April 2023 Archive

Honkai Star Rail Departure Festival was a free concert and it slapped30 April 2023
Wordle today hint and answer - April 3030 April 2023
A Vampire Survivors animated show is in the works29 April 2023
Apex Legends Mobile is sunsetting due to EA studio shutdown29 April 2023
Wordle today hint and answer - April 2929 April 2023
The Nintendo Switch has a code-in-a-box problem28 April 2023
Camper Van Make it Home zooms past Kickstarter Switch release goals28 April 2023
This is where the fun begins, as Anakin Skywalker heads to Fortnite28 April 2023
The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom pre-order guide28 April 2023
Look out for lava in the Mario Kart Tour Bowser Tour28 April 2023
Minabo - A Walk Through Life crops up on Nintendo Switch today28 April 2023
Prime Gaming May bundle includes Genshin goodies and free games28 April 2023
Wordle today hint and answer - April 2828 April 2023
Oh? Pokémon Go Fest 2023 comes to NYC, London, and Osaka27 April 2023
Donkey Kong Lego sets to swing into stores this summer27 April 2023
Prehistoric rancher Paleo Pines confirmed for Nintendo Switch27 April 2023
Slay to win in DBD Mobile’s Nights of Terror tournament27 April 2023
Wordle today hint and answer - April 2727 April 2023
Xenoblade Chronicles 3 DLC expansion pass and release date27 April 2023
Where to get a Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom OLED Switch27 April 2023
Evony codes27 April 2023
Teslagrad 2 Nintendo Switch review - a new mag of tricks26 April 2023
Win one of five Animal Shelter Simulator Nintendo Switch codes (EU)26 April 2023
NetEase Games establishes Anchor Point Studios in Barcelona26 April 2023
Flashback 2 gets a futuristic new trailer and Switch release window26 April 2023
Special Japanese Mario movie screenings set for North America26 April 2023
Aether Gazer pre-registration is finally here26 April 2023
Mighty Bear CEO talks inclusivity, Mighty Action Heroes, and crypto26 April 2023
Nuclear Blaze Switch review - a few sparks shy of a blaze of glory26 April 2023
Wordle today hint and answer - April 2626 April 2023
Honkai Star Rail review - help, there's a Stellaron in my tummy26 April 2023
We can’t wait for the Grave Seasons release date25 April 2023
Chinese Anti-Fraud Center mistakes Honkai Star Rail for a scam25 April 2023
Honkai Star Rail trailer hints at a bunch of new characters25 April 2023
Afterimage Switch review - permanently burned into my retina25 April 2023
Whitethorn Games appoints its first Chief Accessibility Officer25 April 2023
Stegron brings prehistoric peril to Marvel Snap25 April 2023
Wordle today hint and answer - April 2525 April 2023
Trinity Trigger Switch review - a familiar, fun-filled fantasy24 April 2023
Studio Trigger made the Omega Strikers cinematic opening and it rocks24 April 2023
The Angry Birds smash or pass video should have stayed in the nest24 April 2023
All aboard! Honkai Star Rail pre-downloads are now rolling out24 April 2023
Animal Shelter Simulator review - barking up the wrong tree24 April 2023
Call of Duty: Mobile World Championships back for 202324 April 2023
Wordle today hint and answer - April 2424 April 2023
ConcernedApe shares adorable early Stardew Valley concept art23 April 2023
Mobile game Pokémon Go is changing remote raids, and we hate it23 April 2023
Wordle today hint and answer - April 2323 April 2023
The Torchlight: Infinite global launch date is just around the corner22 April 2023
Earth Day: Whitethorn Games on inclusivity, eco-friendliness, and bees22 April 2023
The full Digital Dragons Conference 2023 programme is live now22 April 2023
The best games to play this Earth Day22 April 2023
Wordle today hint and answer - April 2222 April 2023
Genshin Impact Eide - lore, story, and element22 April 2023
Pre-orders for Koei Tecmo’s Atelier Marie Remake go live21 April 2023
Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters Nintendo Switch review - pixel-perfect21 April 2023
Watcher of Realms is a top tower defence game with Diablo vibes21 April 2023
Honkai Star Rail’s Astral Express tours the Earth to celebrate release21 April 2023
Marvel Move set to give your workout a superpowered boost21 April 2023
The influence of H.P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos on games21 April 2023
Genshin Impact khvarena21 April 2023
Square Enix mystery The Centennial Case is coming to mobile21 April 2023
Wordle today hint and answer - April 2121 April 2023
Tune in to Oxenfree 2: Lost Signal’s release date for Nintendo Switch20 April 2023
Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Shulk and Rex reveal stirs up fan theories20 April 2023
Wordle today hint and answer - April 2020 April 2023
Super Meat Boy Forever mobile review – best before 201120 April 2023
2023 is the year of the Super Mario 64 SoundFont19 April 2023
Nintendo Switch Online gets four new Sega Genesis games in April19 April 2023
Coffee Talk Episode 2 review - Nice tea see you again19 April 2023
Mobile engagement hours are up as in-game spending stabilises in Q119 April 2023
Apple iPhone 15 leaks are looking hotter and hotter19 April 2023
Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp review - pitching up perfection19 April 2023
Ellie Gibson awarded world record for PowerWash Simulator marathon19 April 2023
Mario movie’s Peaches gives Jack Black his first solo Billboard hit19 April 2023
Xenoblade Chronicles amiibo19 April 2023
Wordle today hint and answer - April 1919 April 2023
Grab your weapons, Watcher of Realms pre-registration is open now18 April 2023
The Xiaomi 13 Ultra looks weird and wonderful18 April 2023
Suck up points in Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe Tetris 99 event18 April 2023
This HD2D Pokémon project is the stuff of our nostalgia-laden dreams18 April 2023
Meta World: My City is a metaverse board game, whatever that means18 April 2023
Celebratory Cats & Soup update adds new cats, cosmetics, and currency18 April 2023
Develop:Brighton Indie Showcase Competition now open for entries18 April 2023
Wordle today hint and answer - April 1818 April 2023
Npixel promises the wait for MMORPG Chrono Odyssey is almost over17 April 2023
Two pensioners won a Wii bowling tournament and we can’t stop smiling17 April 2023
Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championships set to include Master Duel tournament17 April 2023
What the Golf? Among Us update vents onto Apple Arcade17 April 2023
Sega to acquire Rovio, the mobile game dev behind Angry Birds17 April 2023
Hori’s new Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom controllers look ace17 April 2023
Anime Race Clicker codes - ninjas and boosts17 April 2023
Shrek in the Backrooms codes17 April 2023
Sea Piece 2 codes17 April 2023
Anime Lost Simulator codes17 April 2023
Wordle today hint and answer - April 1717 April 2023
Anime Evolution Simulator codes16 April 2023
Brand new Pokémon introduced in Pokémon Horizons first episode16 April 2023
Wordle today hint and answer - April 1616 April 2023
We like Dylan Cuthbert’s idea for a Marvel-style Star Fox movie14 April 2023
Anime Legacy codes14 April 2023
Emmy award-winning Baobab Studios set to release a Roblox game14 April 2023
The Mageseeker Switch review - you remind me of the mage14 April 2023
Matt Mercer lands critical role as Ganondorf in Tears of the Kingdom14 April 2023
Saitama swoops into Summoners War: Chronicles One Punch Man crossover14 April 2023
First game music in the Library of Congress is from Super Mario Bros14 April 2023
Valiant Force 2 codes14 April 2023
Mario Kart Tour goes Greek with its new Spring Tour14 April 2023
Dollista codes14 April 2023
Dimension Defenders codes14 April 2023
Super Golf codes14 April 2023
Make Roblox Games To Become Rich and Famous codes14 April 2023
How Far Can You Throw codes14 April 2023
Wordle today hint and answer - April 1414 April 2023
Shepherd’s Crossing sows a Western release date on Nintendo Switch13 April 2023
Genshin Impact Pulcinella13 April 2023
DBZ Demo codes13 April 2023
Backbone PlayStation Edition review - trophy unlocked13 April 2023
Mario movie is officially the highest-grossing video game adaptation13 April 2023
Asus ROG Phone 7 Ultimate review: the best for mobile gaming13 April 2023
Anime Universe Simulator codes13 April 2023
How to cancel Amazon Music13 April 2023
Marvel Infinity codes - when will we get them?13 April 2023
Eversoul codes13 April 2023
Wisteria codes13 April 2023
Wordle today hint and answer - April 1313 April 2023
Minecraft Pringles collaboration pops off with suspicious stew flavour12 April 2023
The best games like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in 202412 April 2023
Upcoming Switch title Poglings has smashed its Kickstarter goals12 April 2023
Lego Bricktales builds a new life as a mobile game next month12 April 2023
Thai BBQ Tycoon codes - when are they coming?12 April 2023
Tank Legends codes12 April 2023
Worms WMD: Mobilize banana bombs onto mobile12 April 2023
Monopoly Go’s debut brings the classic board game experience to mobile12 April 2023
Snowguard set to lock down locations in Marvel Snap12 April 2023
Faction Defense Tycoon codes - are there any?12 April 2023
Wordle today hint and answer - April 1212 April 2023
No Man's Sky Beyond – is it on Switch?12 April 2023
Slashing Simulator codes12 April 2023
Marvel Snap hot location12 April 2023
Anime Catching Simulator codes12 April 2023
Why does my phone keep turning off?12 April 2023
Wheat Farming Simulator codes12 April 2023
The new Genshin Impact Tighnari voice actor is welcomed by fans online11 April 2023
Fat Simulator codes11 April 2023
The best surfing games 202411 April 2023
Nintendo Live 2023 heads to Seattle for an “all-ages celebration”11 April 2023
Super Bomberman R 2 set to blast onto Switch later this year11 April 2023
Gladiator Tycoon codes11 April 2023
Roblox game Doors finds a way to three billion visits11 April 2023
Sherlock Holmes: The Awakening Switch review - I am a brain, Watson11 April 2023
Fan favourite characters arrive in AFK Arena’s Re:Zero collaboration11 April 2023
Pokémon Go egg hatching widget11 April 2023
All of the Hogwarts Legacy plants11 April 2023
Ants Simulator codes11 April 2023
AFK Arena Crimson Snow - what is it, team comps, and rewards11 April 2023
Pickaxe Mining Simulator codes11 April 2023
Inaugural Mobile Gaming Awards celebrates the best of mobile gaming11 April 2023
Vampire Survivors DLC11 April 2023
Defense Until Death Simulator codes11 April 2023
Thief Simulator codes11 April 2023
AFK Arena Maetria - lore, class, skills, and more11 April 2023
Wordle today hint and answer - April 1111 April 2023
Triangle Strategy golden route guide11 April 2023
Mall Tycoon codes11 April 2023
Anime Star Simulator codes11 April 2023
Hunter x Athena codes11 April 2023
Anime Clicker Fight codes11 April 2023
Every Second Your Neck Grows codes11 April 2023
Nintendo Switch Lite review: a truly portable console10 April 2023
Pokémon Roblox games are just as popular as ever9 April 2023
AFK Arena Midwinter Wonderland - event, map, and rewards9 April 2023
AFK Arena Merchant’s Adventures - A Prosperous Quest9 April 2023
Wordle today hint and answer - April 99 April 2023
The Utopia No.8 Kickstarter is preparing the game for lift-off8 April 2023
Wordle today hint and answer - April 88 April 2023
Anime Mania codes - free gold, gems, and more8 April 2023
Higan: Eruthyll codes7 April 2023
Critics’ Mario movie reviews are far from favourable6 April 2023
Cute 2.5D RPG Infinite Mana kicks off its Kickstarter6 April 2023
PUBG Mobile sets up shop with the Golden Moon Bazaar6 April 2023
Pupperazzi Switch review - bark, bark, fashion baby6 April 2023
Roblox UGC limiteds are now available in the marketplace6 April 2023
The new Tencent mobile game Undawn looks massive6 April 2023
MLB Perfect Inning 23 review - a caught foul ball6 April 2023
Protube Race Clicker codes6 April 2023
Five Stars tier list and reroll guide6 April 2023
Timber Champions codes6 April 2023
Wordle today hint and answer - April 66 April 2023
Higan: Eruthyll release date, trailer, and more6 April 2023
PUBG Mobile redeem codes - free skins and cosmetics6 April 2023
Risk of Rain 2 lunar items6 April 2023
Phazon: Metroid Saga brings fresh Metroid music to the masses5 April 2023
Guardian Tales’ Reunion update set to change the game5 April 2023
Gwent Claw and Dagger expansion slices into the Witcher mobile game5 April 2023
Nintendo’s future mobile games unlikely to feature Mario5 April 2023
Summon Quest apparates onto Apple Arcade this month5 April 2023
Sid Meier’s Railroads mobile review – time, as a mechanic5 April 2023
AFK Arena Cycle of Sorrow5 April 2023
Jackbox Games team tells us about Party Pack 10, farts, and creativity5 April 2023
AFK Arena Mine Mayhem - what it is, team comps, and rewards5 April 2023
Wordle today hint and answer - April 55 April 2023
Cart Ride Race codes - are there any?5 April 2023
Splatoon 3 Salmon Run explained5 April 2023
Rick Astley plays Roblox for charity, and doesn’t let us down4 April 2023
Minecraft Legends multiplayer4 April 2023
Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom trailer breakdown4 April 2023
Sinister Six members Sandman and Shocker set for MCoC4 April 2023
Call of Dragons - who is it?4 April 2023
Nintendo Switch review: It's still good 6 years on4 April 2023
Splatoon 3’s championship kicks off in Europe4 April 2023
The PT History Lesson Vol. 3 – Resident Evil 44 April 2023
Marvel Snap hires Hit Monkey to take out some superheroes4 April 2023
Road 96: Mile 0 Switch review - is this bite-sized trip a hard drive?4 April 2023
Nintendo Switch Online N64 games - Pokémon Stadium makes a splash soon4 April 2023
Wordle today hint and answer - April 44 April 2023
Nintendo Systems officially launched with DeNA3 April 2023
Cooking Run: Kingdom coming to China with Tencent and Changyou deal3 April 2023
Mobile game Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna opens for pre-registration3 April 2023
Jon Ingold, inkle co-founder, set for Develop:Brighton keynote talk3 April 2023
Wordle today hint and answer - April 33 April 2023
Pixel Piece map3 April 2023
Roblox games will be ad-free for under 13s thanks to policy change2 April 2023
Wordle today hint and answer - April 22 April 2023
Order up! KFC’s The Colonel zings into Genshin Impact1 April 2023
Mario movie brings Danny DeVito in to replace Pratt1 April 2023
Lionel Messi set to appear in every mobile game for the rest of time1 April 2023
Kirby and the Forgotten Land codes - coins and stones1 April 2023
Wordle today hint and answer - April 11 April 2023
Get that tingling feeling, with mobile tie-in Tingle of the Kingdom1 April 2023
Elemental Warfare codes1 April 2023
Lords Mobile codes1 April 2023
Sword Slasher codes1 April 2023