March 2022 Archive

Earthworm Jim II and more NES and SNES titles added to NSO31 March 2022
Catch some cash with the Dead Cells Break the Bank update31 March 2022
Knives out, guns out, it’s an Among Us Halo collaboration31 March 2022
Kirby and the Forgotten Land rare stones31 March 2022
The stars align in the Alchemy Stars Scarlet Amulet of Fate II event31 March 2022
The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe clocks in for a Switch release date31 March 2022
Hollow Knight mask shard guide30 March 2022
We predict a riot with the Streets of Rage 4 mobile release date30 March 2022
Get ready for hell with Diablo Immortal pre-registration30 March 2022
Kirby and the Forgotten Land Waddle Dees in Waddle Dee Town30 March 2022
All the Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga characters30 March 2022
Catch some rays in the Tears of themis Garden Home Day event30 March 2022
The best racing games on mobile29 March 2022
Bursting the rubble bubble - Fortnite Zero Build mode is here to stay29 March 2022
Breath of the Wild 2 delayed to Spring 2023 - Link's asleep29 March 2022
Eastward physical edition on the way - release the east!29 March 2022
DBZ Adventures Unleashed codes - currency and spins29 March 2022
Gear up as Sword Art Online: Variant Showdown pre-registrations open29 March 2022
Alto’s Adventure: The Spirit of the Mountain review – chill as heck29 March 2022
Make a splash in the Pokémon Go Memories of Mudkip event29 March 2022
Kirby and the Forgotten Land review - the perfect mouthful28 March 2022
Pac Man Museum+ physical edition is on the waka-waka-way28 March 2022
Fire Emblem Three Houses characters28 March 2022
Kirby and the Forgotten Land is a big hit for the pink puffball28 March 2022
Candy Crush and Sonic come together for a sweet collaboration28 March 2022
A new catchelor debuts in The Battle Cats White Day event28 March 2022
It’s time to party with Call of Duty: Mobile season 328 March 2022
Nintendo, don’t give up on mobile just yet25 March 2022
Feel the need for speed with the PUBG Mobile Lamborghini collaboration25 March 2022
Grab a ferocious new LMG in the PUBG: New State March update25 March 2022
Boreal Tenebrae Switch release date24 March 2022
Three Kingdoms: Legends of War brings the fight to the west24 March 2022
Kirby and the Forgotten Land co-op - you’ve got a friend in me24 March 2022
Redecor codes - free cash, duels, and more24 March 2022
Soak up the sun with some gorgeous gals in the new Blue Archive update24 March 2022
The Bard’s Tale - Warlocks of Largefearn is out now24 March 2022
Stufful takes centre stage in Pokémon Go's April Community Day24 March 2022
BotW DLC - Delicious Link’s cookies24 March 2022
Toodee and Topdee brings fresh puzzle platforming to Switch23 March 2022
BotW memory locations – complete the Captured Memories quest23 March 2022
Orthoxia codes - free equipment and more23 March 2022
The Teamfight Tactics Rising Legends finals are this weekend23 March 2022
Jump on it with 26% off Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury23 March 2022
Genshin Impact Redmi Airdots 3 Pro are here!23 March 2022
Kirby and the Forgotten Land missions23 March 2022
Wild Rift patch 3.1 introduces Shen and Karma23 March 2022
Keep dreaming - Atelier Sophie 2 DLC lands on Switch23 March 2022
Two Zynga games come together for a magical collaboration23 March 2022
Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel Blue-Eyes deck22 March 2022
The best games like PUBG on Switch and mobile22 March 2022
Nintendo Switch update 14.0.0 adds folders… Sort of22 March 2022
EndCycle VS is nearly ready after “powering through for nine years”22 March 2022
Dragalia Lost is coming to an end22 March 2022
Kirby and the Forgotten Land treasure road22 March 2022
Sparks fly in the Tears of Themis Electrifying Night event22 March 2022
Continue your love story in Tears of Themis A Vicious Cycle22 March 2022
Rune Factory 5 review – the grandma of videogames22 March 2022
Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 is now live21 March 2022
The Ramp Switch review - kickflips and chill?21 March 2022
Put ‘em up! Kung Fury: Street Rage is coming to Switch21 March 2022
Phobies review - fear-ocious fun21 March 2022
It’s time to pillage and plunder as the Vikingard release date is here21 March 2022
How to get a free LEGO Super Mario set21 March 2022
The Marvel Future Fight Hawkeye update is here21 March 2022
Com2uS celebrates with the Lost Centuria Early Anniversary event21 March 2022
Pokémon Unite Duraludon build, items, and moves20 March 2022
Genki launches Waveform, the ultimate gaming earphones18 March 2022
Grab rare fossil Pokémon in latest Max Raid Battle event18 March 2022
All playable dinosaurs in Lego Jurassic World18 March 2022
Limited Run announces a physical Demon Turf18 March 2022
Triangle Strategy has already sold almost a million copies18 March 2022
Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 cheat codes18 March 2022
Tapu Lele debuts in the Pokémon Go Lush Jungle event18 March 2022
The CoD: Mobile World Championships 2022 begins this month18 March 2022
Pokémon World Championships 2022 dates announced17 March 2022
EndCycle VS preview - every Endcycle is a new beginning17 March 2022
Square Enix’s Echoes of Mana pre-registration is now open17 March 2022
Aerial Knight’s Never Yield release date announced for mobile17 March 2022
A trio of classic Sega Genesis titles come to Nintendo Switch Online17 March 2022
WrestleQuest suplexes onto Nintendo Switch later this year16 March 2022
The best games like Terraria on Switch and mobile16 March 2022
Homescapes update - new content and decorations16 March 2022
Octopath Traveller prequel launches beta soon16 March 2022
What is Dark Nemesis’ best class?16 March 2022
Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy classes explained16 March 2022
Hit a home run in MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2022 today16 March 2022
Battle of Fate Awakening codes - gold and diamond coins16 March 2022
Fight for survival with 26% off Dead by Daylight16 March 2022
Total War: Medieval 2 mobile release date announced16 March 2022
Bandai Namco Mobile adopts a four-day workweek16 March 2022
Darkrai and Arceus are heading to Pokémon BDSP15 March 2022
Kirby and the Forgotten Land red coins guide15 March 2022
Rise of Kingdoms best civilisation – every nation ranked15 March 2022
Kirby and the Forgotten Land pre-orders: where to get them now15 March 2022
Konami celebrates Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel N/R festival with giveaway15 March 2022
Start your engines, Chocobo GP updates and improvements are on the way15 March 2022
Nuverse’s MMORPG Dark Nemesis releases today15 March 2022
The Tears of Themis Special Consultation event is full of new cases15 March 2022
Find love in The Battle Cats Heartbeat Catcademy event15 March 2022
Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Festival announced for summer14 March 2022
A portable GameCube is a reality thanks to incredible mod14 March 2022
Kirby and the Forgotten Land amiibo14 March 2022
The Nintendo Switch is the best-selling console again14 March 2022
Chocobo GP review - kweh?!14 March 2022
Monument Valley 2 review - the valley of the vague14 March 2022
Be brothers in arms in the PUBG: New State Play with Your Clan event14 March 2022
Pokémon Funko Pop line gets three new additions tomorrow14 March 2022
NetEase opens Dead by Daylight Mobile pre-registrations in SEA14 March 2022
Pokémon Scarlet and Violet gym leaders13 March 2022
Princess Peach and her castle join the Lego Super Mario roster11 March 2022
The problem with Genshin Impact multiplayer11 March 2022
Oricorio makes its Pokémon Go debut in the Festival of Colors11 March 2022
Ikemen Prince characters - Leon, Chevalier, Yves, and more11 March 2022
Ikemen Vampire characters and walkthrough - answers for every route11 March 2022
Chocobo GP lite - take a test drive10 March 2022
Chocobo GP characters - see you on the track10 March 2022
Potato Flowers in Full Bloom review – just quite nice10 March 2022
Jenova’s Jukebox - Square Enix music channel lands on YouTube10 March 2022
The Alchemy Stars The Scarlet Amulet of Fate event is here10 March 2022
Grab a new character in The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross two year festival10 March 2022
Celebrate MAR10 with these Mario goodies now on sale10 March 2022
FIFA 23 Pro Clubs perks, archetypes, and crossplay10 March 2022
F-Zero X speeds onto Nintendo Switch Online this month9 March 2022
Get the bear necessities with 33% off the Disney Classic Games Collection9 March 2022
Nintendo Switch Online’s next free trial absolutely slays9 March 2022
Fast-paced shooter T3 Arena enters early access later this month9 March 2022
Fight for your home in Goddess of Victory: Nikke later this year9 March 2022
Kirby and the Forgotten Land demo impressions - waddle we think?8 March 2022
Monster Hunter digital event comes over the hill for more Sunbreak news8 March 2022
MetroLand is AppGallery's latest must-download game8 March 2022
In Bloom - Ender Lillies gets a physical release, thanks to Limited Run Games8 March 2022
Pre-registrations for fantasy RPG Brave Soul: Frozen Dungeon are now open8 March 2022
Blizzard is making a Warcraft mobile game8 March 2022
This King Dedede amiibo from the Kirby series is now 26% off7 March 2022
WASD is around the corner - come and play!7 March 2022
Pokémon Unite Trevenant build, items, and moves7 March 2022
The Nintendo Switch Online mobile app is a bit more useful now7 March 2022
Pillars of Eternity 2 for Switch has been cancelled7 March 2022
The Hitman Sniper: The Shadows devs claim that "this launch is just the beginning”7 March 2022
Summoners War creator Com2uS releases Valkyrie Rush7 March 2022
Marvel Contest of Champions welcomes Captain Britain and Omega Sentinel7 March 2022
Triangle Strategy release date and trailers4 March 2022
Deadly deck-builder EndCycle VS gets a release date4 March 2022
House of the Dead Remake shambles onto Nintendo Switch soon4 March 2022
Pokémon Unite Aegislash build, moves, and items4 March 2022
Sound the battle cry! Vikingard is now open for pre-registration on mobile4 March 2022
The best games like Zelda on Switch4 March 2022
Hitman Sniper: The Shadows review - one shot does plenty3 March 2022
Happy 5th birthday to the Nintendo Switch & Breath of the Wild3 March 2022
The Ramp ollies onto Nintendo Switch this month3 March 2022
Cute RPG Potato Flowers in Full Bloom gets a release date3 March 2022
Triangle Strategy review - this bold strategy might have paid off3 March 2022
Puzzle Quest 3 is free-to-play and available on mobile3 March 2022
Genshin Impact Three Realms Gateway Offering guide3 March 2022
The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero nabs a western Switch release date2 March 2022
Coffee Stain Malmö sees expanding to mobile as a ‘fantastic opportunity’2 March 2022
Cat Cafe Manager prepares to open its doors with a Switch release date2 March 2022
Gibbon: Beyond the Trees review – short and powerful2 March 2022
Little Orpheus Switch review - surely there's more beneath the surface?2 March 2022
Missions, rewards, and customisable icons all added to Nintendo Switch Online1 March 2022
Hollow Knight characters guide - who’ll be bugging you in Hallownest?1 March 2022
How games like Pocket Styler provide players a fresh take on gaming1 March 2022
Super Metroid inspired the opening to Portal 2, apparently1 March 2022
A Nier Automata crossover event is happening in Octopath Traveler mobile1 March 2022
The best DC Games on Switch1 March 2022