August 2021 Archive

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Pokémon Unite mobile release date and pre-registration rewards25 August 2021
Match-three puzzler Gardenscapes hits $3 billion in lifetime revenue25 August 2021
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My Nintendo and Lego VIP come together to offer exclusive rewards25 August 2021
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Puzzle & Dragons reignites its collaboration with Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Masters24 August 2021
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Road 96 review - a road trip well worth taking23 August 2021
WarioWare Get It Together! gets a surprise demo23 August 2021
Netflix’s Kingdom is getting its own cross-platform mobile game23 August 2021
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Mythic Legions Tactics: War of the Aetherblade breathes life into Mythoss20 August 2021
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Dark fantasy FPS classic Quake is now available on Nintendo Switch20 August 2021
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Boyfriend Dungeon gifts - all gifts, where to get them, and who to give them to19 August 2021
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Nexon's RPG KonoSuba: Fantastic Days is out now19 August 2021
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Forsaken World: Gods and Demons gets a new conquest mode and an exciting competition19 August 2021
The Pokémon Company announce a special Pokémon Switch Lite18 August 2021
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Mamoswine and Sylveon are coming to Pokémon Unite18 August 2021
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Hades is getting its own limited edition PowerA controller17 August 2021
Boyfriend Dungeon Switch review - they call me the ‘sword smoocher’17 August 2021
Sequel to popular turn-based RPG, Queen’s Wish, has hit Kickstarter17 August 2021
EVE Echoes is celebrating its first anniversary - explore the expansive galaxy anywhere, any time17 August 2021
A fresh Mythic Legions game has hit Kickstarter - and smashed its goal in three hours16 August 2021
Castlevania: Grimoire Of Souls gets resurrected for Apple Arcade16 August 2021
Try Minecraft Dungeons for free on Nintendo Switch this month16 August 2021
Infinite Lagrange introduction to region occupation - the importance of unions16 August 2021
Honor Magic 3 Series launch - has the iPhone 12 met its gaming performance match?16 August 2021
Love, Death, and Margot Tenenbaum - the many inspirations of Spiritfarer13 August 2021
Tune in to a Pokémon Presents next week13 August 2021
Make some room in your heart as Old Friends Dog Game launches globally13 August 2021
Plarium launches new shooter Mech Arena: Robot Showdown13 August 2021
Axiom Verge 1 & 2 will soon get a limited physical release12 August 2021
Get competitive with Razer’s Cortex Instant Games Tournaments12 August 2021
Tears of Themis trial - just a couple of questions12 August 2021
Tales of the Mirror releases on iOS and Android today12 August 2021
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Tetris Effect, Metal Slug Tactics, Loop Hero, and more announced for Switch11 August 2021
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PUBG Mobile launches new Next Star Program for content creators11 August 2021
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Special treasure Genshin Impact - where to find the two special treasures10 August 2021
Sega’s RPG series Shining Force comes to mobile next year10 August 2021
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Pre-registrations open for Horror Brawl: Battle Royale9 August 2021
PUBG: New States second alpha test takes place later this month9 August 2021
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Supernatural RPG Code Atma hits mobile platforms today6 August 2021
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Pac-Man 99 hits major milestone and announces new content roadmap3 August 2021
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