 June 2022
Pokémon Unite Talonflame build, abilities, and items6 June 2022
Pokémon Unite Garchomp build, abilities, and items6 June 2022
Pokémon Unite Eldegoss abilities, build, and items6 June 2022
Pokémon Legends: Arceus alpha Pokémon6 June 2022
One Piece Fighting Path download - how to get it on mobile6 June 2022
Fishing Frontier codes - free in-game goodies6 June 2022
Pet Champions codes - free boosts for your furry friends6 June 2022
Pokémon Unite Pikachu build, abilities, and items6 June 2022
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Diablo Immortal download - iOS, Android, and PC4 June 2022
How the Pokémon Game Corner became a thing of the past3 June 2022
Nothing can protect you from Legends of Runterra’s disintegrate3 June 2022
The sun shines on the Tears of Themis For Hearts and Mysteries event3 June 2022
Well, blow me down! Donkey Kong was almost a Popeye game2 June 2022
Return to Hogwarts with 40% off the HP Collection on Switch2 June 2022
Diablo Immortal requirements for iOS, Android, and PC2 June 2022
Apex Legends Mobile hits almost $5m in revenue in its first week2 June 2022
Join the fight with Warhammer 40k: Tacticus pre-registration1 June 2022
Chrono Legacy codes - reap the rewards1 June 2022
Anime Tappers codes - pets, coins, and taps1 June 2022
Poco F4 GT review – the good, the bad, and the baffling1 June 2022
Crunchyroll worlds collide in Bloodline Attack on Titan crossover1 June 2022
Tackle the Cuphead DLC with PowerA’s Ms Chalice controller1 June 2022
Project Aurora closed alpha email invites are hitting inboxes1 June 2022
Heat up your summer with Pokémon GO Fest 2022’s Ultra Unlocks1 June 2022
Riot Games celebrate Pride with new content for Wild Rift and more1 June 2022
CoD: Mobile Tropical Vision features the first female-led cast1 June 2022
Junichi Masuda takes a new position at The Pokémon Company1 June 2022
Rock the region in Pokémon Go Adventure Week 20221 June 2022
Silt review - A kraken & claustrophobic underwater horror1 June 2022
Pokémon Unite Slowbro build, moves, and items1 June 2022
Pokémon Unite Lucario build, abilities, and items1 June 2022
Ragnarok: The Lost Memories codes - free gemstones, card tickets, and more1 June 2022