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Genshin Impact guide - primogems, adventure rank, and more

A handy beginner's Genshin Impact guide all about primogems, adventure rank, elements, and even some help with character builds as well.

Our Genshin Impact guide helps you get to grips with this ambitious game. You’ll have to learn to maximize your combat and leveling efficiency for the giant roster of characters, each of whom has their own combat styles to master. And outside of the open-world and dungeon-based encounters, you’ll have to get to grips with the game’s cooking and crafting systems.

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How do I download Genshin Impact on iOS and Android?

We have a handy Genshin Impact download guide to help you play the game on your platform of choice. You can also click on the ‘Play now’ button below to head over to the official website and download the game on your platform of choice.

When is Genshin Impact coming to Nintendo Switch?

Hoyoverse revealed back in 2020 that Genshin Impact is heading to the Nintendo Switch, but a firm release date has yet to be announced.

As it has now been four years since that announcement and Hoyoverse is yet to reveal any more information, we do wonder how far off an actual Nintendo Switch release date is. Maybe it will arrive on the Nintendo Switch 2 sometime in the future.

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How do I level up my Genshin Impact Adventure Rank?

Here’s why your Genshin Impact Adventure Rank is important:

  • Your Adventure Rank is arguably your most important stat in Genshin Impact. It highlights your overall progress and is separate from the levels of your individual characters
  • It’s also what determines which key features you’ll have access to and what your World Level is. Certain Abyssal Domains, essentially the game’s dungeons, also have strict Adventure Level requirements
  • The initial story quests should be your primary focus if you want to level up quickly
  • The other great way to earn Adventure Rank is by performing the daily commissions, which unlock at Adventure Rank 12. If you complete four dailies, you also get a bonus reward.
  • You can also earn Adventure Rank experience from most things, whether unlocking fast travel points, or opening chests
  • Every time you hit a new level, you’ll be offered a reward back at the Adventurers’ Guild. Be sure to check back at the guild regularly to see what you’ve earned
  • The max Adventure Rank in the current version of Genshin Impact is 60

How do I earn primogems?

Primogems are an essential currency in Genshin Impact that you need to spend wisely:

  • Primogems are relatively easy to earn early on, and they’re used to create Acquaint Fate or Intertwined Fate, the items required to perform summons, known here as wishes
  • You’ll net a decent number of primogems through standard play, by opening chests, as well as completing commissions, and earning Adventure Ranks. but if you find yourself struggling to earn enough, you could always pay $4.99 for the Welkin’s Blessing, which gives you a certain number per day – provided you log in
  • We also have a Genshin Impact codes list full of freebies!

What are Genshin Impact’s Acquaint Fates?

Acquaint Fates are one of Genshin Impact’s most important currencies. They’re used to make standard wishes from within the ‘Wishes’ menu. They can be earned by completing quests and leveling up, created by combining primogems, as well as being purchasable in Paimon’s Bargains for Stardust and Starglitter.

What are Genshin Impact’s Intertwined Fates?

Intertwined Fates are a slightly more specialized in-game currency. You can use Intertwined Fates to make limited-time event wishes on Genshin Impact banners. Much like Acquaint Fate, you can create an Intertwined Fate by combining a set amount of primogems or purchasing in Paimon’s Bargains for Starglitter and Stardust.

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How do I earn Stardust?

Wishes often give random rewards, which means that you’ll inevitably end up with duplicate weapons. Here’s why that’s not necessarily a huge problem:

  • You can earn Stardust by pulling a rank-three duplicate weapon or higher, and use them in Paimon’s Bargains in the shop
  • We recommend you don’t waste your Stardust on lesser currencies, as these can be more easily obtained through normal play

How do I raise friendship?

Each of the Genshin Impact characters has a friendship level, which you can increase by gaining companion XP. Here’s how:

  • Once you hit Adventure Rank 12, you can increase friendship by gaining companion XP
  • Complete Commission Quests, dungeons, and random events to gain companion XP with your current party of four
  • Gain companion XP to level up friendship with each character and reveal lore about that character

What are the Genshin Impact elemental reactions?

Mastering the Genshin Impact elements is the key to powerful attacks. Enemies are weak to certain elements, so you’ll want to master the use of both elements and the environment to pull off the most powerful attacks. Below is a list of all the Genshin Impact elemental reactions:


  • Elements: Pyro, Dendro
  • Effects: Pyro damage over time


  • Elements: Pyro, Electro
  • Effects: AOE Pyro attack


  • Elements: Pyro, Geo
  • Effects: Fire shield that burns enemies


  • Elements: Pyro, Hydro
  • Effects: Additional damage


  • Elements: Pyro, Cryo
  • Effects: Additional damage


  • Elements: Cryo, Electro
  • Effects: AoE Cryo attack. Lowers enemy physical resistance by 50%


  • Elements: Cryo, Geo
  • Effects: Increase CRIT chances


  • Elements: Cryo, Anemo
  • Effects: Bypass enemy defenses


  • Elements: Cryo, Hydro
  • Effects: Freezes the enemy


  • Elements: Electro, Hydro
  • Effects: Electro damage over time


  • Elements: Hydro, Dendro
  • Effects: AOE poison attack


  • Elements: Geo, Hydro
  • Effects: Slows enemy movement and attack speed


  • Elements: Geo, Dendro
  • Effects: Bleed, creates traps that cause damage


  • Elements: Geo, Cryo / Electro / Hydro / Pyro
  • Effects: Grants a crystal shield


  • Elements: Anemo, Geo
  • Effects: Knocks back enemies


  • Elements: Cryo / Electro / Hydro / Pyro, Anemo
  • Effects: Additional elemental damage, AOE

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What are Genshin Impact element reactions?

You’ll gain the benefit of these buffs by having members with the corresponding element combos in your party

Enduring Rock

  • Elements: geo, geo
  • Effects: Increases shield strength by 15%. Characters protected by a shield have 15% increased damage dealt and dealing damage to enemies decreases their geo resistance by 20% for 15 seconds

Fervent Flames

  • Elements: pyro, pyro
  • Effects: Decreases the impact cryo has on your party by 40%, increases attack by 25%

High Voltage

  • Elements: electro, electro
  • Effects: Decreases the impact hydro has on your party by 40%. superconduct, overloaded, and electro-charged have a 100% chance to generate an electro elemental particle

Impetuous Winds

  • Elements: anemo, anemo
  • Effects:  Lowers your party’s stamina consumption by 15%, increases movement speed by 10%, shortens skill CD by 5%

Protective Canopy

  • Elements: Any four unique elements (e.g cryo, electro, hydro, pyro)
  • Effects: Increases all elemental and physical resistance by 15%

Shattering Ice

  • Elements: cryo, cryo
  • Effects: Decreases the impact electro has on your party by 40% and increases critical rate by 15% towards enemies impacted by cryo

Soothing Water

  • Elements: hydro, hydro
  • Effects: Decreases the impact pyro has on your party by 40%, increases max HP by 25%

Sprawling Greenery

  • Elements: dendro, dendro
    Effects: Increases elemental mastery by 50. After you trigger burning, quicken, or bloom reactions, all nearby party members gain 30 elemental mastery for six seconds. After you trigger aggravate, spread, hyperbloom, or burgeon reactions, all nearby party members gain 20 elemental mastery for six seconds

Where can I find a Genshin Impact map?

Genshin Impact’s map is huge and packed with points of interest to seek out:

  • Genshin Impact’s map is nice to look at, but it’s also perfect for exploration and treasure-hunting. When you’re out and about, be sure to search for hidden treasure chests and ingredients at any given opportunity
  • The in-game map allows you to place markers. This can be super helpful when you need to return to a specific area at a later time. For example, if an out-of-reach treasure chest is giving you some bother, just throw down a little marker and return to it at a later time
  • Another incredibly useful resource is this interactive map. It highlights where you can find every Anemoculus, Geoculus, Shrine, Statue of the Seven, Teleporter, World Quest, and more

Genshin Impact tips, tricks, and cheats

Here we round up some Genshin Impact tips and tricks:

  • Spending money: as far as gacha games go, Genshin Impact is fairly generous with its dolling out of essential currency, loot, and characters. If you’re smart about spending your Primogems and Stardust, you likely won’t feel the need to spend anything at all for the first couple dozen hours or more
  • Primogems and Stardust: these are two of the most useful currency types in Genshin Impact, as they can be used to purchase Acquaint Fate or Intertwined Fate, the items required to buy Wishes. Do not spend them on anything other than Wishes unless you absolutely must
  • Explore thoroughly: Genshin Impact’s open world is packed with hidden chests, ingredients, and basically everything you’ll need to excel. Therefore, it’s essential that you don’t just rush through each new area in a bid to complete the next story mission. Doing so will just result in you hitting the game’s roadblocks faster, such as the entry requirements for later missions and dungeons. You can also place pins on your map should you wish to return to a specific area at a later time
  • Level your party: speaking of entry requirements, it’s important that you level your party equally in order to remain competitive in combat and capable of gaining access to the higher-level Abyssal Domains
  • Get experimental in combat: the worst thing you can possibly do in combat is stick to a single character. Genshin Impact wants you to make use of your entire party, and you’ll be punished for failing to experiment, especially in later missions or higher-level areas. Plus, it’s just way more fun to jump between each character and pull off spectacular elemental combos
  • Build your party: again, you really need to experiment with your party build if you want to remain effective in combat. Be sure to pick four varied characters, which is easy to do given that they mostly fit into clear roles, such as tank, archer, mage, etc

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How do I play Genshin Impact with friends?

Here’s how Genshin Impact’s multiplayer works:

  • To unlock Genshin Impact’s multiplayer component, you first have to reach Adventure Rank 16 and complete some introductory quests
  • Up to four players can join the same game, one has to act as the host, and you all have to play on the same server
  • Genshin Impact is not an MMO, so don’t expect to see dozens of players running around. That said, you do have the option to explore the game’s world and dungeons in co-op. This should hopefully make some of the trickier combat encounters more manageable
  • If you do decide to jump into another player’s world, your own will remain untouched when you return to it. And if you want a fully single-player experience, you can just ignore the co-op gameplay and go it alone
  • Future updates will continue to expand Genshin Impact’s world and seasonal events, though PvP isn’t currently a priority for Hoyoverse

How do I carry my progress across platforms?

Carrying your progress between platforms in Genshin Impact is pretty simple. Genshin Impact allows you to continue your adventure across multiple platforms. You can easily jump between the PC, Android, and iOS versions by logging in to your Hoyoverse account

How do I play with friends on other platforms?

Genshin Impact’s crossplay feature is surprisingly straightforward:

  • Genshin Impact offers full crossplay support, allowing you to play together with friends on different platforms
  • As mentioned above, you need to be at least Adventure Rank 16 and have completed the required intro quests. You will also need to play on the same server as your friends

How do I sign in to my Hoyoverse account?

Here’s how to sign in to your Hoyoverse account and why it’s important to do so:

  • Not long after booting up Genshin Impact on PC, iOS, or Android, you’ll be asked to sign in to a Hoyoverse account. This is what allows you to transfer your progress between these three platforms

Who are the best Genshin Impact characters?

We have a very helpful Genshin Impact tier list that can answer this question for you, but you can also take a look at our build guides for every single character right here:

Anemo characters:

Cryo characters:

Dendro characters:

Electro characters:

Geo characters:

Hydro characters:

Pyro characters:

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